2.14.11 Crossing the Threshold of the Fifth Dimension

A Warm Hello from your celestial team,

We communicate now to offer our support as you adjust to the perceptual environment of your new frequencies. We want to let you know that we of the celestial team often braid several of our energies together to communicate with you, and often, those among us whom you might call the “spirit nurturers” have carried the tune of our transmissions. In this one, those of us who are more like “frequency technicians” are doing so, for we feel that we might be of particular service to you at this time.

We inform you of this because we do not want you to be confused by the differences in our melodies. We sense that it might be like talking to a familiar friend who did not sound like him/herself, and so we stress that in spite of our different styles, we are all one in our desire to be of service to you. In sum,we are each unique and yet joined as one, as you on the planet are as well. You are, however, one collective in the process of remembering Itself, while we are a group of many collectives, each of which is already joined as one, and braiding through our common love for you into an even greater whole—which you know as the celestial team.

Now, we proceed. In our last transmission, there was discussion of the importance of integration within the self, and finding balance in the center of your integrated wholeness, as a prerequisite for gaining equilibrium in the new energies at this time. The analogy of the colors of your third dimensional chakra system as being refractions of your wholeness through the prism of that dimension was used. That metaphor will serve us as well in this transmission shortly. We first want to explain before continuing why we often choose to use metaphors to communicate our perceptions with you. It is because they are by far the most effective tools we have to inspire your understanding of what we convey. Often, we use your language in the same way, metaphorically, putting words together to form a bridge to multi-dimensional awarenesses. In no way could our creative endeavors to that end be considered “facts.” You have no “facts’ in the third dimension that would apply. Our “facts’ would be incomprehensible. The metaphors, however, are powerful “flying carpets” to that end.

We would now like to use the metaphor of the colors of your third dimensional chakra system as aspects of your wholeness as a bridge to yet another metaphorical image. We would like you to envision your whole, integrated perfection as dazzling white in the center of a wheel. The spokes are the colors of your chakra system. As they spin in perfect balance, you can see gradations of the colors as they blend from one into the other. You can also see gradations of each color from dark at the outer rims, to the palest pastel at the point of merging into center. Please see that now: the wheel, the rapid spinning, and the brilliant white center. Please close your eyes and take a moment to create that image for yourselves.

In the center of the spinning, in the white light that is the result of all colors absorbed into ONE, there is perfect stillness. It is the integrated all, silent, untroubled, complete, and the very reason for the spinning.

It is the beginning and the end of the spinning colors. It is their creator, and their ultimate creation. Please take a moment to close your eyes and put yourself in that center now. Feel the calmness there. Breathe in the feeling of being that center, and allow each breath to amplify the light. Feel the light ignite within you as it also surrounds you. Please take five long slow breaths to breathe in the light as you amplify it within you. Please do this now, before reading further.

It is from within this center, your divine wholeness, that you will want to now begin to live your life. We say this because the recent frequency shift of your planet has brought her/him, and therefore you, into an entirely new virtual reality. It is where you have been headed for several years now in earnest, some more intentionally than others, most definitely — but this is a planetary ascension. Whether you are a lightworker or just sleepily awakening now, you have arrived. If you weren’t within that range, you would not be reading this, for you would have chosen another timeline altogether. Right now, it probably wouldn’t feel different from what you have been used to,either, because it wouldn’t be. And that is another subject entirely.

To those who are reading this and do feel the resonance, you have arrived. It is important that you understand it that way. This is not just another raise in frequency. Whether it was a leap for you, or just another slight shift in an ongoing, gradual, process is not the point. The point is that you “crossed a line,” much as if you had walked over a boundary that divides one of your countries from another. To use an analogy, you took five steps, and at the first you were in France, and by the fifth you are in Switzerland. New game plan, new rules, new reality. You see? Now, imagine that crossing this line made the way you perceive reality, and the way you operate in it, completely different as well, and our analogy becomes even more accuratre.

Now, using that upgraded analogy, imagine that you are still a bit unsteady on your feet, and you keep tottering back and forth across the line. Or, that you left a few things on the other side, and so keep running back to either fetch them or spend little more time with them there. . For awhile, many of you have been doing just that, playing right “on the line,” so to speak. Now, that isn’t possible. You have crossed it; you have made the move.

You can also think of it as moving from a house you have lived in all of your life to the house you have been dreaming about. For awhile, as the sale is being finalized, you move back and forth between the old and the new, gradually acclimating, planning, preparing. Then, the day comes when you finally move into your dreamhouse. The old house is suddenly “in the past.” Perhaps others have even moved in. The home you chose and prepared for is now the one you must learn to be at home in. You have arrived! And yet, it is a bit of a shock. We offer these metaphors to aid you in understanding strongly that you have accomplished a major feat, and things are very different now. We encourage you to create others that resonate even more finely with your current experience.

We hope we have sufficiently grounded the quality of the shift that you have made into your awareness, and so we proceed further now. Using the metaphor and the brief meditation we suggested earlier will help you a great deal in maintaining your equilibrium in your new fifth dimensional reality. From the centered wholeness of your white light, you sit as if on a perch where your vision is expanded. You see all the colors, appreciate them, and value them as aspects of the ALL. You see in their spin how they work together, how beautiful they are, and so accept them all with appreciation and unconditional love. From that position of unconditional love, you can navigate your new dreamhous with ease, in the continual flow of your own divine light.

