7.4.12 In Celebration of Uniqueness and Unity!

7/4/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Happy Day to You, Beloved!

On this particular day, the Fourth of July, one of the countries on your planet is celebrating itself  in a most grand way, is it not?  We think such a “celebration of selfdom” is a fine idea, always. In fact, we would like to see you all celebrate your individual selfdoms on a daily basis!   We also wish to add our own perspectives on such celebrations “to the pot” for your consideration, if you don’t mind.

We see all of your countries as unique, and with special roles to play on behalf of your entire human family. Each is precious, and without even one of them, your collective would not be whole. Without even one of them, you would be missing an important part of your “human selfdom,” as it were. And so, each rightly deserves to be celebrated, and honored for its own precious uniqueness.

Because the third dimension is one of polarity, however, and because it has been your home for so long, you have all become accustomed to experiencing “unique” as meaning “separate from” –or “individual” as meaning “other than.” Now, as you move through the fourth dimension and prepare to enter the fifth, we encourage you to expand your sense of meaning to a more holistic one. You see, it will no longer serve you to experience life in terms of “this” or “that.” Such ideas of separation are simply third dimensional illusions that have kept humanity competing and fighting with its very “selfdom,”  has it not? Truly, there is no “this” or “that.” There is only “this” AND” that.”

Let us use your own, physical human body as an example. Your exquisite body is one whole, one entity. Yet, it is made up of many unique parts, all of which are necessary and all of which are precious to the whole.  You do not say, “Well, I will have either a liver or a colon, but I will not have both! I will choose to have a tongue or an esophagus, but not both!”

We laugh with you now, for we well know that you understand that each part of your body is both unique, and a crucial part of the whole. And so it is with each one of your countries on your home you call Earth. So it is, as well, with each individual one of you in the magnificent body of your human collective.

Celebrate each other then, for the uniqueness of every one of you! Celebrate each of your countries for the diversity they add to the awe-inspiring tapestry of humanity!  No longer deprive yourself of the richness of the All through projections of judgments onto others, or through pretending to cut your planet into pieces!  Expansion, after all, means “inclusion,” for expansion includes each one in the All!  Let go of separation, then, Beloved, and let peace and Love for All fill your heart. Let YourSelf be whole again.

We love you. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team




Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

6.5.12 Let Your Love Shine NOW!

6/5/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Ah, Beloved!  We greet you with much LOVE in this powerful moment of your human story!

We ask that you let our love touch your magnificent heart NOW! That you breathe the frequencies of Love that our words carry to you right into your very being NOW.

We ask that you tune into your Venus’ transit across your Helios NOW, as well, and understand the meaning. As Venus, your planet of Love, crosses your sun, solar energy is pulsing that Love most powerfully upon you and into you NOW! You are being innundated, bathed, and soaked through and through with the energies of Love.

This is truly a “Love/Light Message,’ is it not? For the Light of Love Itself is shining full upon You. Connect with it, open to it, and it will fuel your own transit into the higher frequencies of Love most powerfully! It will tap into your own potentials to fuel your shift into your New Paradigm of Being most powerfully, as well!

You have gone through many challenges to get to this moment of your time. You have done much facing of, and purging, old energy patterns that block Love’s entry. Although the process will continue through this month of your June, you have also come to the moment to begin to reap from all of your “love lessons,” as well– NOW!

NOW is the time to make very conscious choices to take loving actions. They do not have to be grand; they only need to come honestly from your heart. Care about life, yours as well as others, and offer actions to express this care. Smile at people from the heart! Let them feel the warmth of your own Love/Light shine upon them from your eyes!

NOW is the time to replace self-doubt with gentle self-support. Only when you are truly gentle with yourSelf can you offer the same frequency of care to others.

NOW is the time to free yourself from the suffering that comes from carrying the heavy burdens of old resentment. Ah, Beloved! Set yourself free from such suffering! Let the joy of Love/Light shine through every cell of your being at last!

NOW is the tme to choose to turn every old grudge into a conscious act of Love. And Beloved, it does not matter whether the person you express the Love to is the same person you are releasing your old grudge against! You are all ONE, remember?

It might serve you, at this powerful moment of your shift, to look at energy as fuel, or food. What will you choose, from now on, to nourish yourSELF with?  Anger? Fear? Suffering?  Or Love?  Oh, why not live on Love, Beloved?  Why not “shift” into living entirely on Love? That is what you came for, you know. And what a mighty Lover you can be!  Why, your entire galaxy admires your capacity to Love!

We Love you. You are Love. Remember that, and rejoice! Always and in all ways –the celestial team



Copyright(c)2012, JudithDagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

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