Another Jewel Of Enlightenment!


This is Judith.  I have barely begun my foray into the celestial team’s archives in order to honor their request that all of their transmissions be gathered, organized, and published in books that “will be accessible to all if and when they are ready,” and already my human mind is blown.  How could that be, since I’m the one who brought them through my own physical being?  I don’t know.  I know that I finally understand how ahead of the human learning curve they were, though.  And why I’ve felt so alone with these revelations.  And why the celestial team wants them to be preserved!

I also get loud and clear that they want me to re-share many of them as I reread them in the moment… SO loud and clear that it takes my breath away sometimes. (Ha, can’t you hear them? “Remember to BREATHE, Beloveds!“)  

Here is a snippet from the middle of a transmission that came through me from the celestial team on February 19th, 2011–

We feel a conscientious urge to add at this moment to one of the metaphors we have given you previously, and that is the one of your color wheel that swirls around you– igniting, when balanced, your integrated, perfect, white Light of wholeness at its center. 

(Note: This color wheel metaphor is brilliant. It was first introduced in a very long, rich, transmission called “Celebrate the Colors Of Your Love/Light!” You can find it in the February archives.)

Our metaphor is perfect in service of our intent in that transmission, for we wished to activate within your consciousness an energetic flow towards your individual centers in service of “personal” integration. This is a necessary prerequisite for expansion. 

However, once the igniting of the whole has occurred, this metaphor becomes a limitation.  We wish to reach you before it becomes that, since our representative on your planet (called Judith by you) has already recognized this and alerted us that we’d better “hop to it!”

Although she is what some call a “first waver,” and as such a frontrunner, it is now “high tide,” so to speak, is it not?  And how could anyone miss a tidal wave?  Not possible.  Therefore, we are “hopping to it” right away!

We suggested that you see an outer rim of your color wheel as defined by the darkest hues of your colors. However, there are a few among you who have already balanced and activated their sense of divine wholeness within, and so are now seeing that there is no outer rim at all!  To you, we say “Congratulations!  You are keeping us ‘on our toes,’ which is sheer delight to us, for what you have already discovered is profound.”

 As you go deeper into your center of wholeness, your entire energy field expands.  As your bands of color extend outward, they gain Light as they expand through dimensions.  As this expansion occurs, your colors connect you with other aspects of yourselves, in your galaxy and beyond, who are in this grand game of re-integration with you.  You will begin to see your involvement in many patterns of integration, ending only at the beginning, which is Source itself. 

As you see, it is no wonder the emanation of you that is projected into your physical body is a master of creation!  You are vast indeed, Beloved.

So much for what “personal” integration used to mean!

*** ❤ ***


Ever since the celestial team asked me (earth member Judith) to create this website, their purpose has never wavered– to connect with YOU, as well as provide you with the resources you need to assist you with your frequency-raising transformation into living as the Sovereign Being of Frequency you truly are. To begin to live by FREQUENCY is the cornerstone they began with, and since that was way back in 2011, there is an enormous amount of invaluable information that has accrued here! Whatever you need… from tapping into your galactic history, to nourishment for your human soul, to energetic recalibration as you switch operating systems to your multidimensional heart center, to 24/7 tech support as you activate your exquisite internal technology as a Master Reality Creator


Every message ever transmitted by the celestial team is here, from their very first in January, 2011 to the present. All are freely offered to you,  so help yourself by all means. You may peruse by category or month of year in the right sidebar, and follow your intuition. You’ll find that whatever you feel prompted to read will be exactly right for you in the moment that you find it (or it finds you…). Then spend the whole day curled up with the celestial team if you wish. (They will LOVE it!)


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7.30.12 You Know More Than You THINK You Do!

7.30.12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you most fondly, Beloved!

In this moment of your linear time, we wish very much to connect with you because you are feeling the energies from your cosmos as they bring you Light, expanded information, and powerful momentum for your “shift.” We know you are unaccustomed to getting so much concentrated support, and so are feeling the effects on your body as well as your psyche as you adjust.  Many of you are feeling temporary aches and pains as your body clears itself of toxins. Many of you are feeling dizzy at times, as your body recalibrates itself with the downloads you received at Summer Solstice. Many of you are experiencing difficulty sleeping, no matter how tired you are, as your new energies rush into and through your body. And of course, we are aware of what you call your “mood swings,” as well—but which we see as very rapid, somewhat erratic, timeline jumping.

