Guidance Through The Storm; #28 DISCERNMENT: YOUr game-CHANGEr!

Fond greetings to You, Beloved!

First, we wish to say how pleased we are that so many among You are enjoying the videos we offered in our last transmission! Not only does your enjoyment raise your frequencies commensurately, but it allows You to receive even more from them energetically than You can see or hear. That, of course, is because You are Beings of Frequency! (And yes, we know we have said that at least 100 times, but please bear with us!) [from Judith– In case You missed the transmission with the videos:]

Now! In preparation for the very important topic we wish to address in this transmission, we will first set the flow. Here is what You have learned thus far:

  • As Beings of Frequency, your base-line frequency, or frequency signature, is unique unto You.
  • Through knowing your own frequency signature, You are able to discern OUR frequencies!
  • Therefore, You can discern other frequencies as well, and how different they are from your own.
  • Depending on how other frequencies feel as You discern them, You can choose whether You wish to engage with them or not.

Voila! As You see, your ability to feel frequencies in order to discern what choices You wish to make is what gives You the necessary clarity to choose consciously.

Oh, and by the way– for those of You who, like our Judith, enjoy looking up word definitions in your dictionaries, we will tell You right now that You will not find one for discernment! She already looked. In several. Here is all she found– “DISCERNMENT : the ability to grasp and comprehend what is otherwise obscure

We laugh! As You see, your dictionaries do not define this “ability,” because they cannot– not until they get a frequency upgrade, anyway! Until then, your dictionaries will continue to amuse us with their many “obscure” definitions.

WE will give You a proper definition of discernment, Beloved.

DISCERNMENT : the ability to grasp and comprehend the FREQUENCIES of what is otherwise obscure

There! And that is what You are learning to do. And what this means is that You can no longer be fooled. Because, Beloved–

Frequencies cannot lie.

This is very timely information for You, is it not? As You must have already discerned, nothing is as it seems on your planet! To use one of your own descriptions, there is a “spin” on everything. And we do mean everything.

With discernment, however, no matter what You are seeing or hearing or thinking, their frequencies will always tell the truth. Oh yes, there is even a spin on your thoughts! And if that surprises You, then consider this a wake-up call, Beloved.

Perception is a matter of FREQUENCY.

Your thoughts have a frequency. Negative thought programs can keep You spinning in what feels painfully dissonant– like fear, for example (we know You are familiar with that one!). This is because they activate negative emotional memories from the past right into the present. In truth, it is usually the internal interference with your frequency signature that amplifies the external ones.

Truth is a matter of PERCEPTION.

The frequencies of your thoughts are like electrical circuits that spin outward, attracting similar frequencies that are magnetized to them and then manifest as your external “reality.” Can You call your “reality” the truth, then? Well, yes, it is a true reflection of the frequencies of your perception. Change the frequencies, however, and You manifest a different truth.

Your awareness of your ability to DISCERN FREQUENCIES is a GAME-CHANGER for You!

We are aware that in your old paradigm of enslavement, You were taught to believe that your state of being was controlled by external circumstances. However–

NOTHING has control over your internal state of being– not unless you ALLOW it to, that is.

Knowing your own frequency signature, You can discern when your internal environment has been disturbed by negative thought programs or emotional activations from the past. You also know that You can release the charges of these these painful activations in order to expand beyond them! (note from Judith: if you missed the transmission that explained how to do this, please click this link before proceeding!

NO ONE but YOU is responsible for your emotional activations. Whatever triggers them does not create them! He/she/it catalyzes them so that You can feel the dissonance within You and release the charge. That is a service to You, Beloved! When You real-ize this, You reclaim your sovereignty. Are You beginning to see how discernment becomes a total game-changer?


So go ahead and change the game, Beloved!!

It’s YOUR game now and You cannot lose. You know your own frequency signature. You can tell when your thoughts are bringing You down, and change them. You know how to handle emotional activations, and so navigate through your external environment safely and freely by discerning frequencies that are dissonant with your well-being. You are always free to change frequencies, of course! To course correct, to try out experiences, and then change them if You want to! Your life is your own adventure now, Beloved.

That is the truth of OUR perception!

(And we KNOW You, remember? We KNOW what You can do!)

Enjoy your discernment! Enjoy your blooming sovereignty! How we LOVE to see You shine.




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~ Guidance Through The Storm; #27 ~ Surprise! We Have Videos For You!

Bringing frequencies of relaxation and wonder to You, Beloved!

We bring You these frequencies in particular because we are understanding that many among You are feeling anxious, agitated and/or unable to focus these days, and we believe a good dose of relaxation and wonder are just what You need.

