~ Guidance Through The Storm; #26 ~ ~ Do You Know Your Own FREQUENCIES? A Frequency-Nourishing Celestial Tutorial

We, the celestial team, wish to share our frequencies with your frequencies in this transmission!

We are indeed, Beloved, extending ourselves in hope that You will allow our frequencies to mingle and commune with your own. Are You willing to share your frequencies with us?

Before You respond– In order to be clear “from the get-go” as our Judith says–  we also wish to point out that sharing frequencies is very different from reading words.

Ah, we are hearing some among You grumbling, “There they go, being redundant again!” We smile. Please be patient with us.

YOU may already be well aware that there is very little to receive from simply reading the words. We understand. And we are very glad You are aware and open to receiving more!

 Yet we are also aware that there are those among You to whom even a little can seem like more than enough. Sadly, we understand that, too…

And we are here to tell You that “a little” is NOT “enough!

Not for YOU, Beloved! Forgive our bluntness. Of course we know who You are, WE KNOW YOU.

We know You, and You are VAST.

It is therefore very important to us in this multidimensional juncture of your time/space to ask if You will allow yourSelf the freedom to receive the nourishment You deserve!


You need not worry about getting more nourishment than You can handle all at once. You always get exactly what You need in the moment, and the Law of Momentum does the rest.

In truth, we believe this moment holds the potential to become a momentous occasion for You. “Momentous” as in holding the energy of MOMENTUM within it— and what does momentum do? It continues, does it not? Right into your future, increasing your capacity to receive nourishment all the while!

And all You need do is tune into the frequencies of your own energy, drop your attention into your HEART CENTER, and then invite yourSelf to be open to receive. And voila!

We pause… we are realizing that we have not said much about tuning into one’s own frequencies in quite a long while, have we? All right, then! For those of You who are new to us— well, first of all, welcome, Beloved! We are very happy that You have joined us! And second of all–

The easiest way to feel FREQUENCIES is through how YOU feel.

For the purposes of this transmission, we will guide You through a “shortcut,” as our Judith calls it, to feeling your OWN frequencies. Ready?

Think of something that puts you into a naturally happy, relaxed and contented state. Perhaps a sunset, or a beach, or countryside… or whatever is delicious to You. Okay? Got it?

What You are feeling are YOUR OWN BASE-LINE FREQUENCIES!

This is your natural state of being, Beloved. Cherish this feeling! It’s YOU, your YOU-ness, your HOME BASE. Practice LIVING there!

It WILL take practice. Many among You were not even aware that You have a base-line frequency! PERSEVERE, we say. Not only does it feel good, but it will serve You in many, many ways.

In this transmission, You will discover one of them for yourSelf– unless You tune into your own frequencies before receiving ours, how will You feel the difference when You allow us to join You, and so feel “US,” as well?

You see? All right! Now that You are settled into your own frequency, if You have not already dropped your attention into your HEART CENTER before beginning this transmission, please do so now!

For our newcomers, we suggest that You imagine your attention as a golden ball. See/feel this golden ball drifting down from your head to your heart. And stay out of the way! You don’t have to push it, or “make” it drop. Allow it to drop, and it will.

When You feel your golden ball of attention in your HEART CENTER, breathe! Take a deep breath or two right into your HEART CENTER to ground yourSelf there consciously. Savor this process. There is no rush.

When You are ready, invite yourSelf to receive. Invite yourSelf to allow our frequencies to mingle with your own. You don’t have to “do” anything, simply invite and allow. And there, voila! You will most certainly feel our visit with You, rather than merely reading!

Our Judith says our frequencies feel “fizzy, like champagne when the cork is popped!”

We smile and smile at this image. For us, it resonates with the way your cells feel when our Love/Light infuses them!

And so TODAY, we mingle. It no longer matters what the words are saying. TODAY, we nourish!

TODAY, we infuse You with frequencies that will align You with the very highest frequencies that You can attain and maintain through this particular juncture of your time/space. Allow yourSelf to BASK, Beloved!

Allow the very essence of WHO YOU ARE to feel inundated with OUR LOVE, RECOGNITION, ADMIRATION, and ADORATION. Feel the NOURISHMENT! Feel how your cells respond!

You can revisit this transmission all over again, too, You know. Whenever You do will always be TODAY to You, will it not? As often as You want!

Well! We are seeing that this can, indeed, be quite a momentous occasion for You, Beloved! A potential game-changer, in truth. A PARADIGM SHIFT. All of that… and it is so DELIGHTFUL, it is so much FUN!


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MOMENTUM… A Powerful Force to Use Powerfully!


A very fond hello to You, Beloved!

As we see You beginning to stir and engage more fully with your manifested creations after your big solstice birth day, we wish to share a very important word with You. A life-changing word in truth… MOMENTUM.

Whatever You focus your attention on, You give MOMENTUM to. Your focus is like a laser, directing your frequencies in a very concentrated way INTO whatever they are focused on. That is quite simple to understand, is it not?  You do it all the “time!”  All day long, You choose your focus of attention before You engage with it. That is how You organize your daily “reality” and manifest it into being. That is also how You amplify a particular focus of attention, and when You focus on it long enough to gather MOMENTUM, You eventually experience it as a full-blown manifestation in your “reality.”

As You see, MOMENTUM is a very powerful force! Like a river flowing ever more rapidly downstream, it can become a waterfall… and waterfalls are not easily stopped. Your own frequencies are just as powerful… more powerful, actually, but the metaphor makes it’s point.

OUR point is to strongly suggest that You focus your attention into amplifying MOMENTUM very consciously from NOW on! As You continue to integrate the energies You were gifted with for your big solstice birth day, You will well understand why. We would prefer that You discovered that by USING the gifts rather than by default, and so we will share the ones that have the most immediate effect on how You use MOMENTUM.

The first is a “clean slate,” which is putting it very  simplistically. To use one of your human colloquialisms, “the baggage” You were still carrying up until the solstice has finally come loose. That was preparation for the gift that followed… your “frequency upgrade.” Your frequencies are higher, lighter, and more powerful. You’ll be happier than ever being happy, and less comfortable than ever when out of alignment. Since your frequencies are also more POWERFUL, however, if You insist on the discomfort of “holding onto your old baggage,” You certainly CAN.   

The reason we most especially wish to point that out NOW is because of the old belief that humans on your planet still hold that focusing on “problems” is a good idea! Such a good idea that they will think about a “problem” until it has so much MOMENTUM that they can barely think about anything else. Such a good idea that they look for others to talk about the “problem” with, and gather into groups focused on the “problem,” and go on your internet to learn even more about the “problem.” With all of that focus and all of your POWER, You certainly will create a very BIG “problem” to focus on. 

Understand that a consistently focused thought for less than a minute will generate more thoughts of the same frequency, and then more and more. If  focused on long enough (which is not very long, anymore), these co-amplifying thoughts will  coalesce with other similar thoughts in your human collective. And then… You are in a waterfall of  your own making.

Please keep that in mind, Beloved! You have a “clean slate,” and your frequencies are higher and lighter and more powerful than ever. What waterfalls do YOU want to generate NOW?

And NOW… and NOW… and NOW… and NOW…. and NOW… and….  

 Always and All Ways, we love You! Can You feel how much MOMENTUM is in our love for You, Beloved?  Enough to easily keep You in orbit around your Helios.
— the celestial team

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