We see.  Take that in, for it is more evidence that, no matter how used to feeling alone you are, you are not alone. You are very much seen, supported, and loved–always. PLEASE take that in, Beloved.

As you experience these powerful and rapidly moving energies, what we want most to connect with you about is the uncertainty, self-doubt, and frustration that they bring up in you. To us, it seems very important that we point those reactions out to you–for all of them are born only of false beliefs and judgments that you hold about yourself!  It is wonderful that they are coming up, make no mistake!  If they didn’t clamor for your attention, how would you know the extent to which they are still present within you?

What we want you to understand is that they are not coming up so that you can continue to “buy into them!”  They are coming up so that you can release them. And the faster you do, the lighter and more empowered you will feel.  What we mean is this: Whenever you feel them, that is the NOW in which to release them. Do NOT put such self-limiting activations “on hold until later” any longer, because you are “busy!”

We promise you that whatever you are “doing” is not more important than releasing illusions that limit your ability to claim your sovereignty in the moment they show themselves. THAT, Beloved, is when they are accessible. THAT is your moment of opportunity. And if you vow to stay present, it will make perfect sense to deal with the present, in the present.

On the other hand, if you make a choice to put your “NOW moments” on hold in order to deal with them in “the future,” then you will never find them again. When you get to “your future,” they will already have been relegated (by your choice!) to the past.  We know this is very hard for many to comprehend at their current frequency, especially while still locked in the construct of linear time!

It is, perhaps, even harder for us to attempt to explain it in your language.  Since you do not yet have language for your New Paradigm of Being, we may not be doing a very good job. Still, we try. And for those of you who have been endeavoring to read our frequencies, you will read from us what cannot be written in words!

For those of you who have not, don’t worry–you can start right NOW, if you choose to. Simply give your brain a “time out,” go to your heart center, and set an intention to FEEL our words.  If it doesn’t “work,” do it again. And again. Do not abandon your intention! Do not give up on yourSelf! The sort of radical paradigm shift you are undergoing takes practice–that is, unless you prefer to create a drama to knock you into it!

Because you are reading our messages, however, we know that, in your heart, you would prefer not to rely on creating drama as a method of forcing change rather than becoming a master of change.  And so, we tell you to stay present in the moment of your NOWS, and deal with what comes up there, THERE. In the moment–

Release judgment.

Forgive everybody. Especially yourself, for all are only reflections of something within you, anyway!

Do it NOW, when it comes up, for judgments and resentments are only products of the past.

Let your NOW be NEW. Let yourself create it anew as you choose to.

We will speak more about this with you very soon. But for NOW, digest this, Beloved. Do not, any longer, put off what the NOW offers you until “later.” There is no later. Only NOW. And only YOU can tend to it! So, release self-doubt. Trust yourself, and your frustration will fade as you deal with the NOW, in the NOW. And remember, there ARE NO WRONG CHOICES! Maske them with confidence, and the feedback you receive from the reflections you create around you will help you adjust them as you go.

Ah, stay in the NOW, Beloved! Use it! You are supported by very powerful energies, as well as many light beings who love you and are committed to serving you as much as you will let them! NOW is your time. The “shift” is happening– and YOU are in charge of how it evolves–for YOU.

We love you. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team



Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

7.17.12 NOW is NEW!

7/17/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Warm greetings of Love to you, Beloved!


NOW is never a repeat of the past. NOW is the moment of creation, of possibility.
NOW is the canvas, and you are the artist.

NOW is the blank page before you, and you are the writer, or composer. We tell you this quite literally, in your terms.

If NOW ever feels familiar to you, then there is something that is obscuring your ability to be present. After all, how could NOW, which is happening in the moment, be familiar?

So what would that “something” be that would keep you running on old, familiar, treadmills rather than being present for your life’s unfolding?

What would that “something” be that would keep you stuck in old, worn-out dynamics rather than in the center of your life NOW as the creator being you are?

