About Judith and the celestial team

An Introduction by “Our Judith”

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The Beginning

I, Judith, am a psychotherapist and a shamanic practitioner. Always intuitive, it was not until early 2011 that the celestial team told me that a more accurate definition of my  “uncommon senses” is claircognizant.  I’d never even heard of the word, so I quickly looked it up in the dictionary and was surprised to find it there. However, the definition I found, ” knowing without knowing how,” was a bit vague, to say the least!  I now know what it truly means, even if it will still be some time before that meaning will be commonly enough kinown to be listed in a dictionary– claircognizance is an innate ability to read/decode frequencies.  And although I was born with it, it is an ability that lies latent within everyone, just waiting to be remembered and recognized.

It was Fall Equinox of 2010 when the network of powerful energies that had been sparking through me in fits and jolts since mid- 2008 finally activated. When it happened, the frequencies that shot through me were like a lightning bolt of such pure and focused love that I, myself, shot upright, gasped, and then began to sob with a freedom I hadn’t known since my earliest years on earth. And certainly not because they hurt! If anything, my reaction was to the sudden absence of any hurting whatsoever. The currents of frequencies that were running through me were so high they made my cells vibrate until I felt all lit up inside. The only shock to it was that of being struck and held by a love that was so much more potent than any love my body had ever felt before.

For quite a few days after, I trembled and wept in almost unbearable gratitude and joy much of the time, and with no desire whatsoever to do otherwise. And all the while they worked with me, calibrating my own energy to a frequency that could not only handle theirs, but braid with them as well. In the process, l learned more about frequencies than I can even begin to describe without turning this introduction into an entire book!  It would be a book worth writing, however, for we are beings of frequency, and one of the celestial team’s most ardent endeavors is to awaken, or heighten, our awareness of this. That is why you will discover that there is far more in their messages than what is conveyed by the words alone!

The Promise

The words are, above all “vehicles of frequency,” as they put it, and the more you take them in through your reading, the more you will find yourself attuning to them.  They will carry you farther than you can imagine! As your own frequencies raise through this attunement, your ability to attune in this way will become your new way of perceiving, and your way of creating your experience of reality as well. And when this occurs, you will be entering the gates of the fifth dimension, where all is perceived and created energetically. I must share with you now that I could feel the celestial team getting very excited as I wrote that brief explanation, and they are now most enthusiastically popping in to add, “Frequency, beloved, is the key to your kingdom!”

The Unfolding

It was only when I was able to attune to theirs finely enough to braid with them that I began to easily process them into words. When that finally happened, it was very much like picking up the frequency of a radio station that had been fuzzy, then suddenly became crystal clear. It was an exhilarating, magical, moment, and I felt like I’d learned how to be the magician! I could feel their energy fizz in pleasure right along with mine, and I thought I discerned a sense of relief, as well. As I did, they communicated through their frequencies that I was correct, for it was important that we begin our work together right away. So, after giving me a shower of thoroughly warming welcomes, they moved quickly to introduce themselves as a large, loosely woven group of collectives in the seventh through twelfth dimensions, plus the angelic realms. Then, they got down to business.

The Mult-dimensional Process of Connecting Beyond self to SELF

 The team and I began presenting workshops called “Navigating the Shift,” where they introduced their frequencies and provided navigational guidance into the fifth dimension.  Then, at Winter Equinox of 2010, I began to transmit their messages in written form, as well.  Our process with the written messages is a profoundly intimate one, for their energies run through me and into my fingers as I type, or write, and in the doing, mix with my own. It is very much like making love, only in a non-physical, fluid, sort of way. Sometimes, the messages simply flow through me, but more often, we braid together to discover the best combination of words to hold the frequencies they wish to transmit. This collaboration occurs in the moment of the transmission, and then the messages are sent straight off. I do not even think to read them over.

It was through this more intimate braiding of our energies together that I came to know them in a deeply personal way, both as a group and as individual collectives, and to understand just how interconnected we are.  At first, I was concerned that I would somehow distort the messages through the filter of my own personality. They then revealed to me that an aspect of me resides in every one of the collectives in the celestial team,  and it is because I am connecting through my own aspects that the work is so collaborative. And it was exactly that web of interconnection with all of my aspects in the collectives that the grid was being laid for in all the months of sparks and jolts,  before “the power finally went on!”

The celestial team wishes me to point out to you now that most of what we refer to as “channeling” is really a process of connecting with aspects of one’s own Divine Self. One simply cannot run frequencies, let alone transmit them to others, if they are foreign to one’s own circuitry. In my case, digesting that took quite a bit of self-expansion as I began to know the collectives I was resonating with!

the celestial team Who’s Who

The “regulars” in the celestial team includes: the Archangels Michael and Gabriel;  a collective referred to as the Twelfth-Dimensional Architects (or, somewhat breezily, “the architects!”); the Ninth-Dimensional Pleiadian Collective; the Mary Collective and the Yeshuwah Collective (they work closely together, like yin and yang); and a Sirian collective from the seventh dimension who call themselves “the  Frequency Technicians.” There are also others who join them occasionally, if they are “cosmic specialists” on a particular topic to be discussed.  I was stunned when I first recognized “the regulars” by name, even as I also knew that the names are given only because we request them. And, although the majesty and love transmitted through their frequencies often moves me to tears, never do they convey a sense of being “above us.” They are very clear that even the name they wish to be identified by, “the celestial team,” is not to be capitalized or referred to in any way that creates a sense of hierarchical separation. Instead, they wish us to find the resonance of their frequencies within our own beings, for it is only through doing so that we will discover our own divinity, as well as our interconnectedness with All That Is.

