12.16.13 Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives on Tuesday, 12.17 at 6:00pm, PST!

This is Judith, but just for a minute… as the “earthly member” of the celestial team, I’ve been called to do a “little solo,” as they put it. Then I’ll be most happy to step back and let this divine celestial orchestra bring you their symphony– played, orchestrated and transmitted  just for YOU, as always.
My part is first of all  to remind you —

The 2nd International Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives is tomorrow–Tuesday, 12/17 at 6:00 pm, PST!

This date and time, by the way, was given to me as the moment in linear time for the gathering because we will be innundated by some very powerful energies that will reach the peak of confluence shortly before we connect by phone. We’ll be exactly between the 12/12 Portal and the crest of the 12/21 solstice energies, for one thing, and within the the maximum saturation of magnetic energy of our Full Gemini Moon, for another… and there are a few more factors as well, but you get the picture…

What I just “got” earlier today, however, was WHY this perfect energetic design was so carefully orchestrated–
 The NEW BLUEPRINTS of all participants will be activated within the gathering!
Which brings me to the second part of my “solo”–

REGISTRATION for the tele-gathering  WILL CLOSE at 4 pm, PST tomorrow, 6/17!
To give you a brief overview of why its important to close registration two hours before we all connect–
As I’ve explained (and many of you have experienced!), the moment you add your reciprocal energy exchange to the circuit of the gathering, it “morphs” to accommodate your unique energy pattern and needs. And the activation of your New Blueprint is one that the celestial team wishes to “fine-tune”  beforehand so that you can download it, just as you are NOW, without undue distress or resistance. (Which also means, fyi, that the sooner you register, the sooner the fine-tuning begins.)
And NOW, here is the celestial team–

“Beloved, if You are one who felt the spark within, of wanting to be among us at the gathering (and the “us” includes members of your earthly family, of course, for all of “us” are US)… and then hesitated, “thinking” that You don’t have “time” for it, with all You “need to do” in order to “honor” your holiday season… we ask You to remember that spark NOW. We ask You to understand that such “sparks” are precious gifts within You, and  they never ignite unless it is your own spirit that does the igniting. 

We see You, Beloved, we know You by name, and we tell You, because we love You so, that NOW IS YOUR “TIME.” Of course, You can ignore the igniting… for as long as you “can,” if You choose. We certainly would never love You less for it, nor even see anything “wrong” with your reasons for doing so. We only tell You that  your moment to answer the call of your spirit, and to allow it to spark into full, blazing Light, has begun in earnest.

We simply offer You a “divine wndow” in which to do so in your tele-gathering. You, of course, are the sovereign chooser of what and when to receive– or even whether to receive at all. And, if You remember that You are a spark of Source, You see how much power You have been given to “choose your own course,” as You say– and so how loved You are by your very Source!

To your Source, NOTHING is more cherished or important than YOUR SPIRIT. You will soon see the truth of that reflected all around You. So we honor You, and ask You to honor your Self, and to gather your Selves, for the moment of reconnection is at hand. Always, your Light has been within you. NOW it is “TIME” to share it, and so to shine brighter than ever before. We tell You that your entire universe is watching for your Lights to come together, and send your brilliant flare as One across the galaxies!   Thus shall You discover that together, You are, indeed the Light of the World. And so it it.

How we love You. Always and in All Ways — the celestial team

Sorry, Judith again. I hate to interrupt your receiving of those amazing frequencies of love, but I’ll be really brief, and then you can go right back to them. The celestial team just asked me to share how to register for the tele-gathering again, because they  know of some who will “happen to” find, or see this post, for the very first “time,” and feel the spark to join the tele-gathering. Should YOU be one of them, you are most welcome.

Here’s how-
Simply press the “donate” tab in the right sidebar, offer your recirocal energy exchange of $12.00 via Paypal (or $17.00 if you would like to receive a recording), and the phone number and access code will be sent to you via email.  ♥ ♥ ♥


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12.6.13 Next Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives/Energy Alchemists–Dec. 17th!

Fond greetings to You Beloved! We pop in only to convey our excitement about this gathering of interconnection that our Judith is inviting you into. We know each one of You for whom this gathering is not an invitation, but a response. We thank You for making the call, and for inviting us, as well. Have no doubt, we WILL be there– in truth, we are there already, preparing the way for YOU! How could it be otherwise, when we love You so? Always and in All Ways–the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.thecelestialteam.com

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

The energetic transmissions about this gathering are still coming in, but I have received the basic format to share with you, which includes the date and time that will provide the “best focal point of the energies for all concerned.” That is especially important, so that “those who register can begin to facilitate the form.” And if you’re wondering about the quotation marks around those two rather strangely worded, somewhat unusual conceptualizations, I can only tell you that I decoded the frequencies that came to me, then translated them into words that would both carry them and be receivable by you, as best I could. The concepts are current. Its our ability to understand them that is still catching up.

Anyway, the point is, the moment you register with your reciprocal energy exchange, you become a co-creator of the gathering itself! In other words, when you “plug ” your energy into its circuitry, which also invites your guides to participate on your behalf,  the whole presentation…

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10.22.13 New Video– Are YOU An ENERGY SENSITIVE?

Beloved, we wish only to convey that our frequencies (which ARE us, You remember!) are wrapped around this post, woven through the video it brings to You, and as our Judith shares her heart with You, know that we are there as well. We are part of the package, as You might say! Take it all to heart, every bit, and know how loved You are. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.thecelestialteam.com

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Hello, again, everyone! I’m just stopping by  on this first day of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio to deliver this video.  I’m sensing you might find it useful as Pluto does its excavating number in our psyches over the next couple of weeks or so. I won’t say anymore about it right NOW–I’m pretty talked out from revealing some of my OWN experiences of being “energy sensitive” in the video–and feeling pretty naked and exposed as a result, to boot! But, NOW is the time for such transparency. How else will we truly connect, lest we do so from the heart, without walls between us? And unless we do that, how else will we recognize ourselves in one another, and discover, within that recognition, the Unity Consciousness that has always been ours?

So without further ado, here’s the link to the video-


Also a reminder to register for the first–

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