2.6.11 Using the Light to See Your Wholeness

This is the celestial team, and we say “hello” to you with much, much,

We feel the light energies that have recently showered your planet stirring most powerfully among you now. What you are experiencing is the phase that follows an innundation. The “ball is in your court,” now, so to speak. The greatest momentum to your expansion is now in your hands. You see, energetic flow is always participatory. That is very important for you to know and remember!

We wish to assist you in that by sharing our perspective of the particular opportunity that you are now immersed in. We do so because the most powerful support we can give you is to convey that, through our “birds eye view,” we can clearly observe how it is through your conscious participation in engaging with the new energies that you create your own pathway of ascension. This is a perspective that you are not accustomed to, we know. In general, you are used to feeling powerless, and often passively victimized by forces greater than your own. That is why we feel what you might call “urgently” motivated to awakern you to the awareness that you are not!

Energy is potential, it is power. What it creates is determined by how it is used. Oh, we know you know how this works! You might say to us, for example, “We all know how to turn on a light switch. We know how to start the ignition in our vehicles. We already know how to use power for our own means!”

Yes, you do know how to do these things. What we are talking about is
different. You “turn things on,” in your third dimension, but you do so from
a position of dependency on those who provide the circuitry for you. This
is the truth beneath the illusion of power you feel when you turn on a
switch. Now, with the energies you are feeling, it is important to know that YOU are the power that directs the energy, and you are the circuitry as well. No longer will plugging into energy grids that are “pre-set” for your use be of service to you. It has never been more important now to be fully awake to that. Now you can at last fully embody the powerhouse that YOU are.

Thus, as you are in the period of integrating the energies you have received, we want very much to see you integrate, own, and take responsibility for claiming your sovereignty. Soon enough, the next wave of light will propel you even further, and it will be good to get your “foothold” in the process now! As you see and feel on your planet, the energies are pulling you in many ways to move into integration of your oneness. Open to them, for they will lead you into that foothold!

Open to them, for throughout much of your collective history, you have been programmed to do just the opposite. You have been taught to fear one another. You have been told that you need “boundaries” to protect yourselves from one another. You have been entrained to resist merging, to choose the solitary path, to maintain your “identity!” Indeed, you have been indoctrinated against joining with others in deep and insidious ways, have you not?

As a result, you have found yourselves experiencing one another through a twisted illusion of mutual mistrust. You were taught that joining with others would lead to being controlled by others. Caught in this illusion, you allowed yourselves to become broken into pieces. Thus isolated, you began competing, warring, working always against others as the way to assure your own survival. Now, you have the opportunity to see that all of this was only in service of resisting the oneness that is your very essence, your truth, your heart’s desire, and the very wholeness of your own powerful identity!

These light energies that innundate you now will assist you to integrate your oneness once again. Let them open you to join together, to collaborate, to come into the Unity Consciousness that is your birthright! In the doing, the illusions of separation will be revealed to you as what they are—nothing but programs designed to keep you feeling fragmented and powerless. And for what purpose? To render you dependent, and so easily controlled by a very few who have not had your best interests at heart. So use the light of the currents of energy that swirl among you all to illuminate your wholeness, and you will find this illumination through your willingness to be swirled together once again!

We know that expanding into this willingness is a challenge. This is due, of course, to the very programs that have caused you to resist that which you most long for! However, you have entered one of the critical points in your planetary shift, and as such, it requires a leap of faith. If you choose to honor the challenge, know that you are up to it. We remind you that you are masters, and these leaps of faith are exactly what you came here in this lifetime to make! So, begin now.

Get used to leaping! As you do, you will reclaim the exhilaration that comes from using your long-dormant ability to leap over obstacles! There will be many more leaps ahead, and with each one you make, you will enjoy the leaping more. You are masters of energy! As you practice together, you will begin to leap in unity over obstacles at every opportunity. Then, as geese fly together as one to distant lands that offer nourishment and warmth, so you will take wing as one to soar above all obstacles of separation– and eventually, to fly high and far beyond them.

With that as your hearts desire, be conscious now, beloved, of what you choose and from whence your choices spring. All choices are perfect illustrations of your beliefs and intentions. Use the reflections of your choices now, as they appear as the manifestations of your daily life, to see yourself clearly. Adjust them anew in every moment until they are in alignment with your deepest truth. You are carving your destiny with your choices now, and only you have that power. All power is wiithin you. Be present to your life in every moment, then. Be conscious of your choices, and sure as well that YOU are the one who is making them. Let go of allowing your destiny to be chosen by default, which is what you do when you allow old programs of powerlessness to make them for you. Instead, remember our words: YOU create your future through the choices you make NOW.

You will notice, as well, that the old programs of control would only have you look outside yourself for some other power to depend on. See how they have entrained you into accepting misery as your human lot, praying helplessly to be saved by some external god or other! Free yourself from the bondage of such illusions, and recognize yourSELF. FEEL the truth of your divinity, the power of Source by whatever name you call the Divine Consciousness of Creation, within YOU. You are your savior, as you are one anothers’. That is the crux of your truth. How is that for a glorious truth to leap into?

Know that no matter how great a leap this might seem to you, it already well established in your universe, for you are known to all as a master of co-creaton. The alchemical power of your human collective to manifest physical reality through the focus of your energies is glorious, indeed. Although you have forgotten that, the universe has not, and your own remembering will be a cause of great celebration. Therefore, as the light swirls your memories now, welcome them! Weave yourselves together, for every single thread of the magnificent tapestry of the ALL that YOU are is much beloved and cherished. Only the “special effects” of illusion have made your own experience otherwise.

We end our transmission now, but our energy continues to flow with boundless love to the ALL you are!! –the celestial team

Copyright(c)Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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