5.24.12 YOU Are the Oracle. YOU Are the Future.

5.24.12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with much joy and Love, Beloved!

Yes, here we are again with one of our written messages!  There has been a pause of a bit longer duration than usual between our last one and this one, in terms of your linear time perception, has there not? Did you notice? Did you miss us? Or did you find a way to feel us with you anyway?  Or, did you not consciously notice, but begin to feel a bit “dull,” or “at a loss” (to use your terms), and not be able to “put your finger on” (another one!) exactly why?

We, of course, know the answer. We do not ever ask you questions about yourself because we wonder what the answer is, you know! We ask you questions so that YOU will look for the answer, and find it wihin YOURSELF.

Now. How is it that we know the answer? Because as you read our messages, you take our energy into you, do you not? That is, you take our energy in, to whatever degree you read through your heart rather than your brain, and so allow us in. Well! Realize, for a moment, then, exactly what that means! You take our energy in. Well, our energy is US, is it not? And so, you let us in to mingle with your own energy– to KNOW you, to LOVE you intimately, and to assist you in recallibrating to a higher frequency in whatever way you are ready for.

THAT, Beloved, is exactly what happens when you take our frequencies in through your heart center. And there is no other relationship more intimate, or trusting, or loving, than the one we enter into together through your own heart’s desire. In truth, there is actually never any separation between us, ever–or between you and any member of your collective–separation is only an illusion.  But, through our providing you with the tools to take our frequencies in as we have done over the past seventeen of your months, through our written messages and then our videos, we have offered you the experience of feeling the truth that lies beyond your 3D illusion of separation. And that truth, as your Yeshuwa has told you, is that THERE IS ONLY ONE.

Therefore, although our messages appear through your 3rd dimensional filter to go out as  general ones to a large group of you, and even be available to any and all, that is not the case. Oh no! Our messages go out only to individuals. No one who receives a message from us receives the same one that anyone else on your planet receives–even though the words may look identical. Pause for a moment and take that in fully, Beloved.

Now, there is a multi-dimensional truth for you! You might even use it to test your own expansion, if you like. For, to the degree that you can “see”–or, rather “feel,”– how that is possible, you have expanded beyond the limitations of separation. If it still just looks like “words on a page,” a concept to “try,” one day, to grasp, however, then we beseech you, Beloved, to begin to take your journey of expansion more to heart, and to know that it is one that only you, alone, can give yourself to. And all of your answers, all of your wisdom, are as a jewel nestled within you, waiting for your loving, grateful, recognition.

Yet, we also know that within yourself is not a place you have been entrained to look for answers, is it? Quite the contrary! You have been most rigidly conditioned to look outside of yourself for your own answers, we know–although it doesn’t really make much sense to do so, even with your “brain logic,” does it? To get “your own answer” from “someone else?”

Nonetheless, we have watched you, for many, many, lifetimes, attempt to do just that. Even as the answers to your questions may be bubbling up in your own, incredible, gift of emotions most expressively, or crying out to be heard through manifestations of “symptoms” in your own, finely tuned, divine, physical body, or reflecting themselves back to you from your own mirror, which is the world around you, most insistently– still, you will consult with others who call themselves “experts,” or the media, to find out what you “should do,” or “what’s really going on,” instead.

As we have said, we have watched you do this for aeons. At first, it was fun, a grand adventure, to learn so much about what the illusion of feeling separate and alone is like, was it not? And if you don’t remember how much fun it was, we will tell you that we were watching even then, and you relished the ride!  It was thrilling and unique, a ride that many in your galaxy were nowhere near up to taking.

YOU were, though. And you did, indeed, learn much, and you shared all that you learned with your inter-galactic family the whole while. There is much, much, gratitude relayed to you from your galaxy for doing so. There is also much support being offered you NOW, in return, as it is time to make your way back to your SELF!

It is time to remember and own these truths again:

YOU are the Oracle you seek.

YOU are the very future, in this very moment of your NOW!

Take that in, Beloved. PLEASE take that in.

And so, during the energies that have been most powerfully propelling your expansion over the last weeks, we have chosen to stand back and let you use them, on your own, and so discover what a powerhouse of technology and wisdom you truly are. Of course, we have always been easily accessed in an instant by any among you who wished to feel our energy and support–just as we always have and always will.  But how will you discover that you can do so, until you must do it on your own?

THAT is what we want you to discover–that you can, and do, do everything on your own. YOU are the reality creator!  Consider the external world as a mirror, which you personally ordered so that  you could see the reflection of your own psyche within it!  Understand this NOW, Beloved, for the energies will continue to come in ever increasing waves of intensity.  And why? To support you in growing into YOURSELF again! You are much, much, stronger, and more powerful, than your brain “thinks” you are.

KNOW that. TRUST YOURSELF. All of your answers are within YOU. LISTEN to YOURSELF!

We love you. We never leave you. Always and in all ways, we are with you. –the celestial team



Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.   www.thecelestialteam.com

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