Maintaining that neutral, expanded, unconditionally loving balance will be your greatest accomplishment as well as your greatest challenge now. There are many reasons for this. One is that you are now more sensitive, and so “crossing the line” back into the old third dimensional frequencies can feel dissonant to an extreme. For some, it will seem surreal, even grotesque at times, due to fourth dimensional archetypal influences. For others, it will be less bizarre, yet so disorienting that once familiar issues of separation will no longer be easily processed. For all, the body will feel heavier and more fatigued, much like the way it felt before you made your move.

We therefore encourage you to make staying centered in your still, white, quietly joyful, neutral, light your top priority now. This would be a very good time to put all potentially stressful endeavors on hold in order to familiarize yourself with your own new energies, and learn to balance them. We advise that you practice staying grounded in yourself, on your planet, and fully conscious in every moment, because you cannot monitor your focus if you do not. It can change in a flash, triggered by anything at all including your thoughts, and the time to reset your focus is IMMEDIATE. To stay focused and maintain your equilibrium will require diligence at first, for many of you are used to living in reaction mode, yanked around by thoughts and external stimuli, rather than as the powerful beings you are. We encourage you to recognize yourselves NOW as creator beings, conscious of both the power and the responsibility of that, and fully in charge of holding your centered positions as such. The longer you are able to remain in your centers of unconditional love, the more you will learn about what you are doing, what it means, and how to do it, all on your own. You will learn that what you are “doing” is actually a “state of being,” and by holding it, the doing happens without any effort on your part. The doing, then, is simply being centered, and that center is unconditional love.

You will find much freedom to expand from your centered wholeness as well, far beyond anything you have known thus far in this lifetime. We are well aware that, on your planet, you are not very familiar with the state of unconditional love, for you usually equate love with attachments. Attachments, of course, create the idea of need, and the fear of loss, and fear of loss then moves one to a position of seeing love as dangerous, and so creates resistance, and you then find yourselves in a quagmire of opposites rather than love. Unconditional love does not attach. It does not need. It does not even prefer. Therefore, it resists nothing. Unconditional love simply loves.

If you are centered in that self-accepting, unconditional love, it will nurture you, balm your wounds, and make the world such a joyful place to be that you will not want to lose your balance and fall out even a little, for even the highest frequencies of the third dimension feel very harsh indeed by comparison! Therefore, our advice is to stay in the flow of that love, look neither right nor left, keep your eyes on your road and steer. Do not stop to dally with old habits born of separation. Watch the glory of the colors, but stay in love with them, not in with them!

There are other tools to use for maintaining balance as well. We will introduce them soon in another transmission. We wanted to provide you with this broad template for now. We encourage you to make up tools yourselves as well, for once you envision what you are doing, you create methods for yourselves quite wonderfully. We are always impressed and amazed by your creative abilities. We will add that you will begin to amaze yourselves as well when you see what you can do from the position of unconditional love. Love, you see, is as important a tool to “frequency technicians” as it is to “spirit nurturers” in the higher realms. Love is the “tool of all trades,” the master tool. No; it is the key itself.

This leads us to a most critical and potentially pivotal awareness about your process together right now. Perhaps paradoxically to your eyes, those among you who are the most immersed in the highest frequencies available to your planet are also the ones who are most in need of community. They feel love for all, connection with all, and to live in the frequency of unconditional love alone, surrounded by separation, is an excrutiating bliss. We encourage those to whom we speak now to open your arms to one another. If you have community, be attuned to those who do not. Yeshuwa wishes now to speak.

This is Yeshuwa.

Our architects have spoken well just now. They have given you images that can ignite your inspirations and aspirations, and be used as re-activators as you need them. We only wish to add that none of what they have given to you will serve the purpose for which they are intended unless they are used in alignment with that same purpose. All is One. Now is a time of power and a time of fragility. Use both well.

The architects spoke of the preciousness of those among you who have arrived in higher dimensions in a world that is not yet there with them, and so cannot yet fully support them. Many of them arrive in the higher dimensions alone, vulnerable and in need of sustenance. This is a moment trembling with divine possibilities! These great beings, still unaware and fragile, are then assisted by us to make themselves known to those of you who ARE aware of those dimensions, and WILL recognize them. Should one seem to appear in your path, know that you are greatly honored by this, for it is by design that this occurs! Know that they are like newborns arriving, alone as in human birth, yet motherless in human terms. The sustenance they seek is of a different realm, and requires that they be loved and recognized by their own.

Community for such as those is of a kind that has not been known on your planet for thousands of years. Their need for it now will be the key that opens the door for ALL. Use the key. It is the community of your future, seeded over two thousand years ago and now ready to bear fruit at last. Forget your boundaries, your individualism! They are propaganda to keep you in fear of one another! Forget your fears! They only lead to back to your boundaries and your isolation. Their cruel reign of terror is over.

Be whole now within yourselves so that you can do what you are here to do:
love one another as you are loved. Gather together, make safety, honor one another, and take in and care for the newborn seers and prophets among you. No template is more important now, for it is for all. and All is YOU. All is ONE. Live that, and your joy will be boundless. Take care of one another! We love you as we watch you ALL be born now, each in your own ways, to what each of you impregnated in confidence, conceived in courage, and carried, true to your intentions, for thousands of lifetimes.

This is the celestial team. We will return with more metaphors and suggestions soon. We end this transmission now, but remain completely attentive in our care and love for you ALL.

–the celestial team

Copyright(c)Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved   www.thecelestialteam.com

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