We know, that is a rhetorical question, and we are playing with you a little (and how we love to play with you, whenever y0u will let us)! We know that you know by NOW that what would be keeping you “stuck there” in an old pattern that you no longer desire to be “stuck in” could only be “old programming,” right?  And “old programming” is entirely within you, is it not? How you experience the world depends on the lens YOU choose to look through. Nothing else.

We will tell you something else that is somewhat related, and it is important NOW.  You have several more senses than those you have been indoctrinated to use in the 3rd dimension. The 5 senses that you have learned are the only ones you have–are not the only ones you have at all!

You have other senses as well that have come “online,” to use your vernacular, with your recent Summer Solstice. They are subtler than the ones you have been relying on, and so you will need to trust yourSelf to tune into them. DO SO, Beloved!  They are there for you both as a result of, and in service of, your expansion.

Remember that you are entering an entirely New Paradigm of Being!  Those around you are also making this entry, but all of you do so at your own, unique, “speed,” shall we say? Therefore do not be swayed by the opinions of others about what is true for YOU. Nor, judge them if their experiences are different than yours.

As we have said, expansion means inclusion. Allow ALL processes to exist in their own unfolding, Beloved, and Love and trust them all.  Trust yourSELF, and it is done, for All is within You.

We Love You. Always and in All Ways.–the celestial team




Copyright (c) 2012, Judith Dagley

7.4.12 In Celebration of Uniqueness and Unity!

7/4/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Happy Day to You, Beloved!

On this particular day, the Fourth of July, one of the countries on your planet is celebrating itself  in a most grand way, is it not?  We think such a “celebration of selfdom” is a fine idea, always. In fact, we would like to see you all celebrate your individual selfdoms on a daily basis!   We also wish to add our own perspectives on such celebrations “to the pot” for your consideration, if you don’t mind.

We see all of your countries as unique, and with special roles to play on behalf of your entire human family. Each is precious, and without even one of them, your collective would not be whole. Without even one of them, you would be missing an important part of your “human selfdom,” as it were. And so, each rightly deserves to be celebrated, and honored for its own precious uniqueness.

Because the third dimension is one of polarity, however, and because it has been your home for so long, you have all become accustomed to experiencing “unique” as meaning “separate from” –or “individual” as meaning “other than.” Now, as you move through the fourth dimension and prepare to enter the fifth, we encourage you to expand your sense of meaning to a more holistic one. You see, it will no longer serve you to experience life in terms of “this” or “that.” Such ideas of separation are simply third dimensional illusions that have kept humanity competing and fighting with its very “selfdom,”  has it not? Truly, there is no “this” or “that.” There is only “this” AND” that.”

Let us use your own, physical human body as an example. Your exquisite body is one whole, one entity. Yet, it is made up of many unique parts, all of which are necessary and all of which are precious to the whole.  You do not say, “Well, I will have either a liver or a colon, but I will not have both! I will choose to have a tongue or an esophagus, but not both!”

We laugh with you now, for we well know that you understand that each part of your body is both unique, and a crucial part of the whole. And so it is with each one of your countries on your home you call Earth. So it is, as well, with each individual one of you in the magnificent body of your human collective.

Celebrate each other then, for the uniqueness of every one of you! Celebrate each of your countries for the diversity they add to the awe-inspiring tapestry of humanity!  No longer deprive yourself of the richness of the All through projections of judgments onto others, or through pretending to cut your planet into pieces!  Expansion, after all, means “inclusion,” for expansion includes each one in the All!  Let go of separation, then, Beloved, and let peace and Love for All fill your heart. Let YourSelf be whole again.

We love you. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team




Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

6.26.12 Let Go of What You “Think You Know!”

6/26/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, Beloved!  We, the celestial team, are here to ask you to set yourself free!

All that holds you back NOW fom expanding into the fine and dazzling multi-dimensional being you truly are can be nicely summed up as “All That You Think You Know.”  It can be shocking to the third dimensional sensibilities to hear such a statement, can it not? Ah, yes, believe us when we tell you that we understand that very well!  We understand, as well, that the “ego-brain programming” that has kept you firmly planted in the third dimension for so long will do its very best to make sure you skim over those words rather than take them in.

