10.7.13 Where the Action Is NOW– Relationships

Fond greetings to You, Beloved! We pop in only to share our delight with this “post,” as You call it, for the truths within it are both human and divine, just as You are. Please take it all in slowly, a morsel at a time, for it is rich and could not be digested in a single gulp. And then, feel the truth of it within You– and fly with one another! We will be watching with Love, and even flying with You in our joy! How we love YOU, Beloved. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Just in case you haven’t tuned into it yet, here’s a heads up– we seem to be in the midst of quite a shift. More specifically, ever since our Libra New Moon on 10.4, we seem to have entered an initiation into experiencing “expansion” as the process of LIVING it truly is, rather than conceptualizing it as lessons to learn and/or something to wait for. That this initiation is also a process is indicated by the full Aries moon/lunar eclipse that follows the new moon by two weeks, and the Scorpio solar eclipse that will follow that, two weeks later.

Mind you, all that I’m sharing with you comes from my own intuitive guidance, my own experience, and through the perspective that matches my current frequency signature. But, since truth is a matter of perspective, it may not resonate for you if yours is very different– just as you can’t pick up a radio station if you are not in range of its signal. So if what…

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