You see, we are aware that changes appear to be happening exceedingly rapidly for You, and although it is very true that nothing is what it seems to be– there is a “spin” on everything You hear through your media, for example– if your head is spinning as a result of this awareness, we would like to do what we can to assist You to find your balance!

It is your AWARENESS that is the key, Beloved. The more You become AWARE, the higher your own frequencies are becoming, which means there is more electricity running through You than your physical vehicle is used to– which includes your brain and your chakra system, of course. (You are electromagnetic beings, after all!) And higher frequencies vibrate at a faster rate than lower ones, remember? Hence, the sense that your head is spinning.

However, You might more accurately call the phenomenon a “frequency upgrade.” In other words, You are moving into a higher vibrational frequency, and your physical body (including your brain and your chakras) is in the process of catching up. Despite your temporary discomfort, this is a very good thing Beloved!

You might (much more accurately) say that You are “spinning up to where You belong.”

The best way to handle your temporary discomfort is to SLOW DOWN (You are already busy enough inside!), stay HEART-CENTERED (always), and GROUNDED IN THE PRESENT (which will stop the spin). If You do only those three things, You will feel just FINE, we promise You.

And yet, we also understand that it might be quite a jump from where You are to there– which brings us to our surprise! We have chosen two of our videos to share with You. Within your time construct, they are not “new,” and yet we assure You that they are. There is no “linear time, Beloved!” You are IN the transformation that You all thought would happen “to” You at the end of your year of 2012 right NOW!

Our videos will assist You in grounding within the context of who and what You are in the ever-evolving moment of the present. Enjoy!!!

(Note from Judith: Please sip plenty of fresh water as you take the videos in, and for 24 hours afterward as well!)


“POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW” Part One


Breathe, Beloved! The frequencies in the videos are very high! So take a few slow, deep breaths, walk around if You wish, put your feet on your earth if You can, and try to stay in the frequencies as You do.That will also keep You heart-centered so your earth can help you to internalize them while You ground yourSelf-– and that is when the magic begins. You may not feel it yet at all. Frequencies precede manifestation, remember? Take your “time.” Savor! And then when You are ready, the next video will be more meaningful to You because of your process of grounding the first!


“POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW” Part Two


You see, Beloved? In the big picture, what You are experiencing is merely a blip in a magnificent process of transformation.

It is what You came for!

Heart-centered and grounded… remember! How we love assisting You, Beloved. And how we love You! Always and in All Ways.


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~ Guidance Through The Storm; #26 ~ ~ Do You Know Your Own FREQUENCIES? A Frequency-Nourishing Celestial Tutorial

We, the celestial team, wish to share our frequencies with your frequencies in this transmission!

We are indeed, Beloved, extending ourselves in hope that You will allow our frequencies to mingle and commune with your own. Are You willing to share your frequencies with us?

Before You respond– In order to be clear “from the get-go” as our Judith says–  we also wish to point out that sharing frequencies is very different from reading words.

Ah, we are hearing some among You grumbling, “There they go, being redundant again!” We smile. Please be patient with us.

YOU may already be well aware that there is very little to receive from simply reading the words. We understand. And we are very glad You are aware and open to receiving more!

 Yet we are also aware that there are those among You to whom even a little can seem like more than enough. Sadly, we understand that, too…

And we are here to tell You that “a little” is NOT “enough!

Not for YOU, Beloved! Forgive our bluntness. Of course we know who You are, WE KNOW YOU.

We know You, and You are VAST.

It is therefore very important to us in this multidimensional juncture of your time/space to ask if You will allow yourSelf the freedom to receive the nourishment You deserve!


You need not worry about getting more nourishment than You can handle all at once. You always get exactly what You need in the moment, and the Law of Momentum does the rest.

In truth, we believe this moment holds the potential to become a momentous occasion for You. “Momentous” as in holding the energy of MOMENTUM within it— and what does momentum do? It continues, does it not? Right into your future, increasing your capacity to receive nourishment all the while!

And all You need do is tune into the frequencies of your own energy, drop your attention into your HEART CENTER, and then invite yourSelf to be open to receive. And voila!

We pause… we are realizing that we have not said much about tuning into one’s own frequencies in quite a long while, have we? All right, then! For those of You who are new to us— well, first of all, welcome, Beloved! We are very happy that You have joined us! And second of all–

The easiest way to feel FREQUENCIES is through how YOU feel.

For the purposes of this transmission, we will guide You through a “shortcut,” as our Judith calls it, to feeling your OWN frequencies. Ready?

Think of something that puts you into a naturally happy, relaxed and contented state. Perhaps a sunset, or a beach, or countryside… or whatever is delicious to You. Okay? Got it?

What You are feeling are YOUR OWN BASE-LINE FREQUENCIES!