You do also understand by NOW, Beloved, why that is so, do you not? That ego-brain programming was designed, by You, to do just that! How else could you have stayed “descended” for so long–the powerful being of frequency that YOU truly are!without putting such a firm program in place to assure that you stayed in density long enough to do all of your fine work through that media?  And that programming has done a superb job at it, thanks to your mastery at energetic technology. Oh, your internal technological abilities far surpass any of the extenal ones that you, as a collective, have invented on your planet, have no doubt of that!

Now, however, it is TIME to dismantle all of your own inventions, as it were, or at the very least, to expand beyond them once again–and remember that you do not need them NOW at all!  Just as your external technologies were invented based on what you already knew how to do, deep inside your mighty SELF, so was your internal ego-brain programming based on your own innate knowledge. And, Beloved, since YOU were the one to build it, YOU are also the one who can take it down again.

Do you believe us? Do you remember?  We will assure you that, even if your brain swears to having no knowledge about any of this whatsoever–YOU DO. Deep inside YOU, you do remember. Trust us, Beloved.  Remember that we know YOU, not only through your current human incarnation, but we know you through time, beyond time, as who and what YOU truly are!

And so we remind you that the internal technology that you designed to stay in density is made of energy, of course, just as you are. You created these energetic technologies of limitation and polarity rather as you have created software for your external computer technology.  Consider all of your limiting beliefs and your “knowledge” that is based on them, then, as software that you designed with great mastery, and so can so dismantle with equal pinache.

Remember that there ARE no limitations to what you can do, save the ones YOU installed temporarily to keep you in the “3D game!”  Now, however, it is time to “re-ascend,” or expand beyond them, once more. And hallelujia to that, we say!

We will also have much more to say on this topic in our continuing messages to you, you can count on that! In fact, it would be impossible for us to keep our “mouths shut” on the subject, to use your vernacular! For now, lest our message becomes too long and overwhelming energetically, we will leave you with this:

* Begin to see YourSelf in an entirely NEW context. No longer let thoughts that you are either helpless or impotent seduce you into feeling as if you are powerlessly trudging along!  Do not let your old software fool you any longer. Dismantle it!  See yourself NOW as you truly are–a budding master learning how to fly once more.

* Let go of all old meanings–to expand, one must go beyond them.

* Have no fear! Never are you alone, never are you “without a net,” never do you NOT know what you are doing at the deepest level of YourSelf.

* See everything as a gift– an opportunity for expansion into greater and greater Love.

* Everything you used to call a “problem” is actually an opportunity you have presented to YourSelf in order to practice Your mastery. Never do you present YourSelf with anything that is beyond your masterful ability to find not only solutions for, but expansion from, within You.

* Every thought, emotion, action, or external manifestation you create for YourSelf is an opportunity to practice either maintaining, or raising, your highest frequency signature possible in the moment.

Drink in our “little tips,” Beloved, for they will get you far! Eat them for breakfast, and as a midnight snack, and let them run through your digestion until they are a part of you once more.

We will transmit another message soon. In the meantime, digest, and remember how we love you! Always and in All Ways. –the celestial team




Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

6.12.12 “Summer Solstice, 2012” — Video

6/12/12  Love/Light Video from Judith and the celestial team– “Summer Solstice, 2012”

Hello, Beloved!

Actually, this is Judith– although the celestial team is braiding with me, and to them you are always, always, “Beloved!”  We are bringing you a video that explains how the energies of the recent Venus Transit have prepared you to leap into positive change in an unprecedented way at our upcoming Summer Solstice. In the video, we also explain how to use these energies NOW to clear the path in order to participate in this transformative process as fully as possible. You are, after all, Sovereign–you are the one who decides when, how, and at what speed you choose to expand!

The link to the video is below. Enjoy it, use it as fully as you choose, and then prepare for positive change that is fully commensurate with your choices!

Much love to you, Judith

Always and in all ways–the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  

6.5.12 Let Your Love Shine NOW!

6/5/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Ah, Beloved!  We greet you with much LOVE in this powerful moment of your human story!

We ask that you let our love touch your magnificent heart NOW! That you breathe the frequencies of Love that our words carry to you right into your very being NOW.

