3.2.11 A Love Bath and A Homecoming

We, the celestial team, greet you most expansively with love for all that you are!

We wish you to know our expansive love for ALL that you are most especially now at this pivotal moment. We wish for you to feel the frequencies of our love, and how total and unconditional they are. We do not even understand how to love you any other way, as it is not possible to love any other way! Further, we tell you that there is not the tiniest particle of you that is not lovable, and does not bring forward the full rush of our love.

We ask if you will allow this love we have for you to be fully received in this moment. We know that you are unused to allowing yourself to be fully loved, for you do not think you deserve to be loved that way. You are used to measuring out love according to how much you have “earned,” and putting yourself “on trial” to judge what part of you is “not guilty” and so can receive some clemency of love. There is no court of law with love!

We humbly ask, then, that you let us lead you into making this crucial discovery for yourself. It is our most profound desire that you will grant us permission to guide you into opening to receive our love before reading further.

We know that we are asking something that may be more difficult for you to do than you might imagine.There are some of you who will find yourselves not wanting to grant us that permission at all! If you are one, just notice how quickly your brain intercedes with many reasons why you “should not” do so in this moment! We understand.

You might say it is because you “are busy, and cannot spare the time.” Or, you just “don’t feel like it.” Or, you’ll “feel silly,” actually interacting with us in that way. It is one thing to read our messages, and another thing entirely to allow us to be “real” to you, and in an intimate, loving relationship with you, is it not?
We understand. Do you?

Will you let yourself be loved, as you are, every single part of you?
Do you believe that if you deny yourself of that, that you will keep parts of yourself hidden from us?
Is it better to be unloved, then, than to be seen as all that you are?

Ah. Beautiful, wounded master, we tell you that ALL of you is worthy of our love, and ALL of you is ALREADY seen. Hiding is an illusion of yours, born of shame, and you have nothing to regret, nothing to be ashamed of.
Let yourself be loved, then.

Please take this moment to decide to let yourself feel the frequencies of our love.
Settle for a moment, open to this decision, breathe peacefully, and feel your heart open.
Let our love come into you through your breath.
Breathe our love in!
Feel our love fill your diaphragm and spread our warmth throughout your body.
Breathe our love into your heart, feel it fill with our golden love/light, and then pulse that warm elixir outward with every heartbeat.
Feel that golden rhythm move within you.
And there is more.

Notice the shimmering love that has also begun to shine down through the crown of your head.
Feel it sparkle and mingle with the golden love that is flooding through your heart.
Feel all of this love flow down through your feet, filling every one of your dear toes.
And more!

Feel love now begin to caress your skin like the softest silk, and then gently enter every cell.
Feel love enter your bloodstream, and flow into every muscle, every organ.
Feel love in your knees, your elbows, your ear lobes.
Can you feel love in your fingernails? It is there, loving every one of them!

Let every particle of you be plumped up with our love.
Take time, drink in our love for you!
Feel yourself completely, thoroughly loved.
Above all, know that what you are feeling is REAL. You are not imagining it.
Trust and receive.

We want so much for you to let our love fill every pore and molecule of you!
Take time, beloved, to feel that now.

Now we ask you, could anything on your “to do list” be more important than taking in this love? Could there be any reason at all, anywhere, that would be valid enough to keep you from feeling how loved and lovable you are?
How “silly” is it to connect with us when you can feel, though feeling our love, that we are every bit as “real” as you are?

Know as well that our love is always there.
You can drink it into you at any time you wish, as often as you wish.
If you did so every five minutes, we would be ecstatic.

Not only can we penetrate every cell of your bodies with our love whenever you invite us to, but we can also penetrate everything you have ever done and ever felt and ever thought, with that same love.
If you allow us, we will wash our love over all of that right now, and most tenderly.

Do you see? You are loved exactly as you are, because ALL of you is lovable. All of you IS love. THIS is your truth. All else is misunderstanding, distortion, and fear.
Yeshuwa speaks now:

This is Yeshuwa.
We ask you now to go deep within, far, far, deep, down inside yourself
for the memory of how dearly you are loved, for deep in your heart you
hold the memory that you are love. Allow that memory to awaken now.

We will tell you that you are so loved that it pains us when you judge
yourself. You haunt yourself sometimes with memories of perceived
You have failed at nothing.

You fear one another, afraid to open your hearts. We tell you this:
Your heart can never be broken! That is a story you have been told to
keep you fearful. Your heart is whole and shining. The emotional pain
you have suffered has indeed afflicted you, but only because you
believed you deserved it. You did not. And it has never, ever,
damaged your heart.

You do not deserve pain or punishment! We ask you now to call up
every judgment you have ever reined upon yourself. Let them go,
every one of them, and let the lashings cease forevermore.

And now, bring all of you out of hiding. It matters not how you
judge anything you have ever done!
Bring those memories to you now. Feel our love envelop them with
honor and compassion, and then embrace them with your own compassion.
We mean, of course, embrace yourself, claim all of you, in love.
If you hesitate, then do it in our name! Let us pave the way for you.

Do not cast pieces of yourself out any longer!
Hold them close to your hearts, and feel their trembling melt away.
Realize how much they have longed for your love,
how cast out and ashamed they felt.
Realize how much you missed them.

Welcome them home!
Listen to them, for they have valuable lessons to share. They went
into the depths to gather them for you! Love them, rejoice at the
homecoming! Bring them with you on your ascension journey, for in truth,
you cannot make it without them. You cannot leave any part of you behind.
You must come whole, and in love with all of you, for all is one.
Do this within yourself, and you will do much for the all that is ALL.
Be at peace and in love with yourself, then, for all that you seek is
within you.
Love yourself as you are loved.

This is the celestial team.
We are deeply moved by Yeshuwa’s words. We end our transmission now.. but our love remains with you. We wish you to hold onto how thoroughly you are loved, and no part of you less than more.

We ask only that you love All that is you, as we do.
Always, and in All Ways. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011 -All Rights Reserved

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