Guidance Through The Storm; #28 DISCERNMENT: YOUr game-CHANGEr!

Fond greetings to You, Beloved!

First, we wish to say how pleased we are that so many among You are enjoying the videos we offered in our last transmission! Not only does your enjoyment raise your frequencies commensurately, but it allows You to receive even more from them energetically than You can see or hear. That, of course, is because You are Beings of Frequency! (And yes, we know we have said that at least 100 times, but please bear with us!) [from Judith– In case You missed the transmission with the videos:]

Now! In preparation for the very important topic we wish to address in this transmission, we will first set the flow. Here is what You have learned thus far:

  • As Beings of Frequency, your base-line frequency, or frequency signature, is unique unto You.
  • Through knowing your own frequency signature, You are able to discern OUR frequencies!
  • Therefore, You can discern other frequencies as well, and how different they are from your own.
  • Depending on how other frequencies feel as You discern them, You can choose whether You wish to engage with them or not.

Voila! As You see, your ability to feel frequencies in order to discern what choices You wish to make is what gives You the necessary clarity to choose consciously.

Oh, and by the way– for those of You who, like our Judith, enjoy looking up word definitions in your dictionaries, we will tell You right now that You will not find one for discernment! She already looked. In several. Here is all she found– “DISCERNMENT : the ability to grasp and comprehend what is otherwise obscure

We laugh! As You see, your dictionaries do not define this “ability,” because they cannot– not until they get a frequency upgrade, anyway! Until then, your dictionaries will continue to amuse us with their many “obscure” definitions.

WE will give You a proper definition of discernment, Beloved.

DISCERNMENT : the ability to grasp and comprehend the FREQUENCIES of what is otherwise obscure

There! And that is what You are learning to do. And what this means is that You can no longer be fooled. Because, Beloved–

Frequencies cannot lie.

This is very timely information for You, is it not? As You must have already discerned, nothing is as it seems on your planet! To use one of your own descriptions, there is a “spin” on everything. And we do mean everything.

With discernment, however, no matter what You are seeing or hearing or thinking, their frequencies will always tell the truth. Oh yes, there is even a spin on your thoughts! And if that surprises You, then consider this a wake-up call, Beloved.

Perception is a matter of FREQUENCY.

Your thoughts have a frequency. Negative thought programs can keep You spinning in what feels painfully dissonant– like fear, for example (we know You are familiar with that one!). This is because they activate negative emotional memories from the past right into the present. In truth, it is usually the internal interference with your frequency signature that amplifies the external ones.

Truth is a matter of PERCEPTION.

The frequencies of your thoughts are like electrical circuits that spin outward, attracting similar frequencies that are magnetized to them and then manifest as your external “reality.” Can You call your “reality” the truth, then? Well, yes, it is a true reflection of the frequencies of your perception. Change the frequencies, however, and You manifest a different truth.

Your awareness of your ability to DISCERN FREQUENCIES is a GAME-CHANGER for You!

We are aware that in your old paradigm of enslavement, You were taught to believe that your state of being was controlled by external circumstances. However–

NOTHING has control over your internal state of being– not unless you ALLOW it to, that is.

Knowing your own frequency signature, You can discern when your internal environment has been disturbed by negative thought programs or emotional activations from the past. You also know that You can release the charges of these these painful activations in order to expand beyond them! (note from Judith: if you missed the transmission that explained how to do this, please click this link before proceeding!

NO ONE but YOU is responsible for your emotional activations. Whatever triggers them does not create them! He/she/it catalyzes them so that You can feel the dissonance within You and release the charge. That is a service to You, Beloved! When You real-ize this, You reclaim your sovereignty. Are You beginning to see how discernment becomes a total game-changer?


So go ahead and change the game, Beloved!!

It’s YOUR game now and You cannot lose. You know your own frequency signature. You can tell when your thoughts are bringing You down, and change them. You know how to handle emotional activations, and so navigate through your external environment safely and freely by discerning frequencies that are dissonant with your well-being. You are always free to change frequencies, of course! To course correct, to try out experiences, and then change them if You want to! Your life is your own adventure now, Beloved.

That is the truth of OUR perception!

(And we KNOW You, remember? We KNOW what You can do!)

Enjoy your discernment! Enjoy your blooming sovereignty! How we LOVE to see You shine.




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