3.7.11 The Cracking Open of Duality and the Marvelous Gift Within!

3/7/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
The Cracking Open of Duality and the Marvelous Gift Within!

With powerful frequencies of unconditional love, we, the celestial team, pour our greetings out to you!

We pour and pour our love now, on you, throughout you, around you, around all, for you are experiencing the differences between love and fear in many illuminated ways at this time. It is a shock, we know, to experience the contents of duality exposed. Like one of your computers cracked open, all of its pieces are revealed, and as you find them they look startlingly foreign to your eye. Some of these pieces are ugly, some pulse with a driving sort of ruthless energy, some are worn and crusted with despair. It feels deeply unsettling, experiencing these foreign pieces scattered about, when once they were all part of one, whole, familiar, technology that worked in a way that you were used to. We know. We pour our love.

Know that nothing that you are seeing, either around you or within you, is foreign. It is no more “alien” to you than we are! You are simply beginning to see what your world is made of, and what has always been there. Nothing you are seeing or experiencing is new! The underpinnings of your world governments and your systems of economy are not new, for example. WE are most certainly not new! Our love has been with you forever, and, indeed, is a part of you yourself. All that is happening now is that ALL is being exposed.

Exposure is what you might call a “theme” to use in making sense of all you experience now, for all are part of one process. In our last message we asked you to take us on a journey of love within your own being. We asked that you allow us to pour our unconditional love into every cell, every thought, every emotion, every memory, EVERY aspect of who you “think” you are. Every resentment and every forgiveness, every wound and every weapon, every fear and every tyranny, every shame and every shaming act.

We found all within you as well that springs from the eternal fountain of your divine essence! Your joys, the gifts you share freely, your faith in yourself beyond all knowing, your compassion, your caring, your leaps into possibilities, your boundless ability to love! ALL that is you, we asked to touch with our love, for we wanted you to feel how loved every aspect of you is. We wanted you especially to feel how your gifts are not a drop more loved than your deepest shames. Most of you did let us in to love you, and you let yourselves feel our love, and we rejoice in that! In doing so, you allowed yourself much energetic support in aligning to the higher frequencies you are attuning to now.

We also noticed, we must tell you, that there were some of you who kept doors closed to aspects of yourself. We understand. You did so because YOU did not want to experience them, for you deemed them unlovable beyond bearing.
Know that WE do NOT.
Know that we touched ALL of you with our love nonetheless, and know that this was not an invasion of your privacy! ALL is seen and all is shared in the one energy of all, for all is made from that one energy, and the energy is called Love. Your belief that there is any separation, any hiding of anything, is an illusion. We were simply trying to honor your “rules,” your illusions, and the reason is this: We wanted you to INVITE our love, for in that invitation, you would acknowledge that you ARE worthy of love, ALL of you, without conditions.

Here is something else we noted: Our joy in showering love on you was far greater than the joy you gave to YOURSELVES when we asked you to join us in the showering! Instead, many of your minds got busy with a faucet, controlling the flow of your love with a very stingy hand of judgment.
We ask that you reward your 3rd dimensional brain for that effort–right NOW–by flooding it with yourlove.
Open your hearts, and send a fountain of love and appreciation to your brain! Breathe in the love we are transmuting through these words if you need a “jump start!”
Flood your brain’s marvelous technology, with all of its stored duality programming, all of its treadmills, flood it all with unconditional love. It‘s operating system was marvelous at keeping you held within the 3rd dimension. Now, however, it is cracking open in your fifth dimensional frequencies.
Love it for its service, and let it be in peace in its transitioning.

Remember that you are holographic in nature! Your brain tunes out all frequencies that are beyond the limitations of third dimensional duality. As you acclimate to the fifth dimension, all that you are seeing break into pieces around you now are only reflections of “the breaking” of the technology that created it, WITHIN you. Aha! So, flood your brain with love for its truly magnificent service at holding you fast in the polarity grid for so long! Let it be drunk with your love!

Then step over its exposed programs and treadmills, and FLOOD YOURSELF with jubilant, giddy, love, from deep within your heart centers.
This time, open every door, and let the love seep into every hidden crevice! Your heart center can easily process all of you as lovable, and it is your new, multidimensional, operating system.
Actually, it is ancient, but never mind that now! Do not try to “figure this out.” Just enjoy it! The more you enjoy, the more you will discover that you already “know.” Yes! You no longer have to “figure things out,” you have graduated, and now you can simply jump to “knowing.” We understand, this is beyond what you have been free to comprehend up to now, but you will see!

FEEL right now what it feels like to be released from the bondage of duality!
If you don’t “think” you can feel this, we suggest that you abandon thinking altogether and move to the more advanced skill of pretending.
PRETEND that you can’t remember any point at all to judgment, or blame, or guilt. No weighing “this against that,” no power struggles, no strife, no fear!
Pretend that you can’t even remember what those things feel like!
Attune to your fifth dimensional frequencies, and GET IT, because if you can pretend it, you recognize it, and that means you are remembering!

All are ONE, and as you accept and love with compassionate understanding every single aspect of yourself within you, you do so for the entire hologram that is ALL of you. Yes! All around you are simply reflections of all within you. It is SO simple, and you are SO used to the complicated treadmills of reality. So, we say GET IT! once again, for we like the thrust of it: YOU ARE GOD.
You are God.

We love you, and we honor your mastery at integration, even as we see you dizzying with the expansion of what we have just told you! We speak truth, however, and we bow to your golden light. It shines through the universe, even in what you perceive as your darkest hours. Believe us! And love. Begin with yourselves. Thoroughly, love everything you have stashed in your most neglected internal closets, for you have love/light, and your golden light has the power to make the universe itself shine with gold. Trust us in that! We end now, but stay with you as well.

Love and shine, golden masters! Love and shine! –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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