This is your natural state of being, Beloved. Cherish this feeling! It’s YOU, your YOU-ness, your HOME BASE. Practice LIVING there!

It WILL take practice. Many among You were not even aware that You have a base-line frequency! PERSEVERE, we say. Not only does it feel good, but it will serve You in many, many ways.

In this transmission, You will discover one of them for yourSelf– unless You tune into your own frequencies before receiving ours, how will You feel the difference when You allow us to join You, and so feel “US,” as well?

You see? All right! Now that You are settled into your own frequency, if You have not already dropped your attention into your HEART CENTER before beginning this transmission, please do so now!

For our newcomers, we suggest that You imagine your attention as a golden ball. See/feel this golden ball drifting down from your head to your heart. And stay out of the way! You don’t have to push it, or “make” it drop. Allow it to drop, and it will.

When You feel your golden ball of attention in your HEART CENTER, breathe! Take a deep breath or two right into your HEART CENTER to ground yourSelf there consciously. Savor this process. There is no rush.

When You are ready, invite yourSelf to receive. Invite yourSelf to allow our frequencies to mingle with your own. You don’t have to “do” anything, simply invite and allow. And there, voila! You will most certainly feel our visit with You, rather than merely reading!

Our Judith says our frequencies feel “fizzy, like champagne when the cork is popped!”

We smile and smile at this image. For us, it resonates with the way your cells feel when our Love/Light infuses them!

And so TODAY, we mingle. It no longer matters what the words are saying. TODAY, we nourish!

TODAY, we infuse You with frequencies that will align You with the very highest frequencies that You can attain and maintain through this particular juncture of your time/space. Allow yourSelf to BASK, Beloved!

Allow the very essence of WHO YOU ARE to feel inundated with OUR LOVE, RECOGNITION, ADMIRATION, and ADORATION. Feel the NOURISHMENT! Feel how your cells respond!

You can revisit this transmission all over again, too, You know. Whenever You do will always be TODAY to You, will it not? As often as You want!

Well! We are seeing that this can, indeed, be quite a momentous occasion for You, Beloved! A potential game-changer, in truth. A PARADIGM SHIFT. All of that… and it is so DELIGHTFUL, it is so much FUN!


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Guidance Through The Storm; #21 ~ ~ ~ Swirling the Energies! Part One

A most engaged hello to You, Beloved!

Above all, we want You to know that You are all stirring up the energies beautifully for one another now. Know this, deep within your wholeness; know that You are “on the job,” as You say!

We also feel your confusion at times as You practice staying in balance in the midst of these swirling energies. We especially reach out with great compassion and support to those among You who feel that the energies are more powerful than YOU are, and so try to “cope” with them from the frequencies of “survival mode” that You have been so entrained to.

Dearest Master in Human Form, the energies are LIGHT, and nothing more!

Although they are of higher frequency than You have ever settled into as yet, they carry in them only love and information from the center of your own galaxy–your own “galactic neighborhood!”

Your sun, Helios, works in tandem with your galactic center to assure that these waves of Love/Light are delivered to You according to the precise rhythms of your dimension of “time/space.” In other words, Helios gathers the information, then beams it out to You in perfect timing with your particular rhythms within the orchestra of the great universal design.

Do You see how well You are taken care of? Beautiful, is it not?

Now. We wish to clear up any confusion that causes You to feel otherwise! To that end, we remind You of what we began with–which is that You are doing a beautiful job of stirring up the energies. Yes. YOU.

Dearest Creator Being, YOU are the force that swirls the frequencies of this Love/Light amongst your human collective!

We are understanding that it is the way this process feels that is confusing You, and that we can also clear up quickly. It is simply a matter of physics!

Higher frequencies stir up lower frequencies.

Therefore, as You receive these high frequencies, You may think of it as very much like what happens when pure water flows into a glass with sediment at the bottom. As the water stirs up the sediment, it looks dirty at first, does it not? But as the water continues to swirl up the sediment, eventually it is flushed away. Voila!

We want You to take this information into your beings, and find within it the resonance of your own steady Love/Light. There is your calm authority, and your inner peace!

Indeed, all is “of a piece,” and You are part of that. Nothing, NOTHING, is occurring that is more than You can handle. Not anymore, not now. Indeed, You can handle FAR more than what You are currently experiencing with a mere raise of an eyebrow when You are centered in your own sovereign presence! Centered within the ALL that You are, You can orchestrate beautiful concertos of energy that tremble through galaxies, creating intergalactic symphonies! And when this occurs, Beloved, the entire universe bends to listen.
Take that in, please! Say it aloud–

When centered in all that I AM, I can orchestrate beautiful concertos of energy that tremble through galaxies, creating intergalactic symphonies, and the entire universe bends to listen!