Braiding Many Frequencies into One Symphony

This sense of unity and “common ground” is conveyed through their method of transmission as well, for they each braid into the all, and then from that braid, they create a single message. Another way to conceptualize this is to see the celestial team as an orchestra, and each collective as a musical instrument in that orchestra. The individual members are the notes that are played by the particular collective instrument, and all come together in harmony to create the symphony that is their message. Beautiful, isn’t?

The Solos

Occasionally, a collective will come forward to transmit a “solo” in the symphony, and most often, it is Yeshuwa that does so. This is a most extraordinary and moving experience, for a sudden swell of celebration and eager anticipation always rises up from the others. Then, just as quickly, all fall into the absolute stillness of rapt and reverent attention as I feel Yeshuwa’s energy begin to flood through me. The power and authority, as well as the incredibly tender, uncompromisingly devoted, and stunningly intimate love for humanity that is then transmitted from Yeshuwah, I cannot even begin to describe in words. It can only be felt, and known, through the heart.

The Song

Now to get to the reason for the joining of these magnificent collectives into one, glorious team! The reason is YOU. They come together in singular purpose, and that is to share their collective love, guidance, and support with you to the greatest extent that you will allow them. They come to serve you, in any way you will let them, as you navigate your way through our collective reintegration and planetary ascension process.

Hearing the Song

Because the celestial team communicates through frequency, their messages are energetically encoded to awaken your resonance with your own higher aspects. They are also encoded with information that bypasses the brain’s polarization programming and goes straight to the heart, for the heart’s multi-domensional intelligence can decode them with ease. As the celestial team continually points out,  the brain’s third dimensional technology simply cannot process them–and that is also why they are forever trying to engage you into reading their messages through your heart center.

The celestial team well  knows, however, what a big adjustment the dimensional shift into processing information through frequency is for our human collective, and so  they use some clever methods of their own to assist us with that. Commonly, they use metaphors for their encodings, for metaphors are “the language” of the higher dimensions as translated into third dimensional form.  Sometimes, however, they will intentionally choose especially uncommon ones, or particular groupings of words that the brain finds “odd,” and so does not even bother with! Or, they may transmit in frequencies that are so light and “fizzy” that the brain assumes they have no content whatsoever, and so lets them pass through unapprehended. Where the messages are concerned, do not be deceived by the opinions of the brain! The celestial team is merely smuggling jewels to you, right past it. The brain is celebrated for many things, and rightly so, but one thing it cannot do is read frequencies.

The Technology

You might call the celestial team’s method of communicating with you “advanced, cutting-edge, technology.” And so it is. Moreover, they are frontrunners in their particular usage of it with humanity at this time. Know that every message is packed with far more revelation, guidance, information, and personal energetic support than can be gleaned through simply reading the words! It can be accessed energetically with ease, however, through your heart. Simply read through your heart, tune into the frequencies as you feel them in your heart, and believe in yourself enough to trust what you feel! Trust that you are receiving more than your brain is able to process, and then enjoy the flashes of insight, revelations, and higher frequencies that you will experience over the next few days as your heart center processes the frequencies and delivers them to you!

Just for YOU 

The celestial team now wishes to personally remind you that each message is just for you. Every one of them is for you and you alone, and is relevant to you personally at the moment of your reading. Moreover, because they experience past, present, and future multi-dimensionally as one, flowing, NOW, their messages fluidly attune to all moments of linear time. If you read the same message again at another moment of “time,” it will be just alive with frequencies that are personally meant for you then. How could this be true, you ask? How could they be that intimately attuned to so many of us in one single message? And how could they make the message precisely relevant for all moments and circumstances? When I ask them to comment on this themselves, I feel gentle, loving, laughter in their frequencies.

“Oh, we can, beloved, and it is not even hard, either!” they say. “Soon you will understand that nothing is as hard as you thought it was. Nothing is hard at all, in truth, and nothing is separate, either. Nor is anything impossible with love–and oh, how we love  you! “

Enjoy the Love/Light!

 Know How Loved You Are.  Always and ALL WAYS.
— Judith and the celestial team



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  1. Wonderful…


  2. Oscar

     /  January 21, 2013

    Felt that. Love it. Thank you!


  3. Ahhh, makes my heart SiNG! thank you Judith and the celestial team!


  4. dahow92

     /  November 14, 2013

    I feel you, I know you, we are one, thank you and you are greatly loved my beloved other/self.


  5. Ted E

     /  January 3, 2017

    Thank you for the radiant message and sharing your truth … Your Freedom path illuminated.


    • Thank YOU Ted E., for your words. When we speak our truth, we set ourselves free!
      Much Love/Light to you… always and in all ways,


  6. What a beautiful thing to experience these messages! Thank you so much!



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