10.18.13 Full Aries Moon/Lunar Eclipse–Yowza!

A “Hit of the Day” from Judith

Hi, all of you “fellow Beloveds.” Hopefully, I’ll manage to keep this message short and sweet (not my strong suit, I know!)… but it “hit” me in the midst of a very active day with such a wallop, and so all-of-a-piece, that I literally dropped everything to share it with you.

So here’s the “big picture”–
Our “penumbral lunar eclipse” will be at its deepest point at 7:50 PSD today. However, we’ll still be feeling it when Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio in two days, on October 21st. Then, we’ll be feeling the effects of that right into the coming Scorpio solar eclipse on November 3rd, since Mercury doesn’t turn direct again until the day before it. This “big picture view” is important because all of these events work in tandem with one another in service of our own “big picture process,” which, as I mentioned in my post about our recent new moon, invites us into quite a shift.

OK, so NOW I’ll break it down so you can see how it works (according to my “hit,” anyway)–
This lunar eclipse serves to bring all the ways we get in our own way, right up in our faces. Not only that, but the fiery energy of the Aries full moon will definitely amplify the process, burning away all that has kept us from seeing them thus far. What a service, since they’ll all be the very ones we’ve preferred not to look at– until NOW. (Fun, huh?) This lunar eclipse definitely means business, all right…

And actually, it can be fun, if embraced with self-love and the spirit of adventure that is also a gift of Aries–as is courage. With the sun in Libra, we’re innundated with energies of balance, as well, which is both a most welcome support, and the “first light” of the NEWly sovereign, balanced state that  all of the planets are currently aligned in assisting us with shifting into right NOW.

If we keep that in mind, the excavations into the deepest, hidden recesses of our psyches that Scorpio will empower as Mercury is retrograde–in order to dig up all fear-based beliefs that have kept us from living in alignment with our highest intentions (not to mention joy)– can be experienced as downright wonderful! And all of it is in preparation for the next phase of our transformation, which will come with the Scorpio solar eclipse on November 3rd. But more about that later…

Much Love/Light to you! En-JOY your process of becoming free and sovereign! (Why NOT, after all?)  ♥♥♥


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    Thank you Judith! Feel the energies already ❤


  2. tazjima

     /  October 18, 2013

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    I’ve been working with these energies since birth, Libra Sun and Aries Moon. Thanks, Judith!


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