9.15.11 The Multi-Dimensional Technology of Your Heart, part 1

We welcome you with delight to our message, for it is about YOU and your powerful heart!

Yes, we have heard, and will now most joyfully respond, to your interest in knowing more about the “mind-boggling technology” of your human heart! Indeed, we use your term “mind-boggling” most accurately, for what the heart can do is far beyond what the programmed limitations of the 3rd dimensional brain can process on its own. That is exactly why we usually ask you to take in the frequencies of our messages through your heart centers–the brain will not recognize them. The brain will throw most of them out! Not the best place to center yourself if you want to receive our frequencies, then, is it?

In addition, another disadvantage you are up against in engaging the brain is that your “scientific method” has been structured to carefully prevent you from giving credence to anything that takes you beyond that 3D ceiling of limitation. That is another reason we ask you to bypass the brain when receiving our transmissions–for between the brain’s limited technology and the “scientific enforcement” that oversees it, we would only lead you right into the very imprisoning treadmills that we are attempting to free you from!

All discoveries, without exception, that have been made on your planet thus far about the truth of your universe and your power within it have NOT been made through following your “scientific method,” we assure you. As the light being who embodied as your Einstein has already shared with your human collective, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Do you not wonder why that statement has not caught fire in releasing more of the all of you from the tiresome, even illogical, bondage of relying on what is already known to go beyond the already known? It is very good if you wonder about that a little! Give THAT to your 3rd dimensional technology to chew on! That should keep it busy for awhile, indeed.

Having said all of that, we will respond to your request by sharing a little with you about your heart, nonetheless. Upon realizing all of the words it would take to express this “very little,” however, we have decided to do so in two segments. The first half of our sharing is in this message, and the rest will follow within one or two of your days. The exact timing will be determined by you, and your process of receiving!

As we have told you, we watch you with infinite attention and care as you absorb our messages, and you teach us much about how to make our transmissions as “receivable” by you as possible. We know that we have transmitted messages before that were too long for you to handle, given all of the energy changes and 3D programming you were currently dealing with. It grieves us to see any part of them go undigested, for we want so much to assist you, and so we learned. We LOVE you so! We wish not a drop of our love to go anywhere but within you.

So, we begin our “first installment” now. We ask you prepare to receive it by opening that amazing heart of yours to the frequencies of our words. Only by doing so will you have the full, revelatory, experience of feeling them resonate with the truth that is already known within you. Feeling that resonance is all you need to know the truth, for the heart does not need explanations about itself! It lives them! It is only the mind that demands proof of what already is.

Well, then “here we go,” as you say! Settle your attention in your heart center. Do not bother with asking how to do this. Such questions come only from the brain’s linear 3D programming, which will take you nowhere besides where you have already been before. You already know how to do this. The brain does not. Trust that, and simply decide to center in your heart, and there you will be. Oh, yes, it is that simple! Just ignore what the brain says about it for now. No buying into thoughts, no matter how insistently they pull at you. This time, YOU be the master, and let them go unattended.

Simply center in your heart. Just move into the silence within you, and you will find that it is very alive and engaged. Breathe into your heart, and amplify your intention, if necessary. Continue to breathe into your hear to let yourself know that you are there. Wonderful. Give yourself time to do this, relax, allow, feel the difference. Then, only when you feel yourself connected with your heart, and you feel your heart respond, read on. Take your time with this heart-centering! This is an important moment for you. Let yourself have it. And then:

* Your heart is many-faceted and multi-dimensional. (Do you feel the resonance with those words within you?)

* Your heart is also a brain, in that it is intelligent, can make decisions, process information, learn, and remember.

* Your heart-brain has its own intrinsic nervous system that connects with every part of your body, including your head-brain and your DNA.

* Frequencies of stress, fear, and negative emotions are “incoherent,” meaning they create interference in your heart-brain’s perceptual abilities.

* This interference then transmits incoherent neural patterns to your head/brain that, in turn, inhibits its own higher cognitive functions.

* You may begin to see now why fear has been such an effective tool of oppression.

How are you doing with that information? Let it sink in. Reread it if necessary, take your time to let it sink in fully before going on. Do this at any time you need to after you resume reading, as well. Otherwise, your brain will take over and read “facts,” and file them away or discard them, and then hurriedly rush you through your reading, simply to get it “accomplished.” Do not let that happen. Do not miss your moment of feeling your heart respond to its truth.

* The frequencies of your heart are “coherent” when they are engaged with positive emotions.

* We wish to point out that this is not the same state that the “relaxation techniques” you have been encouraged by your science to use induce! That is a whole other agenda entirely.

* This state of coherence with positive emotions is not one that lulls you into a peace that comes from “drifting a way from it all,” but one of active engagement. It is very calm, but also very alert. It is alive.

* The frequency that engages the heart to its most natural, resonant, and powerful frequency is that of unconditional love.

You see again why we have been forever “nagging away” about balancing in your heart centers, where all polarities merge into neutral, unconditional love!

So, we will pause our transmission about your magnificent heart for now. Please take all that we have shared into you, and let it digest until it becomes part of your being. Enjoy feeling it become so, and notice how it changes you, as does everything you choose to take into yourself. Know that there is more soon to come, and until you have digested this much, you will not be able to hold the rest! As well, what you take in from your reading now will change you in a way that will make you even more able to assimilate the rest!

We will return with more about the wonders of the divine technology of your heart in a flash! In the meantime, we will be digesting your process of digesting what we have shared so far with enormous relish.

Ah, how we delight in you, Beloved!  –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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