5.8.12 Bringing it All Home!

5/8/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, Beloved!

We attempt, with our frequencies, to enclose you peacefully for awhile in all that You know, and all that You are, and no more. You have been innundated over the past couple of your weeks with energies that have caused You to expamd into knowing, and feeling, that which You have not yet been aware of until NOW.  Know that this will continue over the coming months. Know that this is why we have been asking You to KNOW and LOVE YOURSELF.

Nothing that triggers You from outside of YourSelf need be dealt with outside of yourSelf.  No energies that trigger feelings within You from outside of yourself require your attention. No external situations that trigger feelings within You require your attention. No person who is not You, but who triggers feelings within You, requires your attention.

ALL of the work required of You is within. Once you do it within, you will give Love to all that is calling on You from without, and with ease.

ALL of the change that has the potential to occur within your human collective, and within/upon your planet, can only occur within You first. You create your human collective as You go. You create circumstances as you go. You create relationships as you go.

UNDERSTAND THIS, BELOVED! You are not victimized by your relationships, or your collective, or even by your governments! Not in even the slightest way are you ever victimized.  We have been telling You that You have Sovereign Authority. Believe us,  NOW.

Whatever your expectations, whatever frequency You hold, is what You will spin out energetically as your reality. It is as simple as that!  There is no punishment doled out, and no “hard won”  lessons demanded from You by your Source!  As a part of Source, all You are ever given is what You ask for.

It IS that simple. Do not reach out not, then, any longer, to ask for what You want from a place of need!  Do not reach out not then, for your desires from a place of longing! You would not have desires if they were not meant to be met–would You?
Of  course not. That would be impossible. Reach out then in confidence, knowing that if You have a desire, it is already met. Reach out KNOWING that (after all, it is not hard to fathom, even with 3D logic, is it?),  and then RECEIVE IT. Perhaps it will not look as You expected it to. Perhaps it will approach You in surprising and expanding ways. Stay present in the moment, Beloved, so that You do not miss it!

In this moment of Your NOW, more than ever, You are being called to recognize Love, and You are being invited to receive it. All blocks You have to doing so will be brought forward, as they must, for they will indicate the lack of Love You have for YourSelf, and so the limitations of Love that You will allow YourSelf to receive from another. And You would not have it any other way, would You?

So pay attention to Love from this time on, Beloved!  Let Your ability to give and receive Love, rather than the categorizing of facts from your 3D intellect, be Your guiding light to intelligence from now on! If You are choosing to move into the higher frequencies, the energies of NOW will carry You with ease, on the intelligence of the heart!  And, of course, if You are choosing to stay in 3D for awhile longer, you know how to do that, as well. We are so happy to tell you that freedom reigns NOW, and the choice is finally Yours, alone!

We love you so!  Always and in All Ways– the celestial team



Copyright (c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

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