NEW ENERGY, NEW GPS! Join the celestial team on May 10th to Get YOURS Up and Running!


We greet you with much excitement, Beloved– You are fully in your NEW ENERGY at last! 

We wish to point out that we did not say the ENERGY is NEW. You did, indeed, enter it on your solstice of 12.21.12. We are excited because YOU are fully in it NOW! You see, entering an entirely NEW ENERGY is one thing. Recallibrating yourSelf entirely INTO it is quite another.

And You have spent the last two of your years doing exactly that, As You recall, we offered monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings through the last six months of your 2014 to assist You with that final phase before entering your 2015. That was by design, of course, in order to prepare You for spiraling into readiness through the first third of this entirely NEW year.

Quite a whirlwind of getting “up to speed,” was it not? But You did it, Beloved!
NOW, You are in your Orientation Phase, which is a whole NEW sort of whirlwind altogether, and a most exciting one. We wish You to experience the excitement, the adventure, the pure creative FUN of this phase.

In order to do so, the critical keyword to hold in your consciousness is “NEW.”
Nothing is the same in this NEW ENERGY. We mean that in the most absolute, intrinsic way. It is an entirely NEW Paradigm of “reality” altogether.

You cannot possibly orient to a NEW Paradigm by using old paradigm methods.
To attempt to do so would not only make what could be very easy seem impossibly “hard,” it would get You nowhere but lost. To illustrate this, we will use the very human, yet also very apt, metaphor that
 our Judith used in one of our tele-gatherings last year–

If You are moving from Cleveland, Ohio to an island in Tahiti, would You expect a map of Cleveland to be useful in finding your way around your NEW tropical island?

Of course You wouldn’t! You KNOW better than that. Remember what You KNOW, Beloved, and remember that where You are NOW is even NEWER than a move across your globe. In you NEW ENERGY, there IS no map. It is NEW uncharted territory, and one in which the very concept of “maps” as you know them do not apply.

But what You DO have is even finer! You have a NEW Global Positioning SystemLike your old ones, it relies on wave lengths. UNLIKE your old ones, however, your NEW GPS  does not need a satellite. Nor does it need unobstructed lines of sight, or any other conditions.

Your NEW GPS is within You. Its NEW technology is the best You have ever used. That is within You, as well, for it is powered by your own frequencies. And it is so easy to operate that it is “hard” to fathom at first, coming into it from your old paradigm as You are.

That is why we, with our earthly member Judith, have offered the NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERINGS in this month of your May. We absolutely LOVED presenting the first one on your Sunday, May 3rd– we could feel the energy crackling as the information connected and went LIVE within all who joined with us that day!

And NOW, we will ask our Judith to offer details about how to receive the recording of that tele-gathering– as well as how to “crackle right along with us” in the next ones! We are doing so because we feel the frequencies of some who are reading this transmission,  and feeling the resonance within themSelves to join us very powerfully.. a few for the very first “time.” Ah, how we welcome you, Beloved! How exciting this NEW ENERGY is! 

Hi, Judith here… it really WAS amazing, the first NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERING! I could go on and on about it, but since I know its better to find these things out for oneSelf,  I’ll just say that what amazed me most is how PRACTICAL it was. Only a few years ago, the celestial team’s messages were powerful because their frequencies are so high, they awakened our own to reach for them.

Well, their frequencies are STILL high, all right!  And sure, they still raise our own, sure they still inspire us… but the information they shared with us in the last NEW ENERGY Tele-Gathering was so darned USABLE... I mean, right HERE, right NOW!

And what this confirms for ME is that, not only are we in NEW ENERGY, not only are OUR frequencies much higher NOW– but that WE are READY to be NEW, at last– right HERE, right NOW.

May 3rd, May 10th, May 17th, and May 24th
4:00 p.m. pstd until 5:30-6:00 p.m. pstd
(whenever the gathering is complete)

Reciprocal Energy Exchange– $20.00 per each
With recording– $25.00 per each
Recording only– $15.00 per each

To Register–
Offer your reciprocal energy exchange via paypal to
(You can do this by pressing the “Donate” tab in the right sidebar)
Note the gathering(s) and/or recording(s) it is offered for.
The international phone number and access code for the gathering(s)
will be emailed to you.
The recordings will be emailed within 48 hours, or 48 hours after
a tele-gathering is presented.

Questions? ASK me! Either on this site or by email to ❤

How we love you, Beloved! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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7.30.12 You Know More Than You THINK You Do!

7.30.12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you most fondly, Beloved!

In this moment of your linear time, we wish very much to connect with you because you are feeling the energies from your cosmos as they bring you Light, expanded information, and powerful momentum for your “shift.” We know you are unaccustomed to getting so much concentrated support, and so are feeling the effects on your body as well as your psyche as you adjust.  Many of you are feeling temporary aches and pains as your body clears itself of toxins. Many of you are feeling dizzy at times, as your body recalibrates itself with the downloads you received at Summer Solstice. Many of you are experiencing difficulty sleeping, no matter how tired you are, as your new energies rush into and through your body. And of course, we are aware of what you call your “mood swings,” as well—but which we see as very rapid, somewhat erratic, timeline jumping.