How does THAT feel??! We ask that You keep the vastness and the power of this image in mind. Get comfortable with the way it FEELS, as well, because it is TRUE. So anchor it! We will guide You–

Let it fill your imagination and expand it. Then, feel a silver thread anchoring the feeling of the image into your third chakra. That is your I AM center. Then, feel another silver thread go down through you from there, anchoring your brilliantly glowing I AM center deep in the earth of Gaia. Yes!

YES!!! And now, we ask You to overlay that with another image that we have already presented–

your own white light as ignited by the balanced spin of your third dimensional chakra system.

— and if You think holding both of these images sounds “too complicated,” please discard that thinking at once, for it is obsolete. You are a multidimensional being! Simply allow yourSelf to experience what we are telling You that You can do. (

We want deeply that You do so because– take a deep breathe, Beloved!– You have yet another chakra system now, in alignment with your 5th dimensional frequencies, that is ready and operational! You will enjoy it very much!

Therefore, we want to “leave no stone unturned” (as our Judith says) in assisting You with the integration of your 3rd dimensional system, for it is from that foundation that the vast energy beings that You are will, in turn, ignite and expand in a most wonderful energetic flow!

And yet… we have already given You quite a lot to digest, we realize… All right, then, we will leave You with a plate that is quite full enough, and then continue with the rest next time, when You are ready to take in more! We only wish to remind You of one more thing (our Judith is laughing at us right now, “trying to be disciplined enough to stop in ‘right timing,'” she says. She know us very well!). Because it is important for You to remember–

The technical expertise that is required to integrate all of this is already hard-wired into You energetically, and You are already using it. ( Don’t forget! You know what You are doing even as You are learning what You know!

We will offer a few more creative ideas from our perspective next time. In the meantime, we reiterate that each of You are unique, and not one of your processes is alike. We stress, therefore, that nothing we transmit should ever be considered a “generic rule,” or “expert advice!” We are simply responding to some frequencies that request the suggestions we offer. If they resonate, USE them by all means. Or, use them as stepping stones to make your own discoveries!

YOU are the expert on aligning your choices with your courses. YOU are the master of yourSelf!

Do not ever give your sovereignty away again to any being by believing that You depend upon their guidance. That would only keep You trapped in the paradigm of need. Of powerlessness!

It is important that You know this as You proceed through the swirl of energies You are all co-creating, You see, for your planet does not exist in isolation, after all! You are as “out there” in the galaxy as every star You see. You are among them, as You are among humanity, as your organs are among your human body, as your cells are among your organs. On and on. One energy.

You see the picture? There are an infinite number of perspectives, both on your planet and from your galactic neighborhood. None are precisely yours. In that, each of You are gods.

There! The very best place to leave You in ‘right timing’ until we continue! Each of you are gods. And so, until next time… REMEMBER THAT, BELOVED!


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Guidance Through The Storm; #13

Greetings Beloved!

We have important news for You. As You may recall, the transitional energies You have been going through–that we are calling “The Storm”– is usually referred to as a Chaotic Node.

You are now in a VOID POINT of the Chaotic Node.

A VOID is a transition between an old paradigm of “reality” and a new one.

This is what our Frequency Technicians have been preparing You for with their guidance. The very best of guides know exactly how far to go and precisely where to stop before proceeding. Thus, our Frequency Technicians ended their last transmission just after guiding You into the profound experience of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Or rather, they offered You the opportunity to have that experience, we should say, for the choice as to whether to follow guidance or not is yours. Always, You are in charge of your own experiences. That is very important for You to remember. You are a CREATOR Being, after all!

And so. Before we continue, we would like to have a brief word with those who chose not to play along with the Frequency Technicians’ guidance. First of all, we do not doubt that You had good reasons for choosing not to, and that is true whether You know what those reasons are or not. “Timing” is important, and You all have your own rhythms. That said, our Judith wants to put the link to the last transmission of guidance right here (“Just in case someone feels inspired,” she says!), and we think that is a fine idea. We welcome You use it in your own “right timing”– Guidance Through The Storm; #12

Now! We see that those of You who have been playing with staying centered while observing the colors spinning outward from your own Love/Light are learning a LOT about maintaining your balance in Unconditional Love! You are learning more than You yet know, in truth, because You are learning experientially, and energy is very subtle. We are very pleased that You have this experience to play with! How divine, when entering a critical transition– because, Beloved, the very KEY to maintaining your unconditionally loving equilibrium under any circumstances is to be in the OBSERVER position.

All right… this leads us to expose a falsity, which will simplify things considerably for You as You continue through your transition out of your Old Paradigm of Enslavement:

There is no such thing as UNCONDITIONAL LOVE There is only LOVE.

