5.27.12 Love Permeates You Now!

5/27/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, again, Beloved!

You see? You never can be sure when we will show up with a written message, or a video, can you?  At least you cannot when you use your brain to look for patterns, rather than your heart center to feel your own flow! Sometimes it will be weeks, sometimes only fleeting days.

Isn’t that wonderful?  It is, indeed! It is wonderful because we respond to your own rhythms, rather than habits or set patterns. In other words, we respond to YOU.  We hope that you will also begin to do the same, and respond to your SELF as we do!

We transmit our message now with a most important purpose, which is to support you in believing in, and opening to receive, the love energy that is permeating your planet, and so YOU, right NOW.  We transmit to affirm, and confirm, that what you are feeling is something you can trust, and use to ride to a higher frequency yourself.  Some among you feel it as excitement, some as exhilaration, some as tremulous hope.  However you feel it, t is real, and it is safe!

Beloved, we tell you this because of something sad we have seen, and many among you are beginning to see as well.  We are very glad you are seeing it, and we want to encourage you to see right through it! And what is the “it” of which we speak? “It” is that through the experiences you have had (or, in truth, are having, as there truly is no time), in other lives, you have come to actually fear love, rather than welcome it.

Although the extent of such conditioning varies with each individual among you, each one of the all of you has come, you see, to equate love with pain to some degree. And that equation was forged as a chain in your enslavement to the illusions of loneliness and separation.

And THIS is why we tell you to open to yourSelf, and love yourSelf unconditionally, NOW.  THIS is why we tell you to become a loving intimate with yourSelf again– so that you might SEE and FEEL  the ways you have been conditioned to equate opening to love to opening to pain.

Ah, Beloved. How we love You. Feel our love for you through our words. Breathe it in.  If your heart is not open in this moment, then simply know–trust— that as you read, our love surrounds you, and INHALE.  It IS that easy, and most especially in this moment of your time–to know you are loved, to feel it, and to let love in.

FEEL Love and TRUST. FEEL Love and ENJOY. FEEL Love and RELAX. It IS safe to love now. FEEL Love and let it circulate throughout all of the dimensions of your being. Breathe Love in until you are permeated. And then, begin to breathe Love OUT again. Circulate Love! To your loved ones, to your neighbors, to your collective Itself.

THIS is how you change the world. The Love is there, but only YOU can trust enough to breathe Love in, receive Love, and then breathe Love out again. Do it NOW Beloved!  We promise you, this is Your time to do so. This IS Your Time.

We love you, and we LOVE the way you love!  Always and in All Ways. –the celestial team



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