Pisces New Moon– A User’s Guide

Hi, this is Judith. And if you’re surprised by the title of this post…well, so was I when it first popped out of me. That is, until I realized that it is exactly what I needed to put together for myself! Even though I’ve been synchronizing my own process with the energetic support offered by the phases of the moon for a very long time, this new moon is a completely NEW experience, altogether.

Therefore, I tuned into reading all of the different frequencies that are contributing to THIS one’s energy, much in the way we do research about any topic of interest. We read different sources, then compile them by interweaving them into ONE thread… you know exactly what I mean. Its just that in this case, I did it by reading energy rather than words (which, at the risk of sounding repetitive, you also know exactly how to do).

Whoa, the celestial team absolutely LOVES that I just pointed that out! They are fizzing their agreement all over this post, can you feel it? Ahhhh… but whoops. Before I merge into the fizz entirely, I’d better get on with putting it all into words–because they really like this post –so onward! ( I’ll merge into the fizz when I press the “publish” button, lol…)

NOW! About this “user’s guide!” First, please consider the following elements–
* Mercury turned direct in Aquarius yesterday (2/28) at noon, pst. Both represent “air energy.”
* The moon reached fullness today in Pisces, conjunct Neptune, at noon, pst. All three represent “water energy.”
* Today, 3.1.14, is numerologcally an 11, which is a master number that represents a doorway into the NEW.

So! We’ve got a whole lot of water in the air, for one thing. (Here in Los Angeles, btw, that is being expressed quite literally with a whole lot of rain… which has been a long time coming…) But what does this mean for humans all over the planet, at the personal level?
Here we go–

* Since air signs process mentally, brains are likely to be feeling a bit soggy–or foggy, at the least–for the next couple of days.

* Since water signs process emotionally, emotions may be flooding up and out into the air as if a dam just burst. In many cases, this deluge may be flowing out as tears, and often over the “silliest,” most surprising things…or so you “think” (if you can think, that is).

To top it all off, today’s a “Doorway Day!” Yep, we’re in a portal, with the opportunity to move into something NEW— and we can neither think nor see clearly. Perhaps you’re getting why I decided a user’s guide might come in handy… So here it is–

* First of all, this is not a weekend to be “out there doing things.” This is a time to make yourself as cozy as you can, inside your own home and your own being, and LET that water flow!

* LET the tears flow freely.

* LET yourself feel your emotions as they run through you freely, too. Cry them out, write them out, paint them out, express them in any way you want to (other than by taking them out ON somebody, of course). Obviously, it is time to just release them. They want out, so just LET them go.

* LET your emotions (water) freely deluge your brain (air) as you release them—its a GOOD thing to “clear the air!” All that water will loosen the hold of any thoughts and beliefs that have kept those old, painful, emotions trapped inside you.. which has only kept you swamped in recreating scenarios that match them.

THIS is how you will create your portal–into NEW experiences, FREE of old emotional baggage and the thoughts that kept you running them on “repeat.”

So go ahead and open the floodgates!
* THIS is a “time” when you do NOT have to “hold it all together.”
* THIS is a “time” of allowing the old internal structures of self-limitation to fall apart.
* THIS is a “time” of allowing yourself to become unbalanced, in order to find NEW balance in NEW freedom, NEW possibilities–to prepare to live a NEW experience of yourself that is aligned with your heart’s desires.

AND… as the debris washes away, and your emotional waters evaporate into the mental space of your brain…. what clarity you will have as you see your very own NEW portal begin to emerge!


Copyright(c) 2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.
You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.thecelestialteam.com

9.19.13 Pisces Full Moon- A Gateway Within A GATEWAY

9.19.13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We shower our Love/Light greetings to You through the gateway of your glorious Pisces full moon, Beloved!

Indeed, it is glorious, for it is a gateway within the larger Gateway that has already formed through recent planetary alignments. You might call it a special door, even a magical one, for all who choose to use it—or a “shortcut” through all of the pressure and confusion that such Gateways stir, and into the integrative energies of your Fall Equinox.
We suggest You also remember the more common term for your Pisces moon as it rises in full splendor at this stage of your yearly cycle, which is “harvest moon,” and know that this term has never applied more than it does NOW.
Then, stand in its light as it rises, large and orange, bathed in the light of your sun as it sets with finely orchestated precision at exactly the same “time.”
Feel the powerful energies of “beginning and ending” spinning together, and recognize that this spinning is precisely what powers and creates a vortex. Then celebrate your own remembered alchemical knowledge, feel the radiance of this vortex resonate within You–and use it!

Use it as a beacon– to feel all that resonates with Love/Light within You, and claim it as your own.
Use it to feel all that does not resonate with Love/Light within you, but instead, scrambles the coherence of your own Light with its dissonance– and let it all go.

Let go of “power struggles,” for they only hold you in the illusion that victimhood is possible.

Let go of blame, in other words..of who did what to you twenty years ago, or five minutes ago.

Let go of all beliefs born of the illusion that anyone ever does anything “to” You, for they will only keep You trapped in the old paradigm of separation.
As the energies of your larger Gateway have been demonstrating in the past months through external reflections, such beliefs only perpetuate the illusion of powerless…and so create power struggles…and so manifest in violence against one’s own Self.

Remember that what You see around You are only reflections of what You hold within You.
Use your vision NOW to release what no longer serves You, and so no longer serves your human collective!
Release all within You that impedes your own expansion into the Love/Light You truly are.
Release all of it gently and lovingly, into the light of your full Pisces moon.