How could there be such a thing as conditional love?! You have been entrained to equate love with attachment. Attachments create the idea of need, and so the fear of loss. Yet loss is inevitable where attachments are concerned! How many people do You know, Beloved, who have become afraid to love for that very reason? Besides, if love is only given to the few You are attached to… what about the many?


Love does not attach. It does not need. Love simply LOVES. You have now experienced that for yourSelf, when sitting on the throne in the center of your own Love/Light, watching the colors spin and loving each one of them exactly the same. To that we say, Hallelujah! And taking that spirit of celebration with us, we continue–


As we said, this is where transition happens. ACCEPT and ALLOW!

  • Old perceptual markers have disappeared. Do not try to get them back! Consider the void to be your free space. Paradoxically, your mandatory “lockdowns” have been helping You a great deal to become unfettered!
  • Allow emotions to run THROUGH You. Without your old daily routine, You no longer have your “busyness” to distract You from the ones You haven’t wanted to feel. LET yourSelf feel them, but let them run THROUGH You. They have nothing to do with the present– You are in a void! So BREATHE them through You, Beloved, out into the void.


  • Your next challenge will be to pay attention to what NEW perceptual markers You put into place! Can You now see why the Frequency Technicians so strongly suggested that You get used to being in your own center of Love/Light? From there, You will make new choices– “by default,” You might say– that are in alignment with the frequencies You feel there— of loving all the colors that spin outward from your Light equally–

— because that, Beloved, is not only how genuine Love feels, it is Unity Conscious.

We will now follow our Frequency Technicians’ example of knowing when and where to stop, and there could be no better place than Unity Conscious.

(Oh, dear! We only want to add that the energies of your solstice will help You enormously as You ground yourSelf in your new perceptual “reality.” Open to them Beloved!)


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Guidance Through The Storm; #12

Fond Greetings to You, Beloved!

We are still excited by the guidance our Frequency Technicians gave You in our last transmission! Indeed, they have a way of focusing their frequencies that thrills us. Yet what thrills us even more is watching the many among You who are USING the guidance! So many breakthroughs into a higher frequency are occurring as a result!

Not only your own, You know. When You break through perceptual limitations and find your centered white Light, You radiate. Others who are ready to feel that frequency resonance can then easily decode them and have their own breakthroughs, too. And they have! Because of YOU. Do You understand? This is the way of frequency. This is the way of your frequencies as Creator Beings.

What we have just told You is very important for You to remember.

You are always radiating your frequencies outward to others.

And now, the Frequency Technicians–

We, the Frequency Technicians, are very pleased that You are discovering how well the meditation we suggested in our last transmission can help You find your balance in your center of Light! There are also other experiments You can play with to amplify that ability. Many of them will simply come to You. We will suggest one shortly to “get You going” (as You say).

First, we want to emphasize that we use the word “play” rather than “work” because it is important that You enjoy yourSelf in this process! Because it is FUN by design! Because play brings INSPIRATION! Because You LIKE to play! Because, because, because… we could go on and on.

Because there is simply no reason for You to engage in “work!” You are CREATORS!

Well, we hope You felt the frequencies encoded in that little “outburst” of ours! We believe they may be of service to You in our next suggestion. We will begin where we left off, however, grounded in the foundation You have already created for yourSelf– and that is important guidance for You, as well.

In order to expand, one must be grounded.

Be as a tree

And so, we continue. Please re-create your vision of your whole, integrated perfection as the dazzling white center of a wheel. The spokes are spinning outward from the Light in the rainbow colors of your chakra system.

When You feel your vision, feel yourSelf in that center of Light. Take all the time You need or want. Continue with us only when You feel ready.

Fully feel it. Fully feel yourSelf centered in your Light. Joyful, loving, complete… and so much lighter! That is what happens when You are well-rooted in your own Light! Notice that You are aware of the colors and their diversity, but not pulled into any of them. You can feel the spin, but while immersed in your own white Light, You cannot really see the spinning.

Good. Now we will play! What if You could see the colors spinning all around You? Would You be able to maintain your centered equilibrium, or would You lose your balance? Let’s find out.

We will create a high throne in your center for You to sit on (however it appears for You is fine, as long as it is very tall). From there, your vision is expanded, and You can SEE all of the colors spinning around your feet. So much ENERGY! So many COLORS!

So, the GAME is to keep from falling INTO one of them! And of course You will fall! Many times. You will fall into whatever color corresponds with your thinking! Some don’t feel so good. Some do. You may even get caught up in the spin and feel as if You are in one of your clothes drying machines! But You will not get hurt. Remember, it is JUST A GAME!

