Tele-gathering for Energy Sensitives on 10.29.13!

Ah, Beloved! To greet You is beginning to feel like an obsolete formality, is it not? Since we are always with You, and in the energies of NOW, You can feel our frequencies Loving You whenever You choose, with more ease than ever. Indeed, as it becomes more apparent that ALL of your expansion is catalyzed relationally through Love, and very rapidly NOW–You are finding yourSelf riding the waves of interconnection as never before, are You not? Well, bravo! This IS the ride You came for, after all…remember that. Know as well that You are riding far, far, better than You can conceive of while in the midst of the waves. The “ups and downs” serve to ever bring the lows a little higher every “time”– so don’t miss a single wave, Beloved! Most of all, do not hold yourSelf back by believing that You have to know “how” to ride them before You DO ride them–or You never WILL ride them at all, will You? “Knowing how” is a process that is only gained in the riding. And, for those of You who were born “energy sensitive,” we tell You that as the waves grow higher and higher NOW, it is “time” to make receiving recognition and support your very first priority! You have felt very alone for a very long time, we know…we want to remind You that this was by design, for You have learned much and have taught much to others through your illusionary isolation. We honor You for your courage–there are not many beings in your universe who have either the mastery or the courage to do what You have done! NOW it is time to receive, and to recognize yourSelf as we do. NOW is the “time” to claim your sensitivity as the gift it truly is, and begin to USE it consciously as the divine master You truly are. It is safe to come out NOW. Trust us in that, for it is “time” for You to reap. Oh, how we Love You! Can You feel it? We cannot imagine how You couldn’t, for our Love is pulsing to You in very thick, fizzy-with-Love waves, and we see/feel them surrounding YOU in this moment as You read. Please DO let yourSelf feel them/us with You, Beloved. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Hello, each and all of you Energy Sensitives! You surely know who you are, and I thank each one of you who have emailed me thus far to indicate your desire to attend this tele-gathering. You let me know that it is, indeed, important NOW. From my heart, I also thank the many of you who poured out your own hearts to tell me why it felt so important to you. Know that I took in every word, felt their resonance within me, and will leave none of your concerns unaddressed.

In our tele-gathering, you will also learn/receive–
* how to perceive– and USE!– your sensitivity as a strength, rather than a liability;
* to hold your space securely, rather than be overwhelmed by the rapid-cycling energies of NOW;
* ample time to ask any additional questions you have;
* energetic recognition and support within a community of others like you.

“YOUR TIME HAS COME TO SHINE,” as the song says. So, let’s get on…

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