2.11.11 Celebrate the Colors of Your Love/Light!

Hello, hello, a most fond hello to you from the celestial team!

We feel the intensity of your frequencies now, and so we want to say, “Yes, we feel them! We see you! We are right here watching!” There is a collective among us, usually called by the name of Mary, who is most moved to “speak” to you in that regard now, for they watch you with an exquisitely tender and caring eye. We encourage you to feel the frequencies of this energy and know them that way, rather than by any stories you have been told thus far. They are but stories; now begin to feel the truth:

From Mary:
Yes, you may call us Mary, although we are much more than what you might associate with that name. Here is how we want you to know us: through our love. We love you with the fierceness of focus, the devotion, and the boundless, nurturing, will that you would find if you put the love of every mother on the planet and Divine Source together into one energy frequency. That is what we shower you with, Beloveds.

We watch you now, climbing, playing, tumbling, jumping, experimenting, squabbling, joining hands, and soaring in your most beautiful, noble, and courageous, creative process. You are creator beings, and you are teaching yourselves to remember that now. All the while, we watch you as with the heart of a mother, our attentive, adoring, gaze never wavering as you rise shakily to your feet, lose your balance, rise again, take tentative steps, begin to walk, grow taller, transform yourselves, and begin to fly, all within an instant. That is what we see, even though as you yourselves go through each process, it feels as if it takes forever sometimes.

Ah, Beloveds! While you experience each tiny fragment of the continuous flow of learning to walk, for example, as repetition, constant practice, exhilarating moments of success, and the particularly potent lessons of bruises and skinned knees, we see it all happen in a flash of brilliance, and are overcome at the miracle that you all are. Know this. We watch over you, always. We see every effort, every tumble, every quantum leap, and we are overcome with compassion, pride, and boundless love. What you would call “our hearts” leap with every gesture of love that one of you makes towards any of your siblings. We are always with you, among you, caring for you, loving you, and ready to hold your spirits close to us when you feel weary. Never forget that we are there.

This is the celestial team again.
We deeply wish that you always remember Mary’s words, for you are loved more than you can “know,” or even begin to imagine. You have many kinds of love on your planet, and it is most remarkable. It is one of the gifts of the duality that you created for yourselves, and many in your universe would very much love to experience these variations! Stop now for a moment to remember as many of these love variations as you can. You have romantic love, motherly love, fatherly love, brotherly love, sisterly love, the child’s love for a mother, for a father, the love of friendship, and on and on, and with many nuances to each! A symphony of love that plays on your planet all the time! Just listen. You hear it? If you listen, you will always hear it!

If you expand your imaginations now to embrace the possibility of a love that holds within it every type of your human love, and every nuance of each, and multiply that love too many times to fathom — THAT is the way YOU are loved by us. THAT is what you are returning to, and are in the process of doing right NOW. Keep that awareness alive in you!

So, THAT is why things are not the same on your planet now! And they are MUCH more “not the same” than a month ago, are they not? They are also not the same as they were a week ago, or two days ago, or this morning! You are integrating yourselves back into wholeness, just as all the aspects of love as you know it are integrating back into ONE.

We know it may seem as if you are more fragmented than ever at times now, as you begin this integration in earnest. We encourage you to expand your vision. Then, what you will see is pieces of a whole in a process of defining themselves so that they can each be more clearly seen–by ALL. You cannot put a puzzle together if you cannot see the pieces, can you? Nor can you mend a broken vase if you cannot see the broken edges sharply defined in order to put them perfectly back together! Ah! Now you see! Keep seeing that way, and you will become a master of integration! You will also find much joy in being such.

We want to suggest yet another way of seeing yourselves now in this magnificent creative process. There are infinite ways of seeing this now–soon you will begin to remember many yourselves! We will try to limit ourselves to only one more for now, however, so you can chew on it, nurse it, feel it, expand on it.
Indulge yourselves, by all means! The one we suggest will also help you to balance and center yourselves, providing you with stability in your new higher frequencies:

Notice that the colors of your third dimensional chakra system are the same as the colors of a rainbow. They are the colors of light, refracted by a prism. Therefore, they are simply aspects of your one light, expressing itself in different ways, through the prism of the third dimension. YOU are that light. One dazzling, whole, brilliant, perfect, Light.

What’s more, you actually have many chakra systems, and many colors that you have not yet even seen! Think of the brilliance of the light THEY express! In order to expand into your energetic bodies and activate them, however, you must first balance the chakras that are already active. This is important! In order to integrate them into the one, whole, Light that you are, they must be balanced, for it is only in that balanced spin that they can merge again. Spin, spin, spin, until poof! you see them as one again! Magical! Beautiful, what you can do, is it not?

And so, dear hearts, clear them, clean them, let them shine and spin together! You do this by identifying all thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that feed illusions of separation from others, within yourselves. This can only be done by being conscious in every moment, and deciding to be the author of your own destiny. The only time you are alive is in the moment, anyway, so why be anywhere else?

Catch those false illusions that lead you to fear rather than love! Throw them out, and decide to fall in love instead. We repeat that you must do this within you, for all around you are merely reflections of –yes indeed– the quality of your own light! We feel that perhaps you would like us to explain all of this in detail; prepare a sort of “lesson plan,” or “how-to book.” We understand. You are used to believing that you need to be taught by a “knowledgeable source,” and clearly that would be someone “other than you!”

We laugh most tenderly at this, for you ARE the ultimate source! You are, every cell of you, comprised of Divine Source energy! Read our transmission again knowing that, and let your SELF take over. Not your minds! They are computers made for the third dimension. Go to your hearts, your centers, and let yourself process the words from THERE. Don’t even bother trying to “know” with your brain, and don’t let your attention drift up there, either, for then your brain will only run you around the third dimensional treadmill one more time! Inside YOU, you already know. Trust us on that one, please! Just trust. Trust you. Trust.

One last word or several: You will notice that from the center of your spinning chakras, in your whole, white light, you are in a perfectly balanced position. You are neutral. You are not attached to one color, resisting another, or even preferring one over the other. You know that all are equally important aspects of the whole that is you, for each is precious and needed to bring your brilliant wholeness ablaze.

That “neutrality” is the frequency of unconditional love, is it not? Indeed it is! Aha! We further add, just to give you a taste of the continuous, expanding, wonder of all of this, that each one of YOU is like one color of the white light that is ALL of you, one whole. Every one of you is unique, and beyond special, for without each one and every one, the light of ALL, your collective, could not flare into its own awesome brilliance. THIS is your magnificent, alchemical, work now! To ignite your individual stars, and then the breathtaking star that ALL of you make together. We are overwhelmed just transmitting the frequencies of your magic to you.

We will end with a “teaser,” as you say! This integrating is a universal event. If you “thought” that integrating ALL of you into ONE was the end of it, we tell you, that it is just the beginning! What a wonderful one it is, too! So, love yourselves, love each other, love Gaia, love all life, love, love, love! If you are angry, just forgive. It’s so easy! It’s so easy to be happy! Simply love. Love. Love as YOU are loved.

We end our communication now in celebration of you, and of love. We have created quite a stir in our realms with the energies of this transmission! You see how you engage us, move us, and excite us! We hope you feel our joyful energies, and know they will be around you always.

ALL WAYS, we love you. –the celestial team

Copyright(c)Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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