9.23.13 A Flying Lesson

If You are feeling a bit lost in space without a parachute these days, we very much want You to realize that You are not alone. Also know that You are not lost, nor do you need a parachute. If You did, You would have one! We asked our Judith to share this post with You because it offers a very grounded flying lesson, one that will serve You much better than any parachute ever could. And if being grounded in order to fly sounds like a contradiction to You…please take a deep breath…as You stand on the earth, is your earth not flying through space? Breathe, Beloved!
Ah, how we love You. Always and in all Ways– the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

You know, I keep “planning” to post certain insights and tools on here, in proper “linear order,” and the knowledge behind my planning is sound. It makes “sense.” It WOULD be of service, in its linear way. And yet, before I can carry out “the plan,” I get whisked into posting something that is not part of “the plan” at ALL, but seems much MORE pressing in the moment.

I wonder if some of you “think” that I am all over the place with my posts sometimes, as a result…if so, I guess I am, ha. Even THIS post is not turning out to be the one I thought I’d write.

But I’m letting it flow out and surprise me, anyway. I trust doing so because my intention in writing these posts is to offer them to YOU. So if they’re all over the place (wait for it)– it means that YOU…

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