9.8.13 The Frequencies of NOW, the Frequencies of YOU

From the celestial team–

We greet you with frequencies of finely focused encouragement in this moment, Beloved! We do so through such focused frequencies because we see how the energies of transformation are swirling WITHIN You and around You NOW. We stress “within You” as a strong reminder that the internal and the external are neither discrete nor separate, as You used to believe. We stress even more strongly that believing such was exactly what held You in the illusion of powerlessness. Only through letting go of such illusions do you open the space within You to claim the truth of your own infinite creativity. Only through integrating the awareness that the external is simply your own reflection do You claim your mastery as a Sovereign Energetic Creator Being–One who creates form out of frequency.
Here is Yeshuwah–

Ah, Precious Beloved! Please listen to us carefully, for we speak from within your own heart. Take our words in and You will find yourSelf within them. Many “times,” You have heard/felt us tell You through these transmissions that the eye of the needle is within YOU. And so it is. And so it is “time” to take the blinders off, drop the shackles, and RECOGNIZE the truth of our words, within You.

Recognize that as a “human being,” You are very far from powerless. Recognize that as a “human being,” you are a master of creation, for You are divinity embodied. We tell You that You do not only change the world…please take a deep breath, Beloved. Then, please breathe what we are about to tell You deep into yourSelf, as often as You need to, until You feel the resonance of truth within your own Being…

…for we tell You NOW that You do not only change the world. By spinning your frequencies outward and manifesting them into form, YOU CREATE THE WORLD IN YOUR OWN IMAGE, and YOU DO SO WITHIN YOUR OWN BEING. Thus, the eye of the needle is, indeed, WITHIN YOU. 

Breathe, Beloved. Breathe. Breathe all that we tell You into your Being. Breathe, and know thySelf. Learn NOW to remember your divine alchemy. Learn NOW to feel your sovereign power coursing through You once again…to feel your freedom and your crown of responsibility…to feel yourSelf come alive as You re-activate your exquisitely fine attunement to frequencies…and exhalt in remembering how to USE it as the Sovereign, Divinely Human, Creator Being, that You are!

Please do not hesitate in embracing this process, nor try to rush through it, for neither is possible. It is “time,” and You, Beloved, were the one who set the clock. DO, however, let us assure You that as your commitment to your own awakening deepens, the process becomes increasingly light, increasingly engaging and joyful– for as You remember that all is energy, and energy is Love, you also forget fear. 

Savor every delicious, tantalizing, moment of awakening, then, Beloved, for that is why You are here! It is the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow, when all of the colors merge once again into the dazzling white they’ve been part of all along. It is a glorious, magical moment, as all of those colors find their way home…and one that has never occurred in your universe–until YOU embodied into human form to co-create it. Do not miss any of it!

Remember as well that always we are with You, for we are also within the One energy, the One Love/Light that is the all, and so we are within YOU, as well. How could it be otherwise, Beloved?  

This is Judith…and I cannot believe the celestial team is asking me to chime in on the heels of  Yeshuwah. Not even “on the heels,” but while still IN Yeshuwah (or vice versa), basking, tears streaming down my face as always…but they are. (Lol–quite a medley of frequencies you’re getting today, huh?) And, I just “got” that their asking me to chime in is by design, of course. Nutshell version–because NOW is the “time” to remove the illusion that there is any separation between “divine” and “human” and claim ourselves as both.

So, what the celestial team has asked me to do is remind you that the whole lot of us will be on “Moonlighting by Numbers,”  Monday 9/9 at 6;00 p.m pst, talking more about what they/Yeshuwah have opened up in this message. The BIG reason they want me to remind you about that is because we’ll also be answering questions called in by listeners. It seems that the celestial team is feeling questions coming from some of you already, so they are encouraging you to call in–on a “real” phone number, so that they can answer “in person, voice-to-voice.” (Um…my voice, that would be…oh, never mind. OUR voice…I’m getting it. Yowza.) To access the show, hit the link below, and you’ll be there.


Wait a sec, not done yet–I just got another reminder prompt–
POWER TOOLKIT #3, “The Master’s Stance” (OUR first voice-to-voice communal gathering!), Saturday, Sept. 14th at 1:00 p.m, pst
If you haven’t yet registered, don’t forget to do so soon, as this might be the last reminder (because…Ok, I admit it. Posting reminders is not my favorite thing, OK?)
To review details about registering, or about the event itself, see my post of 9.2.13–Lets TALK! POWER TOOLKIT Webinar, 9.14.13!

And…I think that’s finally about it…yep seems to be—for NOW, anyway.  ♥♥♥

Except to say how much we love YOU, Beloved. Always and in All Ways. — the celestial team

Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include the website link: www.thecelesatialteam.com

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