2.25.11 You Are an Awakening Master of Alchemy!

2/25/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
You Are an Awakening Master of Alchemy!

We, the celestial team, wish to share with you our unwavering belief in your mastery at this time!

We extend ourselves through our frequencies now in hopes that you will let them mingle and commune with your own for a brief while. If you center yourselves in your hearts, tune into the frequencies of your own energy, and then invite yourselves to be open to receiving ours, you will certainly feel our visit with you as you read the words! We emphasize that it is important to tune into your own frequencies first, feel them and know them well, for they are you; they are what “you” feels like. Only then will you be able to feel the difference when we join you, and feel and know “us” in the same way.

We add to that our suggestion that it is a very good idea to be familiar with your own frequencies always, in every fluid “now.” It is only through doing so that you can navigate and balance your way through the very different energies, and the changing properties of the energies, that are surrounding you. ALWAYS, know “YOU” intimately! Then, you can also know what is being activated IN you by the differences in frequencies of that which is going on around you.

Much is being activated in many of you now, is it not? Know that all of these “activations,” these strong emotional responses, serve simply as mirrors, reflecting back to you that which you hold within yourselves. You can do much now, very rapidly now! The more you release the judgements within you, the fears, the illusions of separation that are activated by events and others in the external world, the more you become able to balance in your neutral position of unconditional love. As you do, you heal and integrate on a very vast scale.

Perhaps you are beginning to experience “in action” now the purpose of our stressing the importance of “making home” in your centers of white light, balanced in loving acceptance of the many colors, the amazing diversity of YOU as refracted by the third dimensional prism! Only when you use the mastery that you innately have to do this, to “fall in love with ALL of yourself,” so to speak, can you emanate that unconditional love outward to the ALL that you all are.

As you cease projecting outward your own self-judgments and lack of unconditional love, and instead clean your house within, a wondrous thing happens. You stop seeing reflections of them in the outer world! Instead, you begin to see the indescribable beauty of so much diversity, so much richness, woven magnificently, divinely, into ONE.

This is THE important and powerful work you can all do now. Welcome the reflections gratefully, reclaim them, and heal them with unconditional love–WITHIN YOU. THIS is how you change the world.

No one is better than anyone else. When judgments are reigned upon one, it imbues that one energetically with a greater burden of that which is judged. It increases isolation, separation, and the behaviors that result from the terror of such a condition. Heal your own self-judgments, then, and take back your projections!

Know as well that such a thing as “projection” could never even occur unless all of you were ONE! How do you heal one another? By healing yourself! And healing yourself requires nothing more than releasing self-judgment. Breathe in divine love with every breath, deepen daily your compassion, understanding, and love of YOU. Unconditionally embrace ALL aspects of yourself! Welcome them into the bosom of your love! Forgive them, understand them, rejoice in their return! Celebrate them! That is precisely how you heal one another. All is ONE.

At this moment, we feel it “time” that you know the following: What you have come to earth to do now is far, far, more than you realize, although there are a few among you who are beginning to remember. If you read these messages, and especially if you attune to their frequencies and “drink them in,” it is because they are stirring a resonance within you. You are remembering your mission, your great reason for being on your earth now. It is challenging, exhalting, and it is beyond anything that has ever been done before. You are here not to move from density and darkness into light, but to INTEGRATE THE TWO. You are doing more than re-ascending. You are even doing more than assisting in an entire planetary re-ascension!

Those of you who call yourselves lightworkers are far more than that label suggests. You are actually masters of spiritual, energetic, alchemy, and we suggest you begin to identify yourselves with the expansive frequencies of that far more accurate “label” from this moment on. You are not here to “scrub or sweep up” darkness, and the only house you need clean is the temple within you! You are here to integrate all of your human colors, be they dark or light, into something else entirely. You are spinning gold. For those of you who understand sacred geometry, we tell you that you are the base of the triangle itself.

We will reveal much more to you about this over the coming months, as you move deeper into your mastery as energetic beings, and become ready to assimilate the divine secret of your sacred work here. For now, we wanted to simply convey the beauty and majesty of what you are accomplishing with your unique abilities to integrate ALL into ONE through unconditional love. Never doubt!

We are grateful for all you are doing within you on behalf of ALL.
We end now; we continue with you always. We will “be in touch,” as you say, with another transmission, very soon! –the celestial tream

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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