12.1.13 Re-membering the Future– Just Imagine!

Love/Light Message for Navigating NOW from the celestial team

Fond greetings to You, Beloved!
We return, arrive, and yet have never left, to transmit our Love/Light to You through words in this moment. And, within this moment is your past, your future, and every other moment of NOW You ever have, will, might choose, or may have chosen. What is, has already been. What will be, already is. Within this moment is every possible experience You could dream of, yours for the entering.

Do You think we speak in riddles? We do not. We speak what to us is merely plain and obvious truth. We also know that You might find our words to be “quite a stretch” to even imagine, let alone make sense of! That is why we suggest that You read them again, forego stretching altogether, and simply leap into them. You can do so quite easily, You know! You just never “saw” yourSelf doing so before, at least not in this lifetime. But we tell You that we have seen You do it, many times. We are not what You call “recent acquaintances,” You know!

We tell You this as well: Anything You can imagine is already as real as the chair You are sitting on. In truth, the frequencies of the word “choose” are more fitting than those of “can,” because there are no limits to what is possible for You to imagine. Take that to heart, Beloved, for we mean it in the most absolute way. You see– or if You don’t, it is “time” for You to see– that your imagination is the marvelous technology You use to see beyond the tunnel vision programming of third dimensional perception. And, we re-mind You that this programmed limitation of your vision was only a temporary installation!

Very much like software, it was designed and used to assist You in staying within the parameters of the third dimensional octave. Without it, You would have flown out in a nanosecond! However, exactly like software, it can be easily uninstalled whenever You choose. Until then, your imagination is your ingeniously clever method of seeing beyond that limited, narrow, range of vision, while staying within it, at the same “time.” Brilliant You are, indeed, Beloved!

NOW, however your planet, itself, is moving out of the third dimension—in truth, has already left it. YOU, as part of your planet, are NOW moving through NEW, higher frequencies at an increasingly rapid speed. Or, that is how it feels to You, does it not? If so, that is a wonderful sign, for what it actually means is that your own frequencies are expanding beyond those of the third dimension! In other words, it is YOU that is “speeding up,” You might say, because higher frequencies vibrate at a higher rate than lower ones.

You see? Isn’t it wonder-full? Yet we also know that many in your human collective are feeling quite uncomfortable in the process of acclimating to these NEW high frequencies. We assure you that it is not the NEW energies that are causing such discomfort! It is the old software of programmed limitations. Like outgrown clothing, it does not “fit” any longer. The ”time” has come  to uninstall what is NOW obsolete, at last, Beloved.

It is “time” to reclaim your vision. As You do, You will “see” that there are no limits to what you can envision, and whatever You can envision, You can step into. Do not worry about “how!” Trying to “figure it out” will only keep You within the very programming You have outgrown. Instead, simply allow yourself to believe that what we are telling You is your truth. Entertain yourSelf!

Enjoy your imagination! Just imagine that You can imagine yourSelf into whatever You choose to envision. Just imagine that the past is no more “reality” than your dreams for the future are. That is all You need do for NOW. Your marvelous imagination will do the rest. Soon enough, its “fantasies,” as some might call them, will begin to “re-mind You,” quite literally, of what You have always known deep in your heart to be true. Your dreams for the future are as “real” as your memories. Why is this true? Because imagination is simply another form of memory.

And to excite your “memory’s memory” of this, we wish to leave you with a quote that our Judith “happened upon” several days ago. It excited her memory so much that it excited us, as well! So, we are asking her to share it here with You, because we wish to see You have as much fun playing with it as she has—and still is! We don’t know that she will ever stop playing, she is having such fun… and we dearly hope she never will. We also hope that You will join her, and play yourSelf into a NEW way of being, as the divinely playful, human celestial being You truly are. Here then, is the divinely multidimensional quote we speak of–

“It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards!”
— White Queen to Alice in Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll

Isn’t that wonder-full? Have fun, with it, Beloved, and your fun will be our own as well, for  we so delight in seeing You play! Never do You radiate your joy through our universe more than when You set yourSelf free to play… and never are You more powerful.
How we love You! Always and in All Ways—the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: www.thecelestialteam.com

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  1. Eliza Ayres

     /  December 1, 2013

    Synchronicities, dear Judith. In my most recent post, Journal Entry 12.01.2013, I also referred to Alice in Wonderland… as being the way most of us will begin to feel as the days and weeks unfold and we discover ourselves in a strange and wondrous new land. Quite the adventure, I would say.
    Thanks, again, for your recent presentation, ES II as it were. Great stuff. And now, I’ll have to go and attempt to absorb more of it.

    Love, Eliza


    • Eliza, thank you for sharing that synchronicity. It is especially interesting because, although I’ve been on increasingly intimate terms with Alice since the beginninng of 2013, I believe this is the first “time” the celestial team has used our by NOW chummy relationship in one of their transmissions. That this synchronizes with your own latest post certainly does seem to confirm your sense that the many rather than the few in our human collective will soon be sharing that strange and wonder-full experience with Alice, you, and me! And that sounds like very good news to me.
      You are most welcome for the recorded presentation of “BEing An Energy Sensitive.” Take as long as you like to savor the digestion process! In fact, any who set “getting it all” as a goal will either become very frustrated, or miss much of the feast altogether–because the process is literally endless. I experienced that very personally, just in the challenge of getting it through my voice and onto a recording–and I myself have listened to it several times since, and I’ll be darned if there isn’t always even more, every time I listen. Ha, just realized what a perfect example of feeling like Alice that is! Hahaha! Synchronicity and magic abound…
      By the way, there will be another Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives soon, I can NOW say that for certain. I don’t know the date yet, but I’m already starting to get bits and pieces of it, and I expect it will be before Winter Solstice. So, if you have questions that don’t answer themselves as you continue to digest the recording, document them, and present them in the gathering. Your self-service in the doing will also be a service to the other participants, for as you know by NOW, we are not alone on the journey. If YOU have questions, you can be sure that others have them, too.
      I look forward to hearing your voice in our next gathering, and until then, much Love/Light to you Eliza!
      ♥ ♥ ♥ Judith


  2. Rita Kempf

     /  December 1, 2013

    Thanks, Judith and the celestial team; it’s amazingly fun to read this!


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