Then CLAIM what remains–your NEWly freed and empowered Love/Light.
Set your intentions to LIVE them, breathe them, and take actions that are only of their resonance.

Understand that your full Pisces moon is a gateway because his/her energies can not only assist You in dissolving old patterns–
they can assist You in transmuting them, as well;
they will amplify, support, and assist You in assimilating  your intentions to LIVE, free of them at last.
In turn, You can then integrate that wondrous leap into the energies your Fall Equinox are already beginning to bring You, for that is the power of your equinox–to integrate all that You bring to it into your NEW way of being.

So You see, Beloved, all of these seemingly separate energies that have been/are/will continue to flow to You are not separate at all. They are “all of a piece,” as You say.
And the reason You have all of this energetic assistance NOW is because the very LARGE Gateway You are passing through in your year of 2013 is into claiming that Oneness-of-the-all. We say claiming, because Oneness already exists, of course.
It is up to You, however, to claim it within yourSelf in order to create the reflections around You that we call Unity Consciousness.

We invite You to remember NOW that as a sovereign energetic being, all of the conflict that is swirling around You is sourced within You. Indeed, it is only swirling so that You will recognize it as your own, and until You do, it can do nothing but increase its swirling.

We suggest that You use the powerful assistance of your Pisces full moon to explore and allow the diversity that exists within You, rather than projecting certain aspects outward and calling them “wrong” or “bad.”
Once You allow them to exist, and include them in your perception of all-that-is–THEN, You can begin to harmonize with them. THEN, You will truly make your leap into ALL-that-You-are! 
And once You experience, within your own being, that diversity need never result in conflict or struggle, You will recognize that diversity, itself, is the very medium of your expansion!

My goodness, Beloved, how could it be otherwise?
Expansion is inclusive. Separation is divisive.
Transmuting the dissonance that many different notes create when they simultaneously play “on their own”–into the glorious symphony they are when played in harmony together–why that IS expansion!  It is that simple–and, we will add, it is the most accurate definition, from our perspective, that we have ever seen transmitted into words.

And NOW, Beloved– even though we are aware that this message is not only long already, but “high frequency packed,” as our Judith says–
even though we are well aware that the many on your planet feel so uncentered and frantic within themselves that they refuse most adamantly (bless their hearts), to sit and receive any input that is not presented in “bullet-like” statements, akin to the “sound bites” that your media has entrained them to be programmed by–
we accept the truth of that for NOW, and most lovingly.

We understand that those who are still running the old 3rd dimensional treamills–the so-called “unawakened,” as well as the “light-workers” who make those labeling calls–are very busy in their process of learning that they go nowhere but round and round!
We also know that You who DO take in our messages will one day be their Wayshowers. And so it goes…

Therefore, we are not bothered that our message is “long,” nor do we hesitate to make it even “longer” by asking our Judith to say a few words about her experience of the vortex she is in along with You NOW, even as she is also part of us. We believe she will not say much after transmitting our message, however, for she found it to be very “long” her human Self, we are hearing! Still, she is willing to make a brief appearance, even if only through a few words, for she knows that doing so, along with her “humanly offered” suggestion or two, will help to ground our message into your own divinely human/celestial energy grid. And that IS what it is ALL about, is it not, Beloved?

This is Judith. And man, is the celestial team ever right. This is a long, high frequency transmission, and I am ready for some down time–just to integrate it fully myself, for one thing! But I will say that I really “got” their description of how a vortex is created, and it helped me to understand why this energy feels as “wired” as it does, and with no particular reason we can pinpoint as the cause.

For me, it DOES feel like everything that goes into experiencing both endings and beginnings are all swirling together. Loss, despair, excitement, anticipation, fatigue, high frequency energy, you name it. And hallelujah for the gateway of this Pisces full moon!  I could feel the vortex that it is as I was translating its frequencies into words, so I very strongly suggest that you use it exactly as the celestial team suggests.

And remember to do so in the NOW, heart-centered, grounded in your body on the earth, and plugged into Source, as well–and let the baggage go. Set your intentions in the resonance of your own sovereign Light, hold the frequencies in your OWN frequency signature, then ride the waves of EVERY NOW on/in/through them. And TRUST your own process–because that is the only surfboard you/we have right NOW.

I also have two things to suggest that WILL support you through this Gateway, both of which I’m offering only after learning how and why they are so supportive through my own experience.  One is to review the video the celestial team and I made in mid-July. It was a powerful pre-curser to what we are going through NOW. Here’s the link:

Alchemy, The Law of Creation, Integrating Male/Female Energy, and MORE!

The other is to listen to the recording of segment #3 of the POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists–over and over. This was a live, 95 minute, voice-to-voice presentation, and the participants and I created an “energetic feedback loop of coherence” at the beginning that amplified the entire experience, and which will also be LIVE for anyone who participates in creating it while listening to the recording. Here’s the info on how to receive it:

Reciprocal energy exchange– $7.00
To activate, press the “donate” tab in the right sidebar. Paypal will do the rest.
You’ll receive your recording within 48 hours.

OK, gotta go! Gotta get out in the moonlight. I hope there aren’t too many typos left uncorrected as a result, but if there are, please be understanding. I’m “only human,” after all….♥

Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: www.thecelestialteam.com


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