~ Guidance Through The Storm; #27 ~ Surprise! We Have Videos For You!

Bringing frequencies of relaxation and wonder to You, Beloved!

We bring You these frequencies in particular because we are understanding that many among You are feeling anxious, agitated and/or unable to focus these days, and we believe a good dose of relaxation and wonder are just what You need.

You see, we are aware that changes appear to be happening exceedingly rapidly for You, and although it is very true that nothing is what it seems to be– there is a “spin” on everything You hear through your media, for example– if your head is spinning as a result of this awareness, we would like to do what we can to assist You to find your balance!

It is your AWARENESS that is the key, Beloved. The more You become AWARE, the higher your own frequencies are becoming, which means there is more electricity running through You than your physical vehicle is used to– which includes your brain and your chakra system, of course. (You are electromagnetic beings, after all!) And higher frequencies vibrate at a faster rate than lower ones, remember? Hence, the sense that your head is spinning.

However, You might more accurately call the phenomenon a “frequency upgrade.” In other words, You are moving into a higher vibrational frequency, and your physical body (including your brain and your chakras) is in the process of catching up. Despite your temporary discomfort, this is a very good thing Beloved!

You might (much more accurately) say that You are “spinning up to where You belong.”

The best way to handle your temporary discomfort is to SLOW DOWN (You are already busy enough inside!), stay HEART-CENTERED (always), and GROUNDED IN THE PRESENT (which will stop the spin). If You do only those three things, You will feel just FINE, we promise You.

And yet, we also understand that it might be quite a jump from where You are to there– which brings us to our surprise! We have chosen two of our videos to share with You. Within your time construct, they are not “new,” and yet we assure You that they are. There is no “linear time, Beloved!” You are IN the transformation that You all thought would happen “to” You at the end of your year of 2012 right NOW!

Our videos will assist You in grounding within the context of who and what You are in the ever-evolving moment of the present. Enjoy!!!

(Note from Judith: Please sip plenty of fresh water as you take the videos in, and for 24 hours afterward as well!)


“POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW” Part One


Breathe, Beloved! The frequencies in the videos are very high! So take a few slow, deep breaths, walk around if You wish, put your feet on your earth if You can, and try to stay in the frequencies as You do.That will also keep You heart-centered so your earth can help you to internalize them while You ground yourSelf-– and that is when the magic begins. You may not feel it yet at all. Frequencies precede manifestation, remember? Take your “time.” Savor! And then when You are ready, the next video will be more meaningful to You because of your process of grounding the first!


“POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW” Part Two


You see, Beloved? In the big picture, what You are experiencing is merely a blip in a magnificent process of transformation.

It is what You came for!

Heart-centered and grounded… remember! How we love assisting You, Beloved. And how we love You! Always and in All Ways.


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