3.11.11 Begin to See Your Mastery

3/11/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
Begin to See Your Mastery

We, the celestial team, extend our frequencies now MOST fervently to you!

At this time, we wish that through the “seeing” of our message as written out in words, we provide you with a visible, sensory, validation of what you are “feeling” inside yourselves. We want very much to encourage your self-attunement, for you are heading into a new energetic phase of your dimensional shift, and the only way to navigate consciously now is from WITHIN YOU. We ask that you move into this energy with the exhilaration, focus, and confidence of a master surfer who is about to crest the wave of a lifetime!
You ARE masters, and this IS the wave you have been dreaming of.
That is how you created it!

In our own role as the celestial team, we are also attuning our messages to the energies of NOW. In our case, we experience that as “harmonizing;” with the planetary movement in your solar system, your galaxy, all of your aspects throughout the universe, within each of our collectives, within Gaia, within humanity, and within each of you individually. We will tell you all much more about harmonizing in time, but for NOW, you must build the foundation, which is attunement within YOURSELF.

We feel at this time that we will support you best in your process of inner attunement by giving you messages that are shorter in length. Although we DO love to beckon you into our spiral of multi-dimensional awareness, we feel that you will be invited enough into expansion by the energies themselves for awhile!
Until you realize how masterful you are and begin to enjoy the waves fully, we therefore choose to connect with shorter messages. We hope you will use them to strengthen your ability to discern the difference between your frequencies and others, and perhaps to even dabble with harmonizing with ours, as well!

Ah! We realize that in our explaining of that, we have already put much length to our message! Our Judith is laughing at us now, for she well knows that what we communicate in an instant requires over a page of words to even summarize with your words! However, we point out to her triumphantly that we have also shared much information with you through the frequencies carried by the word patterns in the first part of our message! You see how it is in non-linear dimensions? No matter what is addressed, many aspects that exist in relationship to the topic are revealed in the communication, nonetheless!

Now. On at last to our “main course,” if you will. In our last two communications, we focused on inviting you into “unconditional self-love.” We are delighted that as a result, some of you already see, or are on the brink of seeing, our purpose within the grand design of all that is unfolding in the flowing now! In review, we asked you to center yourselves within the ALL that is YOU, and experience every aspect as unique and important. None are resisted or judged, none are attached to or preferred. Love is not of duality! Love does not need reasons. Love simply loves. Yes? And to the extent that you practiced this complete self-acceptance within you, you have moved yourself out of fear into self-compassion. Do not underestimate the power of such inner movement! It is your compassion that will set you free.

Now, you are seeing all aspects of duality in the process of exposing itself externally, are you not? Your planet, as well as mass consciousness, are reflecting the processes that each of you are facing internally. You are SEEING what most needs to be healed and integrated within you as it plays out around you. Your internal healing contributes to the healing of ALL; conversely, all that you reject within you becomes projected outward. As we told you: You are gods.

Own your power, therefore, and use it now. If you have embraced even a fraction of the remnants of judgment within you, you have activated your power of compassion. As you feel compassion for self within you, you also send it outward to ALL. Let every occurrence that happens now, or will happen, bring you more and more fully into the resonance of compassion. Let compassion be your state of being, and let all you “do” be simply a flow this state. Embody yourselves! Come alive again through your golden gift of compassion! You are like no other being. Are you beginning to understand what we have been telling you these last weeks?
You are golden. Your compassion is your alchemy.

We bow to you, we love you, and we share with you the gratitude of the universe for all that you have the power to do, on behalf of ALL. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved.

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