9.4.13 New Virgo Moon–the Energy of Alchemy!

Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello again, Beloved!

My goodness! Everytime we tune into your energy field, it is fuller, busier, BIGGER…You are in the midst of the “Master’s work,” indeed! However You may experience that–be it as an athlete who is finally participating IN the Olympic event that h/she has been practicing for, or as a mother IN the midst of birthing the child she has been carrying within her, or as a god IN awakening to his/her own divine power—all of those perspectives apply.

You are BECOMING what you came to BE, actualizing the incipient potential You have been carrying within You, and creating the future in the NOW with the energies that are swirling about You. NOW is your “time.”

We watch, along with your entire universe, as You project the upheaval that is growing within You, out into your world, and we recognize your mastery at play in the doing. We see that You are creating a “master’s failsafe,” so that not a single aspect of what needs to be integrated can be overlooked. We are riveted by your courage, and your sheer ability to create a call to action in such a “seemingly” dangerous fashion– to any but a master of alchemy, that is.

We are in awe, as well, at your perfect “timing” in the sequencing of your collective process of massive transformation. We will tell You that the energies of your Virgo New Moon, with your Helios also in Virgo, are in perfect alignment in supporting your divine purpose in creating such upheaval NOW–but we know that YOU know that through your NEW operating system of the heart. We know that there is no longer a single one of YOU who does not have access to that multidimensional awareness.

And yes, we know that there are many among You who still pretend they do not. How could there not be, when the process your human collective has taken on is one of integrating duality? Obviously, all spectrums of separation need to be played out, then– how else could they all be integrated? Indeed, those among You who are choosing to pretend that they do not see, or have been so traumatized that they cannot see, are playing the most challenging roles of all. Surely, You would not want to be in their shoes, would You? But somebody had to fill them, and so they did. In return, they need your eyes NOW.

Your Virgo New Moon will be exact, according to your linear time perspective, on 9.5 at 4:35 a.m. pdt. It is providing You with the energy You called for NOW. It is the energy of alchemy, offered to You, the alchemist, for your purposes of restructuring, transmuting, and healing. It will come exactly as You ordered it.

For the majority of your day, it will be focused on supporting your confidence, boosting your energetic resolve, much as a powerful coach or mentor might. Then, in the evening, it will give You what You really want– some small but unavoidable conflict, either internally or externally (both are the same), that will cause You to stretch beyond where You were, which is exactly what your heart desires.

Ah, what a master You are! USE this energy well, Beloved, to integrate the lessons you have “lived through,” and allow them to be what they truly are–the seeds of your expansion– which You will then plant and grow, through your alchemical mastery, in this New Moon of yours.

We love you. Always and in All Ways. — the celestial team


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