We ask that you tune into your Venus’ transit across your Helios NOW, as well, and understand the meaning. As Venus, your planet of Love, crosses your sun, solar energy is pulsing that Love most powerfully upon you and into you NOW! You are being innundated, bathed, and soaked through and through with the energies of Love.

This is truly a “Love/Light Message,’ is it not? For the Light of Love Itself is shining full upon You. Connect with it, open to it, and it will fuel your own transit into the higher frequencies of Love most powerfully! It will tap into your own potentials to fuel your shift into your New Paradigm of Being most powerfully, as well!

You have gone through many challenges to get to this moment of your time. You have done much facing of, and purging, old energy patterns that block Love’s entry. Although the process will continue through this month of your June, you have also come to the moment to begin to reap from all of your “love lessons,” as well– NOW!

NOW is the time to make very conscious choices to take loving actions. They do not have to be grand; they only need to come honestly from your heart. Care about life, yours as well as others, and offer actions to express this care. Smile at people from the heart! Let them feel the warmth of your own Love/Light shine upon them from your eyes!

NOW is the time to replace self-doubt with gentle self-support. Only when you are truly gentle with yourSelf can you offer the same frequency of care to others.

NOW is the time to free yourself from the suffering that comes from carrying the heavy burdens of old resentment. Ah, Beloved! Set yourself free from such suffering! Let the joy of Love/Light shine through every cell of your being at last!

NOW is the tme to choose to turn every old grudge into a conscious act of Love. And Beloved, it does not matter whether the person you express the Love to is the same person you are releasing your old grudge against! You are all ONE, remember?

It might serve you, at this powerful moment of your shift, to look at energy as fuel, or food. What will you choose, from now on, to nourish yourSELF with?  Anger? Fear? Suffering?  Or Love?  Oh, why not live on Love, Beloved?  Why not “shift” into living entirely on Love? That is what you came for, you know. And what a mighty Lover you can be!  Why, your entire galaxy admires your capacity to Love!

We Love you. You are Love. Remember that, and rejoice! Always and in all ways –the celestial team



Copyright(c)2012, JudithDagley-All Rights Reserved.

5.27.12 Love Permeates You Now!

5/27/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, again, Beloved!

You see? You never can be sure when we will show up with a written message, or a video, can you?  At least you cannot when you use your brain to look for patterns, rather than your heart center to feel your own flow! Sometimes it will be weeks, sometimes only fleeting days.

Isn’t that wonderful?  It is, indeed! It is wonderful because we respond to your own rhythms, rather than habits or set patterns. In other words, we respond to YOU.  We hope that you will also begin to do the same, and respond to your SELF as we do!

We transmit our message now with a most important purpose, which is to support you in believing in, and opening to receive, the love energy that is permeating your planet, and so YOU, right NOW.  We transmit to affirm, and confirm, that what you are feeling is something you can trust, and use to ride to a higher frequency yourself.  Some among you feel it as excitement, some as exhilaration, some as tremulous hope.  However you feel it, t is real, and it is safe!

Beloved, we tell you this because of something sad we have seen, and many among you are beginning to see as well.  We are very glad you are seeing it, and we want to encourage you to see right through it! And what is the “it” of which we speak? “It” is that through the experiences you have had (or, in truth, are having, as there truly is no time), in other lives, you have come to actually fear love, rather than welcome it.

Although the extent of such conditioning varies with each individual among you, each one of the all of you has come, you see, to equate love with pain to some degree. And that equation was forged as a chain in your enslavement to the illusions of loneliness and separation.

And THIS is why we tell you to open to yourSelf, and love yourSelf unconditionally, NOW.  THIS is why we tell you to become a loving intimate with yourSelf again– so that you might SEE and FEEL  the ways you have been conditioned to equate opening to love to opening to pain.

Ah, Beloved. How we love You. Feel our love for you through our words. Breathe it in.  If your heart is not open in this moment, then simply know–trust— that as you read, our love surrounds you, and INHALE.  It IS that easy, and most especially in this moment of your time–to know you are loved, to feel it, and to let love in.