Eventually, You will see that You can direct yourSelf into the colors You LIKE the feel of with your thoughts. It’s FUN, isn’t it? You can play as long as You like in the colors. As long as it is PLAY, You are gaining MASTERY.

When You are ready, please go back to your perch above the spinning colors in your centered Light. It is a bit easier to maintain your balance there now, is it not? You have learned a lot with your play!

Now. With your new equilibrium and expanded vision, WATCH the colors! SEE how each is part of the all of them, how they work together, how beautiful they are all together!

How do You FEEL? It is a new kind of feeling. Appreciation, gratitude, joy altogether, You might say– and awareness. If you cannot find WORDS for it, but You simply LOVE– all of the colors just the same!– as if You are IN LOVE except you’re not!– Stop and enjoy. We will tell You that You ARE IN LOVE.

Bravo. You did it. That is what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE feels like.

Stay there as long as You can as often as You can until we return!

We, the celestial team, are back and together as one again, Beloved, and what powerfully playful guidance You have just received! Indeed, we are thrilled once more, for PLAY is the only way to break through the limitations of your decaying old Paradigm of Enslavement. We rejoice as well that the Frequency Technicians want to leave You IN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE until our next transmission! You are not very familiar with unconditional love on your planet, we know. Yet we tell You in truth that nothing could be more important than becoming at home in it NOW!


Attention to our precious newcomers! Be sure to press the “follow the Love/Light” tab in the right sidebar to receive all of the transmissions of Guidance Through the Storm.   If you have questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below. And one more time, much Love/Light to you!


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A Call from The Frequency Technicians!

January 7, 2020

First, this is Judith. As I’m sure most of you know (in your bones if not your brain), we, the human collective of Gaia, are in the midst of a critical week of immense proportions. The collective in the celestial team known as The Frequency Technicians of Sirius urgently wish to speak to you about that.  Actually, the word “wish” is paltry compared to the insistence of their frequencies… it feels as if they’re going to come barreling right through me any second… so I’m going to get out of the way FAST!

Greetings.  We are are the Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting from within the grand orchestra you know as the celestial team.

We wish to be brief and succinct.  There is no time for meandering.
Time has collapsed 
in on itself.
Meandering has become an anachronism. 

This is a call to arms.

In our frequency bandwidth, “arms” does not mean weaponry of attack or defense.  We have no need for either of those.  We know that our power is within us.  

In our frequency bandwidth– and soon to be yours consciously, we hope–   “a call to arms” is a call to gather yourselves both internally and externally; to focus and USE your power.

Six of your planets as well as the south node of your moon are gathered in Capricorn– Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Ceres, Saturn, and Pluto.  Capricorn rules structures, government, and laws.  The lunar south node holds what is past and needs to be outgrown.  In a few of your days, Pluto will conjunct Saturn.  Not only is that conjunction a significant one that happens only every 35 of your years, but this conjunction is also conjunct the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres.  Massive structural change is in process.  And if you don’t “believe in astrology,” then simply look at what is happening around you. 

What might occur in these days leading up to the conjunctions is anybody’s guess.  Including ours.  Metaphorically speaking, there are too many brush fires sparking with the potential to feed one another to allow any predictions of what will happen.  Only your human collective has the power to influence the outcome.

And THIS is why we came “barreling through” your Judith, as she quite accurately put it.  Because what happens is UP TO YOU.

You are not helpless. 

 For over seven of your years, the celestial team has been telling you about your power and how to use it– and every one of our collective words is archived on this very website, should you care to review.

Your power is LOVE, just as ours is.
Your modus operandus
is FREQUENCY, just as ours is.

However, the transformative aspect of love that your collective is bringing to the universe is COMPASSION.

Blake, you in me, I in you

Use that power NOW!!!

Never again think that because you’re only one, it does not matter what you think or feel or believe!  It MATTERS. That sort of thinking is what got you into this mess.  Everyone else is only one, too.  And NONE of you is only one!

LOVE. Feel love for all you have, and more of what you love will come to everyone.  Emit love to everyone around you, and you will start brush fires of love.  Light a candle with the intention of spreading COMPASSION, and every other candle lit anywhere on the globe with the same intention will AMPLIFY compassion.  Exponentially. 

On the other hand, if you feel compassion for one of your own yet have fury attached to another as the cause, you transmit FURY into your collective.  If you wish someone were dead (for any reason!), you transmit the WISH TO KILL into your collective.

Believe us or don’t, but do believe us when we tell you that now is not the time to take any chances. 

Together, your human collective can work miracles that make moving a mountain seem like child’s play.



We are the Frequency Technicians of Sirius, at your service as always.

❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. from Judith: This is an excellent “time” to review the teachings of the celestial team about the power of your internal technology and the importance of using it CONSCIOUSLY and with AUTHORITY.  The archives are categorized, so scroll down the column on the right to “Categories,” and peruse the ones that call to you.  (Which they will, no worries.)

P.P.S. from Judith!  Both The Frequency Technicians AND Yeshuwah are prodding me to send you to THIS particular category to peruse, as well– “The Story of Your Light.

❤ ❤ ❤


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FROM OUT OF THE BLUE- NEW Paradigm Driver’s Ed, Lesson 2.


So, Beloved!  We’ve begun something life-changing together…
NEW Paradigm Driver’s ED!  And from right out of the blue, imagine that?

We began with the foundation for navigation and creation in your big Paradigm Shift–
(NOT by how it looks!)
And You have been practicing knowing that yourSelf for the last few of your days… correct, Beloved?
So! We can move on.

Lesson 2
FEELING is how You know what You are getting INTO, as well. 

Oh, your physical eyes will keep You from bumping into physical objects, of course, just as any vision that is not quite totally blind would do. 

But You wouldn’t be GETTING INTO something You BUMPED INTO, anyway, would You?

Your physical eyes only see the surface of things, which keeps You from bumping into one another (or other “things”), but otherwise tells You very little.

Do You know the experience of PEACH by looking at it?
Not at all.

Or the sumptuous delights in a castle by looking at its stone facade?
No. You need to go IN.

Besides, those are 3rd dimensional metaphors, limited to what You can do physically only. You can FEEL what You are getting into much better than that with your NONphysical senses!

We already established that everything is energy. That is cause for celebration because whatever You are getting into is NEVER merely physical, and never has been.  And neither are YOU, nor have You ever been. 

 Your ENERGETIC senses are FELT senses, and they will get You into ANYTHING your own FREQUENCIES magnetize to You.

All YOU need do is learn how to USE them.
Which is not very “hard,” since You are already “hardwired” with the knowing…
hence, our NEW Paradigm Driver’s Ed refresher course!

Ah… just a moment… we wish to add that we are offering MORE than that. We are offering to share the lessons with You in depth, personally and in dialogue with YOU.

Our Judith has found a cyberspace venue that can handle our frequencies if she uses her internal technology to maintain frequency coherence. One of our/your own human earth members has volunteered to handle the external technology in order to free her to do that– and that WE celebrate! 

You may not yet know, Beloved, how such seemingly “small and easy” offers of assistance can free our Judith to give so much MORE to You through her than she/we could otherwise. WE know, however!

A post is coming soon to include You in this event, so do watch (and FEEL) for it.

How we love You!!  Always and in All Ways– the celestial team.

❤ ❤ ❤

About the website: Ever since the celestial team asked me (earth member Judith) to create this website, their purpose has never waivered– to connect with YOU, as well as provide you with the resources you need to assist you with your frequency-raising transformation into living as the Sovereign Being of Frequency you truly are. To begin to live by FREQUENCY is the cornerstone they began with, but since that was way back in 2010, there is an enormous amount of invaluable information that has accrued here! Whatever you need… from tapping into your galactic history, to nourishment for your human soul, to energetic recalibration as you switch operating systems to your multidimensional heart center, to 24/7 tech support as you activate your exquisite internal technology as a Master Reality Creator… all is here and freely offered to you, so help yourself by all means!

To receive posts directly by email— press the “Follow” button in the right sidebar. And don’t forget to check out the ARCHIVES! Every message the celestial team has transmitted since December, 2010 is stored there. Yet, amazingly, all are current the moment they are read.


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FROM OUT OF THE BLUE- NEW Paradigm Driver’s Ed, Lesson One.


This is Judith. Just for a sec though, to explain “OUT OF THE BLUE.” Every morning for the past 7 or so years, I’ve spent hours processing, gleaning the energies and messages that come to me, integrating, etc… I do it all in journals, often by what’s called “automatic writing.” Although it’s all become automatic writing as far as I’m concerned. Even when I think it’s me, it’s NEW to me… and so GOOD that I can’t believe it’s all for me! Well I had to get over that, I was told.

Remember when the celestial team (or me, or all of us) said that we (you and me) can’t move beyond where we are until we accept, and even better, appreciate where we are? Well here’s an example. As soon as I began appreciating that everything that came to me every morning was just for me… lol! From out of the blue, I “got” how to share some of it.

Thus, “FROM OUT OF THE BLUE” began appearing on my Facebook page every morning. But just the other day, the funniest NEW thing blossomed from out of the blue in FROM OUT OF THE BLUE about navigating by frequency! Very rudimentary, though, I thought… until I also got a bit of a shock. I discovered that there are people who have been “following” the celestial team and me ever since the celestial team asked for a Facebook page of their own back in December 2010– and they (the human people) are just NOW real-izing that they are Human/Celestial Beings of Frequency!

