9.10.11 Do You Like Your Reflection?

We, the celestial team, greet you with loving and rapt attention!

Now, in this period of your time when all is in flux, we are not the only ones who peer into your galaxy to watch you, either! Now, there are so many possible ways for you to create your reality, know that many, many, light beings are watching you spellbound as well!
Now, more than ever before, you can also observe yourSelf.

This is because the experiences within you and around you now are happening so quickly that no habitual responses will serve. No more can you be lulled into the old slumber of past, collective, programming–now, you are shaken fully awake! Every moment is new, laden with possibilities, and you see how reality changes in an instant. You are living in the vibrant current of NOW, and you are activated by that current into being totally alive again.

Wonderful! For it is through what you experience in this unprecedented NOW that you can fully experience your own frequencies. It is through how you interpret your experience that you learn your own language. What do you see with your eyes open and working on their own? It is through what you see that you see yourSelf.
And it is only within yourself that you can adjust your vision, shed the lenses that darken your light, and change that which you see.

Well, then, what do you see? What do you feel, and perceive? Do you feel the new energies that have broken through the veil around your planet? Do you feel them stretching your awarenesses, playing with your sense of what is “real?” Do you feel yourself expanding, feeling charged and much larger than you ever knew you were?

Do you feel your heart expanding as well? It is. Do you feel your DNA sparking your intuition that, somehow, you are becoming connected with more of yourSELF? Open wide and let it happen.

You see, you are far vaster than you knew. Both your heart’s and your DNA’s electromagnetic fields can expand far out into the universe, and because the grid, or veil, that has been enclosing your planet for so long is now loosening, you can feel them stretch and reach out again!
Stand up and stretch yourself! Set your heart free! You will not come apart simply because you are free! Quite the contrary.
You are coming home to your SELF.

Remember, above all else, beloved, that looking to the news, or to all that is put in front of you on your internet for interpretations and opinions, will not serve you now. Notice that all promptings to do so come from the brain, your third dimensional technology. Notice that when you process your experiences from your heart center, instead, that you feel no such promptings. Your heart is far smarter than your science has discovered as yet, you see!

Your heart can think, your heart has powerful memories stored away for you, and your heart can send love in chemical form throughout your body and beyond!
Your heart is also the source of your true vision, for it perceives through the clear lens of unconditional love.
How else could it be otherwise? Anything perceived otherwise is illusion.

This is why we have been telling you to read our messages and live your life through your heart! Your heart is your balance, your multi-dimensional guide, and the source of your power.

If you are seeing through your heart, you see magic happening around you, now.
You see strangers coming together like family when your earthly upheavals shake them into remembering and flood their hearts with truth.
You see family and friends connecting with one another once more, as the
hypnotic thrall of televisions and computers lose their power to keep them plugged in and chained to isolation.

You see so many miracles like these! We could go on for many pages, telling you all of the glorious ones we have seen! We will not, however, for we wish you to see them with your own eyes and heart, and let yourSelf be dazzled by them. Do not miss a glorious moment of your ascension. As long as, and only if, you look through your heart, you will see it all!

We end our transmission now, but we do not leave you. We would not be anywhere else but with you now, for we do not want to miss a moment, either!
We love you. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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