FEEL Love and TRUST. FEEL Love and ENJOY. FEEL Love and RELAX. It IS safe to love now. FEEL Love and let it circulate throughout all of the dimensions of your being. Breathe Love in until you are permeated. And then, begin to breathe Love OUT again. Circulate Love! To your loved ones, to your neighbors, to your collective Itself.

THIS is how you change the world. The Love is there, but only YOU can trust enough to breathe Love in, receive Love, and then breathe Love out again. Do it NOW Beloved!  We promise you, this is Your time to do so. This IS Your Time.

We love you, and we LOVE the way you love!  Always and in All Ways. –the celestial team



Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

5.24.12 YOU Are the Oracle. YOU Are the Future.

5.24.12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with much joy and Love, Beloved!

Yes, here we are again with one of our written messages!  There has been a pause of a bit longer duration than usual between our last one and this one, in terms of your linear time perception, has there not? Did you notice? Did you miss us? Or did you find a way to feel us with you anyway?  Or, did you not consciously notice, but begin to feel a bit “dull,” or “at a loss” (to use your terms), and not be able to “put your finger on” (another one!) exactly why?

We, of course, know the answer. We do not ever ask you questions about yourself because we wonder what the answer is, you know! We ask you questions so that YOU will look for the answer, and find it wihin YOURSELF.

Now. How is it that we know the answer? Because as you read our messages, you take our energy into you, do you not? That is, you take our energy in, to whatever degree you read through your heart rather than your brain, and so allow us in. Well! Realize, for a moment, then, exactly what that means! You take our energy in. Well, our energy is US, is it not? And so, you let us in to mingle with your own energy– to KNOW you, to LOVE you intimately, and to assist you in recallibrating to a higher frequency in whatever way you are ready for.

THAT, Beloved, is exactly what happens when you take our frequencies in through your heart center. And there is no other relationship more intimate, or trusting, or loving, than the one we enter into together through your own heart’s desire. In truth, there is actually never any separation between us, ever–or between you and any member of your collective–separation is only an illusion.  But, through our providing you with the tools to take our frequencies in as we have done over the past seventeen of your months, through our written messages and then our videos, we have offered you the experience of feeling the truth that lies beyond your 3D illusion of separation. And that truth, as your Yeshuwa has told you, is that THERE IS ONLY ONE.

Therefore, although our messages appear through your 3rd dimensional filter to go out as  general ones to a large group of you, and even be available to any and all, that is not the case. Oh no! Our messages go out only to individuals. No one who receives a message from us receives the same one that anyone else on your planet receives–even though the words may look identical. Pause for a moment and take that in fully, Beloved.

Now, there is a multi-dimensional truth for you! You might even use it to test your own expansion, if you like. For, to the degree that you can “see”–or, rather “feel,”– how that is possible, you have expanded beyond the limitations of separation. If it still just looks like “words on a page,” a concept to “try,” one day, to grasp, however, then we beseech you, Beloved, to begin to take your journey of expansion more to heart, and to know that it is one that only you, alone, can give yourself to. And all of your answers, all of your wisdom, are as a jewel nestled within you, waiting for your loving, grateful, recognition.

Yet, we also know that within yourself is not a place you have been entrained to look for answers, is it? Quite the contrary! You have been most rigidly conditioned to look outside of yourself for your own answers, we know–although it doesn’t really make much sense to do so, even with your “brain logic,” does it? To get “your own answer” from “someone else?”

Nonetheless, we have watched you, for many, many, lifetimes, attempt to do just that. Even as the answers to your questions may be bubbling up in your own, incredible, gift of emotions most expressively, or crying out to be heard through manifestations of “symptoms” in your own, finely tuned, divine, physical body, or reflecting themselves back to you from your own mirror, which is the world around you, most insistently– still, you will consult with others who call themselves “experts,” or the media, to find out what you “should do,” or “what’s really going on,” instead.

As we have said, we have watched you do this for aeons. At first, it was fun, a grand adventure, to learn so much about what the illusion of feeling separate and alone is like, was it not? And if you don’t remember how much fun it was, we will tell you that we were watching even then, and you relished the ride!  It was thrilling and unique, a ride that many in your galaxy were nowhere near up to taking.

