A Period of REST ~ Relax Into PEACE!

Hello, this is Judith.

Just a quick note to let you know what’s going on, since you haven’t received a transmission from the celestial team for quite a while. Tell me about it! It’s been bubbling and simmering in me for weeks!

Almost every day, I sit at my computer and wait. For the release. And it comes. Slowly. Like a stream of steam from a pot that’s simmering on the stove. Every day a little more. This long process is an entirely new experience for me, and I’ve been working with the celestial team since 2010!

So what I can tell you is that it IS coming. It is taking shape and it is BIG. So watch for it! And here comes the celestial team…

Hello Beloved! This is to be a very short message. We only wish to say that You are going through a transition of monumental proportions. Our next transmission will come in “right timing,” and it will indeed be big.

In the meantime, YOUR job is to REST. Please take this to heart. To us, “REST” means RELAX IN PEACE. A time to sleep, wander, and daydream. Do not settle into anything but PEACE!

We call this your “job” because that is what You call things that are productive. We tell You in truth that there is NOTHING more productive that You could possibly do until our next transmission.

And watch your thoughts, Beloved! Watch for the weeds of negative programming and nip them in the bud! Daydreaming is far more productive now.

Here is a metaphor we wish for You to keep in mind, to HOLD in mind, like a mantra, a blueprint to follow, a filter to think through– or however You can put it into place and into use–

Think of yourSelf as a silkworm. Every thought You spin out in the PRESENT becomes the cloth of your FUTURE.

We only add one more suggestion, and that is to review our Guidance Through The Storm transmissions thus far– in a leisurely fashion, of course! Take them in as “Light reading” as You loll around watching the flowers bloom. You will be surprised at how helpful they will be in keeping your thoughts aligned with relaxing into peace! They will also fortify your strength and amplify your ability to dream BIG. A delightful process, indeed. And yet PRODUCTIVE– for all of those You will need in the next phase of your evolutionary, revolutionary, transformation.

Blissful dreams, Beloved Silkworm!


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