Depressed? The celestial team Has A Frequency For You! (VIDEO)


Hello Beloved! We have a video for You!
We also have frequencies for You, of course, but that is nothing NEW. What is NEW is what YOU are in the process of discovering about yourself! Your “timing” is laser-perfect, too, sychchronized with your upcoming eclipses as it is. By using this powerful support from your universe NOW, You will be poised in your NEW attunement with your own frequencies and ready for your upcoming equinox. Ready for “showtime” in “the nick of time,” as You say!
But then, You always were a thrill-seeker. It is a character trait of a Master Magician. The cutting edge” is your milieu! How else would You have gotten ALL of yourSELF projected into human form on this particular planet at THIS particular moment of the ever-expanding NOW? Ah, we could go on and on about how You thrill us, and your entire universe, with your Magical feats. But we won’t. We would rather give You our video instead, and WATCH what You do with it!

Depressed? The celestiial team Has A Frequency For You!–  Judith and the celestial team
There is a GOOD reason for feeling depressed, and the celestial team is excited to tell you what it is because you’re going to really LIKE it! Of course the celestial team communicates through FREQUENCIES, and Judith translates them into words to do the “telling.”” But she chooses words that also CARRY their frequencies to you, and that is where most of the Love/Light information always is! In this video, that is truer than ever. If you ARE depressed, the celestial team will give you a “frequency jumpstart” into feeling MUCH better in less than eight minutes (IF you allow them to, of course!).

Can you imagine what a whole hour of receiving very high frequency personal guidance and energy attunements would be like? AMAZING is the word most people use about their private sessions with Judith and the celestial team. To learn more, visit and click the “Schedule A Private Or Group Session!” link at the top of the page. To schedule your OWN private session via Skype or phone, email your request to And yes, you CAN afford it… a sliding scale is offered to those who “think” they can’t. Prepare for frequencies of AMAZEMENT!

How we love You, Magician! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

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