YOU were, though. And you did, indeed, learn much, and you shared all that you learned with your inter-galactic family the whole while. There is much, much, gratitude relayed to you from your galaxy for doing so. There is also much support being offered you NOW, in return, as it is time to make your way back to your SELF!

It is time to remember and own these truths again:

YOU are the Oracle you seek.

YOU are the very future, in this very moment of your NOW!

Take that in, Beloved. PLEASE take that in.

And so, during the energies that have been most powerfully propelling your expansion over the last weeks, we have chosen to stand back and let you use them, on your own, and so discover what a powerhouse of technology and wisdom you truly are. Of course, we have always been easily accessed in an instant by any among you who wished to feel our energy and support–just as we always have and always will.  But how will you discover that you can do so, until you must do it on your own?

THAT is what we want you to discover–that you can, and do, do everything on your own. YOU are the reality creator!  Consider the external world as a mirror, which you personally ordered so that  you could see the reflection of your own psyche within it!  Understand this NOW, Beloved, for the energies will continue to come in ever increasing waves of intensity.  And why? To support you in growing into YOURSELF again! You are much, much, stronger, and more powerful, than your brain “thinks” you are.

KNOW that. TRUST YOURSELF. All of your answers are within YOU. LISTEN to YOURSELF!

We love you. We never leave you. Always and in all ways, we are with you. –the celestial team



Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

5.8.12 Bringing it All Home!

5/8/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, Beloved!

We attempt, with our frequencies, to enclose you peacefully for awhile in all that You know, and all that You are, and no more. You have been innundated over the past couple of your weeks with energies that have caused You to expamd into knowing, and feeling, that which You have not yet been aware of until NOW.  Know that this will continue over the coming months. Know that this is why we have been asking You to KNOW and LOVE YOURSELF.

Nothing that triggers You from outside of YourSelf need be dealt with outside of yourSelf.  No energies that trigger feelings within You from outside of yourself require your attention. No external situations that trigger feelings within You require your attention. No person who is not You, but who triggers feelings within You, requires your attention.

ALL of the work required of You is within. Once you do it within, you will give Love to all that is calling on You from without, and with ease.

ALL of the change that has the potential to occur within your human collective, and within/upon your planet, can only occur within You first. You create your human collective as You go. You create circumstances as you go. You create relationships as you go.

UNDERSTAND THIS, BELOVED! You are not victimized by your relationships, or your collective, or even by your governments! Not in even the slightest way are you ever victimized.  We have been telling You that You have Sovereign Authority. Believe us,  NOW.

Whatever your expectations, whatever frequency You hold, is what You will spin out energetically as your reality. It is as simple as that!  There is no punishment doled out, and no “hard won”  lessons demanded from You by your Source!  As a part of Source, all You are ever given is what You ask for.

It IS that simple. Do not reach out not, then, any longer, to ask for what You want from a place of need!  Do not reach out not then, for your desires from a place of longing! You would not have desires if they were not meant to be met–would You?
Of  course not. That would be impossible. Reach out then in confidence, knowing that if You have a desire, it is already met. Reach out KNOWING that (after all, it is not hard to fathom, even with 3D logic, is it?),  and then RECEIVE IT. Perhaps it will not look as You expected it to. Perhaps it will approach You in surprising and expanding ways. Stay present in the moment, Beloved, so that You do not miss it!

In this moment of Your NOW, more than ever, You are being called to recognize Love, and You are being invited to receive it. All blocks You have to doing so will be brought forward, as they must, for they will indicate the lack of Love You have for YourSelf, and so the limitations of Love that You will allow YourSelf to receive from another. And You would not have it any other way, would You?

So pay attention to Love from this time on, Beloved!  Let Your ability to give and receive Love, rather than the categorizing of facts from your 3D intellect, be Your guiding light to intelligence from now on! If You are choosing to move into the higher frequencies, the energies of NOW will carry You with ease, on the intelligence of the heart!  And, of course, if You are choosing to stay in 3D for awhile longer, you know how to do that, as well. We are so happy to tell you that freedom reigns NOW, and the choice is finally Yours, alone!

We love you so!  Always and in All Ways– the celestial team



Copyright (c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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