9.29.11 Riding the Currents of Your Expansion

We, the celestial team, greet you with powerful frequencies of reassurance and balance.

Congratulations. You have come through the first of what we might call “the awakened straits of expansion.” Your last several weeks leading up to your recent Fall Equinox have felt intense, even overwhelming, in an entirely new way, have they not? Know that the fatigue, confusion, and the weakening of your once-familiar “identity” were not signs of any failings on your behalf! Quite the contrary. They are signs of your expansion beyond the limitations that you had been accustomed to, and that is all.

As we told you, at your Summer Solstice, you received what, in terms of your computer technology, could be likened to “downloads.” All of them were about your interconnectedness as a human collective, as well as your connections with much more of what you have called your “identity.” You spent the entire summer processing this information, and much of it felt very “personal,” did it not? Indeed, it did!

As you processed, you found many of your assumptions about yourself, as well as yourself in relation to others, brought into the bright light of your scrutiny. Although in some cases this was difficult, know that it was all by your own design. You designed it as you did because you want to expand, and so created whatever circumstances were necessary to clear the way. In other words, as you spent your summer aligning yourself with the information you received at Summer Solstice, you were also aligning yourself with your commitment to your SELF to expand. Therefore, here is a new way to see it:

The degree of challenges you faced interpersonally over the last months is a reflection of the degree of conscious commitment you have made to your own part in the ascension your planet is undergoing.

At your Fall Equiniox, then, the alignments you created kicked in. This is always the way. Your solstices bring you information to “download,” you process it all until your equinoxes, and then you activate, or manifest, that information into practice. It is only because you are so awake that you experience these rhythmic patterns of expansion so fully now! Recognize that. Let it be your new perspective.

And so, building up to and through your Fall Equinox, you felt the energy of your human collective more powerfully than ever. Such energy there is there! We can only imagine what a shock it was to feel “plugged in” all of a sudden. But there it is, and you are a part of it. Just as you have always been, without knowing. Oh, yes, we have been telling you that you were, that is true, but it is one thing to hear it from us, and quite another to at last feel the truth of that yourself, is it not?!

Proportionately with your release of resistance to feeling yourself as one part of the all of your human collective, you also have allowed yourself to feel your connection with the aspects of you that are just as real as you are in dimensions beyond the one you experience yourself in. Suddenly, you are feeling the meaning of expansion in the truest sense! The more you allow yourself to feel your interconnectedness with your earthly, human family, the more you will experience your multi-dimensional connectedness with your universal family. And vice versa. “As above, so below,” remember!

We will have much to share with you about the glory of this expansion, and the way it changes the very meanings of your beliefs, in our coming messages. You can rest assured of that!! As well, we will be happy to answer any questions you post on our lovely group page. Know, by the way, that it is lovely to us only because of YOU. Your interest is what gives it its very life.

For now, we wish to share our reassurance with you that, if you allow this truly all-encompassing expansion, without resisting any part of it, you will find yourself adjusting to its frequency quite rapidly. And you will be so glad you did! You will reap, you will find a balance through your resonance that you have never thought possible before. We will assist in illuminating the joys of this new expansion resonance as required, of course, but you will be surprised at how much you will “light up” on your own!

We also want to mention our perspective regarding a particular “pitfall,” shall we say, that some of those most eager for expansion are, in their haste, choosing to fall into. It may seem paradoxical that the most expanded would be the most vulnerable to this one, but precisely because of the importance of balance, it is not. You see, without fully allowing ALL aspects of expansion, there are some who will be caught temporarily in the ego’s agenda of separation for a time. They will either make one of two choices, based on unexamined and so unreleased inner programs of fear and judgment.

The first tendency is to believe that one can only honor one’s humanity by discounting one’s multi-dimensional reality. The second tendency is to believe that one needs to discount one’s humanity in order to honor ones’s multI-dimensional Presence! Those with this resistance will encourage you to drop your “affiliations to being human” in favor of experiencing yourself ONLY as the powerful master in the universe that you ALSO are.

You see how divided each perspective sounds, and how obviously fractured. We are very glad you see!
Remember that your universal Presence holds your humanity within it.  Only through attachment to  the 3rd dimensional prisms of  separation would one choose to delude oneself otherwise.
Remember that without your humanity, your universal Presence is flawed.
BOTH your humanity and your mult-dimensionality are divine. True expansion is recognition that they are one.

You will hear these two sides of a coin pretending that the other side of them is not there for awhile! They will be loud, sometimes, in their efforts to gather energy from others to support their resistance. No matter how forcefully they try to “sell” you their agendas, no matter how “heady” the trip they invite you into is, know that the real reason they have appeared is because they need YOUR help. And all you have to do is simply BE in their presence. Simply listen, feel the truth of your own wholeness, and your compassion for their struggle against their own. They will take all of that in through your frequencies. As we told you, the frequencies of your heart are very busy communicators!

We end now, having, as always, gone on far longer than we intended, and yet saying merely a fragment of all that we wish to communicate. For us, using the limitations of your language is rather like trying to build a castle out of bits and pieces of wood–it takes many of them, and requires much creativity to covey the castle that is intended! That is why we watch with awe the entire time our Judith manages to do just that. You all are truly masters to have chosen to limit your abilities of communication to using these word forms for so long, and you have even found ways to transcend their limitations in order to communicate powerfully through them! Well, just wait until you free yourself from them, entirely – how wonderful that will be for us to witness!

We end now. Take our words to heart, and we will return soon to fill it once again.
We love you.– the celestial team


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