That did it. Sometimes we have to hear the same things over and over until we HEAR them. So, I’m posting this latest funny useful thing here, too… for awhile, at least, just to see if you like it.

First, however, the frequencies of context–
The celestial team titled their Facebook page, as well as this website, “the celestial team; Love/Light Messages for Navigating NOW.
Six years later, herewith is the first excerpt of “NEW Paradigm Driver’s ED.

FROM OUT OF THE BLUE, 10.10.2016:
Regarding your milieu– which is ENERGY, as we’ve already established– there is both navigation and creation to consider. To mention even the most basic reasons that both of these factors are extremely important to consider NOW would require quite a lot of 3D words, however. Besides, if You have not yet upgraded to the multidimensional intelligence of your heart center as your NEW O.S., it would be “lost in translation” by the 3D brain in “no time” anyway.
Therefore, let’s begin slimly and with only one conceptual stretch at a  “time,” shall we?
As NAVIGATION is a more immediate concern than creation- You might liken it to HOW You are DRIVING in order not to run off a cliff, rather than WHERE You want to go– let’s begin there.
NEW Paradigm Drivers ED, Lesson 1:

You KNOW when you are heading into something that is NOT what You prefer to include in your journey. You can FEEL it. Know that the way You watch where You are going is by FEELING the MILEU You are traversing!
Practice, and You will find the evidence of this at once. Start with the big differences, the ones that are easiest to feel. Notice how it feels to walk into a bank. You’ll feel it within You. It does not feel the same within You as crawling into bed with your lover, does, it?

That was a silly question, wasn’t it? Nonetheless, You FELT it!  And the more You practice (PLAY is the word we prefer), the more You will be surprised by the way You can feel even subtler differences… and the more You do, the more You will know EXACTLY where You are GOING!
We love You. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


Namaste! The purpose of this website is to provide you with all the multidimensional resources you need to assist you with your transformation into your NEW Paradigm of Sovereignty. Which means claiming your power as a Human/Celestial Being of Frequency, of course,  which is WHY you are “ruled by no one.”

  • Wherever in the world you are, you can have your own private session with the celestial team by phone or video meeting in cyberspace. Don’t worry that you “can’t afford it.” We Sovereign Beings have our ways.
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Another heart-to-heart offering–

  • COALESCENCE, the very first global and intimate Group for Energy Sensitives! The first one has already begun… I cannot begin to tell you how wonder-full it is (sorry).  But another will be forming just as soon as enough of you let me know you want to be part of it, so you can experience it for yourself!  Do that by email too—yep,


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Thank you for recognizing me.
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Bless your heart.


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Depressed? The celestial team Has A Frequency For You! (VIDEO)


Hello Beloved! We have a video for You!
We also have frequencies for You, of course, but that is nothing NEW. What is NEW is what YOU are in the process of discovering about yourself! Your “timing” is laser-perfect, too, sychchronized with your upcoming eclipses as it is. By using this powerful support from your universe NOW, You will be poised in your NEW attunement with your own frequencies and ready for your upcoming equinox. Ready for “showtime” in “the nick of time,” as You say!
But then, You always were a thrill-seeker. It is a character trait of a Master Magician. The cutting edge” is your milieu! How else would You have gotten ALL of yourSELF projected into human form on this particular planet at THIS particular moment of the ever-expanding NOW? Ah, we could go on and on about how You thrill us, and your entire universe, with your Magical feats. But we won’t. We would rather give You our video instead, and WATCH what You do with it!

Depressed? The celestiial team Has A Frequency For You!–  Judith and the celestial team
There is a GOOD reason for feeling depressed, and the celestial team is excited to tell you what it is because you’re going to really LIKE it! Of course the celestial team communicates through FREQUENCIES, and Judith translates them into words to do the “telling.”” But she chooses words that also CARRY their frequencies to you, and that is where most of the Love/Light information always is! In this video, that is truer than ever. If you ARE depressed, the celestial team will give you a “frequency jumpstart” into feeling MUCH better in less than eight minutes (IF you allow them to, of course!).

Can you imagine what a whole hour of receiving very high frequency personal guidance and energy attunements would be like? AMAZING is the word most people use about their private sessions with Judith and the celestial team. To learn more, visit and click the “Schedule A Private Or Group Session!” link at the top of the page. To schedule your OWN private session via Skype or phone, email your request to And yes, you CAN afford it… a sliding scale is offered to those who “think” they can’t. Prepare for frequencies of AMAZEMENT!

How we love You, Magician! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

❤ ❤ ❤

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