Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives on 10/29!

Ah, Beloved! All we will say is that we know You, and You know You, as well. Never doubt THAT! And if this call is for You…then we urge You to answer. If it is NOT, then of course let it go! And if You don’t even hear it… well that makes it even easier to discern whether it is for You or not, doesn’t it? Life can be very simple, You see, when lived by attuning to frequencies! But HOWEVER You choose to live, we love You. Always and in All Ways. –the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Ok, some of you have asked me to post reminders about this, so here you go– the TELE-GATHERING FOR ENERGY SENSITIVES is tomorrow (Tuesday, 10/29) at 6:00 p.m. PSD! The info about how to register is in the video, as you know–but what you may NOT know is that registration closes on 10/29 at 4:00 p.m. PSD!
Well, NOW you DO know, AND you’re reminded…so don’t wait TOO long to take the action to join us, as per your intention…OK? Only YOU can make it happen!
Btw, we have quite an amazing gathering already, of “energy sensitives” sprinkled all across the globe. Way more than I ever imagined. But somehow, they found their way to hear this particular call–which wasn’t all that loud, let’s face it, coming through my voice–or was it?
That may be quite a good metaphor for this gathering, actually…for ALL of us.
I’m posting the video link below, so you don’t…

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10.22.13 New Video– Are YOU An ENERGY SENSITIVE?

Beloved, we wish only to convey that our frequencies (which ARE us, You remember!) are wrapped around this post, woven through the video it brings to You, and as our Judith shares her heart with You, know that we are there as well. We are part of the package, as You might say! Take it all to heart, every bit, and know how loved You are. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Hello, again, everyone! I’m just stopping by  on this first day of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio to deliver this video.  I’m sensing you might find it useful as Pluto does its excavating number in our psyches over the next couple of weeks or so. I won’t say anymore about it right NOW–I’m pretty talked out from revealing some of my OWN experiences of being “energy sensitive” in the video–and feeling pretty naked and exposed as a result, to boot! But, NOW is the time for such transparency. How else will we truly connect, lest we do so from the heart, without walls between us? And unless we do that, how else will we recognize ourselves in one another, and discover, within that recognition, the Unity Consciousness that has always been ours?

So without further ado, here’s the link to the video-


Also a reminder to register for the first–

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10.18.13 Full Aries Moon/Lunar Eclipse–Yowza!

A “Hit of the Day” from Judith

Hi, all of you “fellow Beloveds.” Hopefully, I’ll manage to keep this message short and sweet (not my strong suit, I know!)… but it “hit” me in the midst of a very active day with such a wallop, and so all-of-a-piece, that I literally dropped everything to share it with you.

So here’s the “big picture”–
Our “penumbral lunar eclipse” will be at its deepest point at 7:50 PSD today. However, we’ll still be feeling it when Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio in two days, on October 21st. Then, we’ll be feeling the effects of that right into the coming Scorpio solar eclipse on November 3rd, since Mercury doesn’t turn direct again until the day before it. This “big picture view” is important because all of these events work in tandem with one another in service of our own “big picture process,” which, as I mentioned in my post about our recent new moon, invites us into quite a shift.

OK, so NOW I’ll break it down so you can see how it works (according to my “hit,” anyway)–
This lunar eclipse serves to bring all the ways we get in our own way, right up in our faces. Not only that, but the fiery energy of the Aries full moon will definitely amplify the process, burning away all that has kept us from seeing them thus far. What a service, since they’ll all be the very ones we’ve preferred not to look at– until NOW. (Fun, huh?) This lunar eclipse definitely means business, all right…

And actually, it can be fun, if embraced with self-love and the spirit of adventure that is also a gift of Aries–as is courage. With the sun in Libra, we’re innundated with energies of balance, as well, which is both a most welcome support, and the “first light” of the NEWly sovereign, balanced state that  all of the planets are currently aligned in assisting us with shifting into right NOW.

If we keep that in mind, the excavations into the deepest, hidden recesses of our psyches that Scorpio will empower as Mercury is retrograde–in order to dig up all fear-based beliefs that have kept us from living in alignment with our highest intentions (not to mention joy)– can be experienced as downright wonderful! And all of it is in preparation for the next phase of our transformation, which will come with the Scorpio solar eclipse on November 3rd. But more about that later…

Much Love/Light to you! En-JOY your process of becoming free and sovereign! (Why NOT, after all?)  ♥♥♥


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Tele-gathering for Energy Sensitives on 10.29.13!

Ah, Beloved! To greet You is beginning to feel like an obsolete formality, is it not? Since we are always with You, and in the energies of NOW, You can feel our frequencies Loving You whenever You choose, with more ease than ever. Indeed, as it becomes more apparent that ALL of your expansion is catalyzed relationally through Love, and very rapidly NOW–You are finding yourSelf riding the waves of interconnection as never before, are You not? Well, bravo! This IS the ride You came for, after all…remember that. Know as well that You are riding far, far, better than You can conceive of while in the midst of the waves. The “ups and downs” serve to ever bring the lows a little higher every “time”– so don’t miss a single wave, Beloved! Most of all, do not hold yourSelf back by believing that You have to know “how” to ride them before You DO ride them–or You never WILL ride them at all, will You? “Knowing how” is a process that is only gained in the riding. And, for those of You who were born “energy sensitive,” we tell You that as the waves grow higher and higher NOW, it is “time” to make receiving recognition and support your very first priority! You have felt very alone for a very long time, we know…we want to remind You that this was by design, for You have learned much and have taught much to others through your illusionary isolation. We honor You for your courage–there are not many beings in your universe who have either the mastery or the courage to do what You have done! NOW it is time to receive, and to recognize yourSelf as we do. NOW is the “time” to claim your sensitivity as the gift it truly is, and begin to USE it consciously as the divine master You truly are. It is safe to come out NOW. Trust us in that, for it is “time” for You to reap. Oh, how we Love You! Can You feel it? We cannot imagine how You couldn’t, for our Love is pulsing to You in very thick, fizzy-with-Love waves, and we see/feel them surrounding YOU in this moment as You read. Please DO let yourSelf feel them/us with You, Beloved. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Hello, each and all of you Energy Sensitives! You surely know who you are, and I thank each one of you who have emailed me thus far to indicate your desire to attend this tele-gathering. You let me know that it is, indeed, important NOW. From my heart, I also thank the many of you who poured out your own hearts to tell me why it felt so important to you. Know that I took in every word, felt their resonance within me, and will leave none of your concerns unaddressed.

