3.13.11 Welcome the Ringing of Alarm

3/13/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
Welcome the Ringing of Alarm

We, the celestial team, send our frequencies to remind you of us, and yourselves, for a moment!

At this time, we feel the alarm that has been activated in many of you by the powerful manifestations of change that are occurring on your planet. We also feel how your alarm is, in turn, activating a longing to “control” the events of now. We understand. You are so newly on the threshold of the fifth dimension,and it is so easy to fall back into the entrained third dimensional patterns when alarmed. What is familiar can seem like a refuge, we know.

Alarm, however, can also be the bell that rouses one more fully awake, when one is committed to awakening. It is when the commitment is not firm that alarm becomes fear.Therefore, we have swept in to remind you to stay in your knowing now! Do not fall back into the programs that caused you to fear change, that kept you slumbering for so long! USE all of our messages now! Use all of the tools you have been learning. Use all that we have told you about who and what you are. Trust the resonance you feel deep within when you read our messages through your heart. Commit to trusting that resonance, for then you will trust the truth of who you are, and you will not fear change! You will become the Author of change, embodied in human form.

What you are currently witnessing is this: your planet is reflecting humanity back to itself. The tsunami that manifested off the coast of Japan did not begin in Japan. The earth’s rumble in those waters did not begin locally. Moreover, ALL of you are participants in what is playing out in Libya, as well. All of you are part of ALL that is occurring. Tune into the pattern revealing itself around you, and you will feel it within you as well! You feel it resonating in your cells, in the seawater of your very bloodstream. What you are witnessing around you is YOU, for you are all, and all is within you.

Look at the patterns, then, and see what they are revealing to you! Do not allow the fixations of 3rd dimensional patterns of judgment, blame, and victimization to blind you and imprison you any longer. If you are reading these words, you know that you are all participants in all that occurs, that all external experience is a reflection of what is within you–and you also know that physicality is not life itself! No one leaves their bodies unless they have chosen to! Would YOU, then, want to stop them?

For long, you have also known that trafficking with nuclear reactors is dissonant with the universal laws of energy. Well, we will tell you that you have no idea how much nuclear waste has been buried in your planet over the last decades. You may “think” that you do not know that your earth has been used as a dumping ground by some for such powerful, radioactive, toxins. You may find the thought unbelievable, even as you read this. That is the limitation of thinking through the third dimensional brain. In your hearts, we assure you that you do know, however.

Go to your hearts for your knowing! Do you want the revelations triggered by the alarm over the nuclear power plant’s meltdown in Japan to be buried yet again? Do you want all of the dangers that were exposed to be covered over, one more repetitive time, as “false alarms?” Do you want nuclear trafficking to appear safe and controllable after all? Of course you do not, in your heart. In your heart, the alarm is a welcome ringing of truth, and the louder and clearer it rings, the better.

We know this is a challenging moment for you. Your current alarm has also awakened many ancient memories of the traumatic “fall” of Atlantis. In spite of how the rumblings of insight and the awakened tides of memory may shake you to the core, know that it is a fine, fine, thing! Let them all surface, rather than blind you in fear. Here is the key awareness that will release you from fear and activate your alchemical power:

This is not Atlantis! This is the time when you rewrite the history of Atlantis and create an entirely new future! Ground yourself in these words, and recognize the truth of You. Let your heart be your mind as well as your compass, and be present, NOW. This is not a “flashback,” for there is no time. All is now, but it is only in the moment that you have focused yourself in as your “reality” that you have the power to create. USE it! We will give you some “tips” to focus your power, if you wish.

As you well know, in the 3rd dimension, everybody wants to “do something” to change what is happening “out there.” Everybody says, “Send love to those victims! Send intentions to make their crisis go away!” Do, do, do! Change what’s happening out there! Nobody looks at what is being stirred WITHIN them. Well, as you are beginning to realize as you read our messages, there are no victims “out there.” Moreover, the 3rd dimensional perceptions of who is truly suffering most are quite distorted.

You be the change then, by looking within. Feel compassion, and begin with yourself. Then, you will emanate that compassion outward to where it is needed most. It happens. This is how energy works, and how you as a master alchemist in human form are wired. it is not something you “do!” From within your being, what you “see” will be very different from old associations. From within your being, you will see beyond fear, and judgment, and resistance. You will SEE, and you will know that all you see is a reflection of YOU, and the way you see will be a reflection of nothing but your own frequencies.
Here is Yeshuwa:

This is Yeshuwa.

Feel our presence, for we are familiar.
Feel our love, and strength. We are with every one of you.
You know us. Find us within you, and know you are not alone.
This is a time of radical change. Nothing can be viewed
through the old lenses, in order to see the new! See new.
Be new. Be ONE. We are always with you, always there.
Call on us, and we will be your eyes,
and we will be your strength,
and we will be your love.
We are in you all. YOU ARE ONE. WE are one.

This is the celestial team.
We leave you now to rest in the frequencies of your Yeshuwa. Remember until next time that we love you. Always, and in All Ways.
–the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved   www.thecelestialteam.com

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