9/3.11 It is Your Footsteps that Create the Path

We greet you, Dear Heart, with frequencies of love and reassurance in this moment!

You are doing beautifully. We know that, in the midst of your doing through your being, you cannot see the scope of your creations. That is why we want to tell you what we can see from our perspective as we witness them. What we see is very fine. What we see is that you are rewriting history, recreating the present, and designing the future anew in every moment!

Your month of August presented a convergence of several probable timelines, any one of which could have become your reality. A great turbulence of energy has been simmering to the boiling point beneath the surface of your human collective, and so, of course, beneath the surface of your planet as well. In August, the “boiling over” could have been what you would call, from your perspective, extremely catastrophic in one way or another, and far beyond anything that has actually occurred. Know that it was your conscious intervention, your focus on emanating unconditional love, that prevented the larger catastrophes we speak of.

Know that through your own inner clearing and holding of your light, you have been a hero on behalf of the all. You have transmuted much energy, and so brought air and light into places that could have only exploded without them.

You did this within you. That is what we want you to understand. Only by allowing your own inner turbulences to come to the surface, only by acknowledging them, claiming them, and releasing them into the light and air of your acceptance and love, could you have tempered the energies that were threatening to violently erupt around you.

Yes, there were some localized eruptions of varying expressions among you and beneath you during your month of August, it is true. They were nothing near the scope of what could have occurred, however, without your intervention. There are also possible eruptions that could occur in this, your month of September, your 9/11, for it holds what is being called the tenth anniversary of the event also known as 9/11. This will be another period when the simmerings beneath the surface can reach the boiling point, and so another opportunity for you to neutralize catastrophes from within your own being.

See that you have set a precedent, that you are “on a roll,” that you can and do change the world from within you! Know, now, that there is no reason to fear “what might happen out there!” Fear is only the response of the powerless, and you are surely not that! Fear is a choice that only creates that which is feared, and you surely are too smart to make such a choice! KNOW YOURSELF! You have seen your power in action, so celebrate this evidence, own it, and rest in it! And remember, always, that your power is Love.

When you doubt, remember to adjust your vision, for you were indoctrinated to look outside of yourself for power for a very long time. When you recognize ourself as the center of power, however, you realize that the evidence will not be “out there” until YOU put it there. This is an adjustment worth remembering, and it requires an entirely different frame of perception. We will give you some images, or metaphors, to assist and support your new way of seeing:

* It is your own footsteps that create the path in front of you. You will not see the path, therefore, until you make the steps.

* When you are forging a path through a jungle, you cannot see that you are almost to a clearing until you are there.

Because all of the interventions that you are making in the world around you are actually being done within you, remember also that when your vision seems muddy, it is only because you are moving through mud that was once as hard as stone. You have softened it with the flow of your own light, and now the walls of stone can be cleared away at last.

In other words, when you feel most aware of the quagmires within you that need clearing, you are actually doing your most powerful, transformative work of all.

You will get used to having the vision of a master, believe us! It is already stored within you, all that we are doing now is offering our assistance in activating your memory. Remember, in the process, that you already ARE a master, and that you are already changing the world. And you are doing so most beautifully! Trust the love in your heart, and proceed.

We honor you, and we love you. the celestial team

Copyright© Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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