In our tele-gathering, you will also learn/receive–
* how to perceive– and USE!– your sensitivity as a strength, rather than a liability;
* to hold your space securely, rather than be overwhelmed by the rapid-cycling energies of NOW;
* ample time to ask any additional questions you have;
* energetic recognition and support within a community of others like you.

“YOUR TIME HAS COME TO SHINE,” as the song says. So, let’s get on…

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10.7.13 Where the Action Is NOW– Relationships

Fond greetings to You, Beloved! We pop in only to share our delight with this “post,” as You call it, for the truths within it are both human and divine, just as You are. Please take it all in slowly, a morsel at a time, for it is rich and could not be digested in a single gulp. And then, feel the truth of it within You– and fly with one another! We will be watching with Love, and even flying with You in our joy! How we love YOU, Beloved. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Just in case you haven’t tuned into it yet, here’s a heads up– we seem to be in the midst of quite a shift. More specifically, ever since our Libra New Moon on 10.4, we seem to have entered an initiation into experiencing “expansion” as the process of LIVING it truly is, rather than conceptualizing it as lessons to learn and/or something to wait for. That this initiation is also a process is indicated by the full Aries moon/lunar eclipse that follows the new moon by two weeks, and the Scorpio solar eclipse that will follow that, two weeks later.

Mind you, all that I’m sharing with you comes from my own intuitive guidance, my own experience, and through the perspective that matches my current frequency signature. But, since truth is a matter of perspective, it may not resonate for you if yours is very different– just as you can’t pick up a radio station if you are not in range of its signal. So if what…

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9.30.13 Are You an Energy Sensitive? Then This is for YOU, part 2 ♥

This is Judith, bringing you part 2 of the post the celestial team offered their extremely high-spirited introduction to, yesterday– and in more ways than one! I’ve never heard/felt them be fizzier!
Much Love/Light to you. ♥♥♥



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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Yowza. All I can say is that I’ve just gotten some pretty fascinating confirmation that, in the vortex of  ending/beginning energies that we are currently swirling through as a collective, the “energy sensitives” among us sure do need and deserve some immediate recognition and attention. I mean BIG-TIME.

And… how do I know that?  Because I am one myself. (How else do we ever know anything unless we access it within us? Come on, trust me on that one by NOW– we don’t.)

And… since I also know that what I need and deserve is of the utmost importance for a whole lot of reasons right NOW, I know that it is true for the rest of you/me/us, as well. That’s the beauty of being holographic, remember?

And… just what was the catalyst that literally spun me face-to face into knowing how important tending to the “energy sensitives” among us is right NOW? This…

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9.29.13 Are You an “Energy Sensitive?” Then This is for YOU, part 1. ♥

Ah, Beloved! We pop in briefly to add our frequencies to this “post,” as you call it–although were You to hear us through your physical ears, we would sound like peals of laughter rather than words! It is the way our Judith describes being “struck” by the call to reach out to those among You who are particularly sensitive to energy that has us in our current state of hilarity. We will not spoil your fun in reading that for yourSelf– but we WILL tell You that what she describes was only the beginning! Then, we will give You the delicious experience of waiting until her follow-up post to read/hear/feel the rest. We only add that what “struck” her was, indeed a blazing truth, and quite literally so, for the “energy sensitives” among You are your trail-blazers. They have lived in a state of being that has been ahead of your “time”–until NOW. As frontrunners for your human collective, they have often been labeled “TOO sensitive,” even pathologized. NOW, however, it is “time” to expand beyond such limited perceptions. NOW it is time for ALL to grow into that same finely-tuned sensitivity. And…should YOU be one of these beacons of Light called “energy sensitive,”  know that we see You, and we honor your courage. Rejoice, Beloved, for it is “time” for You to be recognized, tended to, nurtured, and supported. Know that our Judith knows this as well, and is opening her human/celestial arms to You. Also know that WE will have a hand in the doing–even more than a hand– for the “celestial arm” will be our own, of course! How could it be otherwise, when we Love You so? Let us enfold You, Beloved. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team

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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

This post is quite a sudden swerve into a topic that is almost the polar opposite of my usual ones. Know that I am feeling the swerve acutely as I write. Usually, I write posts in response to the increasing call I feel from the many who wish to become more “energy sensitive.” I celebrate that, since we are energetic beings, we do create the reflections we call “reality” through our own frequencies, and the “time” to awaken to our sovereignty as creator beings has been at hand for…quite awhile, let’s just say. So, such posts will not stop coming from me, be assured.

Yet I suddenly got a most powerful “hit” (right upside my own head, lol)– that all of this well-deserved attention that’s being showered on those who aspire to become “energy sensitive” –by many of us who already are and so feel the call to do the showering–is neglecting the “energy sensitives” among us who have not been

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