2.21.11 The Trauma of Denying Change

We, the celestial team, greet you once again with much energetic support!

We had not meant to request your attention so soon after our last communication–we like to give you time to digest and settle–but we feel a call to say a few brief words about “change” at this very important time. Much is occurring on your planet now that provides you with the opportunity to realize that as a collective, you have come to greatly fear change. This is because you equate change with trauma. Although it is true that trauma can result from sudden, destabilizing change, we remind you that this sort of experience can also describe the moment of falling in love, or the final moment of freedom, or any number of magical and expansive leaps. We feel that it is very important now to loosen the bondage in your minds that likens change to trauma. The binding of the two together has created a major program of disempowerment within you, and has been fodder in the laps of those who have chosen to control you for many thousands of years.

In truth, we offer a perspective on trauma that may surprise you, but we ask you to take it into your hearts nonetheless. We ask you to consider trauma as not the result of change, but as the result of unconsciousness, denial, or avoidance of being alive in the moment. We explain. Change is a constant flow; it is not the sudden “falling off a cliff” you think of. Even quantum change is the result of a process, whether it is perceivable to you or not.

In every moment, you receive frequencies of information about what is occurring. You are thus always informed of the “news” in every immediate moment through the continual flow of these messages. It is what you have called your intuition that allows you to tune into them, and whether you do or not, they are ALWAYS there. Many times, you do not want to hear them, because your mind has set an agenda of how things “should” occur, or you are following a program of control that you have internalized. You then resist the knowledge that is there for you in order to “stick with the program.”

Then, WHAM! Trauma catches you unaware. You have been ignoring the “news” that has been pulsing to you in the flow of the continuous “now.” Trauma, then, is the result of not listening. Indeed, you will find that every trauma that you have experienced in this lifetime was preceded by information of its existence. This is true for all of your lifetimes. Much of your fear, then, is the result of denial. No change HAS to be traumatic! Trauma is created by your response, or non-response, to the continuing flow of information and support that is always, always, with you.

We step in now to tell you this in order to offer you an expanded way to process the changes that are occurring around you and within you in every moment now at an accelerated pace. People everywhere are waking up, tuning in, and swimming most strenuously to catch up with this flow of energetic transformation! It seems to be erupting suddenly, yet, to use another metaphor, the eruption is more like a burst of energy as many run to catch a train as it pulls out of the station! Perhaps they got so used to waiting that they didn’t even see it pulling in. Well, they see it now, and they are running for it, and it is wonderful! Hurray for them! Lend your energy to their speed!

We encourage each and all of you to welcome this flow! Be part of it, stand with it, listen to it! Do not fear change, or resist it. Do not create more trauma for yourselves in that way. We apologize for speaking so strongly in a way that sounds like a directive. It is only because we so wish to see you free yourselves from suffering. We also strongly suggest that you do not put your energy into resistance, fear, judgement, or blame! They are only fuels for trauma. Instead, flow with the energy of change. Send love, support, and confidence to those who are stirring things up now on behalf of all. Join them. Yes, join them. If not with your physical bodies, then with your spirits.

A final word: Have compassion for those who resist this powerful flow of change. They are frightened. Have compassion for those who seek violent means to exert control. They are traumatized. YOU know what it is like to walk in the shoes of fear and trauma. Give them your love, and it will heal as well the fragments of fear and trauma within you in the doing. It is love, and only love, that will weave all of you together again as one. Pour love into this flow! Much is needed, and not a drop will be lost.

We bring this transmission to a close now. We love you. We shower love upon the ALL that is you. Let your love fill the air with ours, until all on your planet breathe in your love with every breath!
–the celestial team

Copyright(c) JudithDagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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