6.1.11 From the Voices of Power: You ARE the Ascension.

6/1/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
YOU ARE the Ascension

Hello, again, we reach out to you in this message through the very strongest, most penetrating, “voices” among us!

We do so because we want you to FEEL them within you! If you allow yourself to FEEL them, what you will truly be feeling is their resonance with your OWN strength and your OWN power. That is our greatest intent now– that you feel your OWN power ring in response to our frequencies. Please open yourself to feel our frequencies now. Feel the power within them. Are you? Do you?

Ah, some of you are and do, indeed, and we celebrate that! NOW know that what you are feeling is your OWN power ringing in response to ours. Were that not so, you would not feel us at all. And for those of you who do not feel this ringing, we tell you that there is much power within you that you have not yet allowed yourself to access. We assure you of this. It is time now to allow yourself to open to and reclaim your power! Let it ring!

Your sun, moon, planetary neighbors– indeed, your entire universe!– are at this very moment beginning to provide you with much energetic impetus to carry you into the next phase of your shift.
It is time now to release the old once and for all.
Time to step out of the tide pools and join with the ocean you have summoned to you.
Time to stop flirting and allow yourself complete satisfaction!
Move into full integrity–“walk like you talk,” as your saying goes.

You have longed for this vibrational shift. You’re on the planet to be part of it! So, BE it.
BE your ascension. Live it.
You will HAVE what you LIVE. That has always been true.
Nothing has ever been “done to you” without your beckoning. It is time to KNOW that, to claim your authority, your authorship, and use it consciously.
Throughout your month of June and into the early part of July, you will receive much energetic support to clear away the old illusions and step into the energy of NOW. How you experience this support will be decided entirely by YOU. You are sovereign.
Take that in!!

We tell you this most pointedly now because, unless you are intent on grounding in the white light of your wholeness within you, you’ll have a bit of a time handling the reactions that these accelerating energies bring forward. We do not mean only within you, for remember, you are all ONE.
If you feel confusion within, you will find it all around you until you clear it at the source-within you. ANYTHING that you refuse to integrate into your center of unconditional love within you will only be projected around you.
Why? Because you are sovereign, and the universe supports your choice of whether or how to ascend exactly as you order it to. ALWAYS.

It is becoming increasingly IMPORTANT that you claim your sovereignty and ground it WITHIN you. As the energies accelerate, there will be much going on around you in very complex, interplaying patterns. Quite a show! Many who have not been “learning as they go” will be “bouncing off walls,” for awhile, so to speak. This is because the “shift” into 5D in fact, has already occurred. It is now only a matter of letting go of 3D completely and letting yourself BE there! That is ALL that is required!

Some are playing “catch-up.” Everyone has their own rhythms, after all…and all are just fine.
However, for those who still hesitate, many beings with “agendas,” differing interests, and many versions of “truth” will solicit your attention, especially if you are in doubt. Not all beings, on your planet or otherwise, are in alignment with the shift, you know!

More and more, you will be “solicited” with messages from beings who imply that they are “fighting the dark forces,” or “protecting you,” or providing you with help in some way that you NEED and cannot provide for yourself! Some will even tell you that they will replace your governing bodies of
control with their own, on YOUR behalf!

Use your discernment. Recognize when your fears are being “played to.”
Recognize when you are being manipulated, for you know this game well.
“Advertisements” have manipulated you into feeling powerless and in NEED throughout your lifetime! They activated fear or need, wove a little truth through their falsehoods, and you allowed yourselves to be “played.” This is a vary old game. Ho-hum to it.

If you have claimed your own light, you will see right through all of this as if it isn’t there. And it won’t be, for you! If not, however, it is because you are still a player in that game, and you will need to choose “in or out” rather quickly to avoid “giving your power away” yet again. Do not be surprised that such manipulations can come from outside of your dimension. Please recall that we told you quite awhile ago that you are solving galactic problems through volunteering to integrate them on yourplanet, and on behalf of many, many, beings!
Well, then. As above, so below.

If you look without for answers, you are not yet aware that YOUR answers are within.
If you look outside yourself for “help” in your collective ascension, note that you have not accepted responsibility for your OWN power, your OWN mastery.
You ARE the ascension. It all happens within you. NO external power can “do” it.

YOU can do it. And once you accept that and claim your mastery…the game is over.

We have spoken to you in this transmission as equals, as the Masters that you are. We will never see you in any other way. Our mission is always to remind you of who and what you are. Although some of the collectives among us have varying intimate relationships with you and so speak as mothers,
playmates, and many other close connections, none of us EVER see you as anything less than Masters, because you ARE no less.

All you need do is find the truth of that within yourself, appreciate every role you have ever played, and every aspect of all that you are. Know that you have played it all out for great purpose, and appreciate your SELF as thoroughly as WE do. Then, balance in your SELF, your center of neutral, unconditional love in the way we have spoken of in many transmissions. From there, you can do all
with ease. From there, you are ONE.

And so it is.–the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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