12.6.13 Next Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives/Energy Alchemists–Dec. 17th!

Fond greetings to You Beloved! We pop in only to convey our excitement about this gathering of interconnection that our Judith is inviting you into. We know each one of You for whom this gathering is not an invitation, but a response. We thank You for making the call, and for inviting us, as well. Have no doubt, we WILL be there– in truth, we are there already, preparing the way for YOU! How could it be otherwise, when we love You so? Always and in All Ways–the celestial team



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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

The energetic transmissions about this gathering are still coming in, but I have received the basic format to share with you, which includes the date and time that will provide the “best focal point of the energies for all concerned.” That is especially important, so that “those who register can begin to facilitate the form.” And if you’re wondering about the quotation marks around those two rather strangely worded, somewhat unusual conceptualizations, I can only tell you that I decoded the frequencies that came to me, then translated them into words that would both carry them and be receivable by you, as best I could. The concepts are current. Its our ability to understand them that is still catching up.

Anyway, the point is, the moment you register with your reciprocal energy exchange, you become a co-creator of the gathering itself! In other words, when you “plug ” your energy into its circuitry, which also invites your guides to participate on your behalf,  the whole presentation…

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