We see.  Take that in, for it is more evidence that, no matter how used to feeling alone you are, you are not alone. You are very much seen, supported, and loved–always. PLEASE take that in, Beloved.

As you experience these powerful and rapidly moving energies, what we want most to connect with you about is the uncertainty, self-doubt, and frustration that they bring up in you. To us, it seems very important that we point those reactions out to you–for all of them are born only of false beliefs and judgments that you hold about yourself!  It is wonderful that they are coming up, make no mistake!  If they didn’t clamor for your attention, how would you know the extent to which they are still present within you?

What we want you to understand is that they are not coming up so that you can continue to “buy into them!”  They are coming up so that you can release them. And the faster you do, the lighter and more empowered you will feel.  What we mean is this: Whenever you feel them, that is the NOW in which to release them. Do NOT put such self-limiting activations “on hold until later” any longer, because you are “busy!”

We promise you that whatever you are “doing” is not more important than releasing illusions that limit your ability to claim your sovereignty in the moment they show themselves. THAT, Beloved, is when they are accessible. THAT is your moment of opportunity. And if you vow to stay present, it will make perfect sense to deal with the present, in the present.

On the other hand, if you make a choice to put your “NOW moments” on hold in order to deal with them in “the future,” then you will never find them again. When you get to “your future,” they will already have been relegated (by your choice!) to the past.  We know this is very hard for many to comprehend at their current frequency, especially while still locked in the construct of linear time!

It is, perhaps, even harder for us to attempt to explain it in your language.  Since you do not yet have language for your New Paradigm of Being, we may not be doing a very good job. Still, we try. And for those of you who have been endeavoring to read our frequencies, you will read from us what cannot be written in words!

For those of you who have not, don’t worry–you can start right NOW, if you choose to. Simply give your brain a “time out,” go to your heart center, and set an intention to FEEL our words.  If it doesn’t “work,” do it again. And again. Do not abandon your intention! Do not give up on yourSelf! The sort of radical paradigm shift you are undergoing takes practice–that is, unless you prefer to create a drama to knock you into it!

Because you are reading our messages, however, we know that, in your heart, you would prefer not to rely on creating drama as a method of forcing change rather than becoming a master of change.  And so, we tell you to stay present in the moment of your NOWS, and deal with what comes up there, THERE. In the moment–

Release judgment.

Forgive everybody. Especially yourself, for all are only reflections of something within you, anyway!

Do it NOW, when it comes up, for judgments and resentments are only products of the past.

Let your NOW be NEW. Let yourself create it anew as you choose to.

We will speak more about this with you very soon. But for NOW, digest this, Beloved. Do not, any longer, put off what the NOW offers you until “later.” There is no later. Only NOW. And only YOU can tend to it! So, release self-doubt. Trust yourself, and your frustration will fade as you deal with the NOW, in the NOW. And remember, there ARE NO WRONG CHOICES! Maske them with confidence, and the feedback you receive from the reflections you create around you will help you adjust them as you go.

Ah, stay in the NOW, Beloved! Use it! You are supported by very powerful energies, as well as many light beings who love you and are committed to serving you as much as you will let them! NOW is your time. The “shift” is happening– and YOU are in charge of how it evolves–for YOU.

We love you. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team



Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

1.16.12 Navigating in the NOW, part 2–Love/Light Video and Message!

This is Judith–not the celestial team this time, and if you were hoping it was, I am sorry to disappoint you!  I understand if you were, though–I kind of wish it was them, myself,  to tell you the truth. Its a lot less stressful to just bring them through in a fizzy whoosh than it is to stand on my own two human feet and speak (write) in my own human voice, you know.  Its been a long, upward climb for me to trust my own voice, and then, to trust those who hear it to not either stone, burn, or laugh me off the planet.  Some of us “voices” have a lot of such past life experiences behind us, as I’m sure you also may know, as you may be one yourself.

But now is NOW, which is the whole point of this message.  NOW is our time to speak up, to support one another, to join one another, to bring our voices together in a resounding chorus that rings through the  galaxy and changes our world.  And  that is why the celestial team is asking me to step up to the plate and trust my SELF, trust YOU, and trust the love in my heart to simply overpower the fear until there is nothing left of it but a faint little grease spot. So, here I am.

Another important thing to mention is that I am aware that I am not truly sticking my neck out (flashback of a guillotine!) — all alone, for I feel the celestial team braiding with me as I write. Not only that, but they have always been part of me, just as you have celestial aspects that have always been part of you.  We just were sold a bill of goods for a very long time  that we were crazy–or witches– if we allowed ourselves to believe that.  The celestial team also tells me that reclaiming these higher aspects of ourselves is part of our “grand integration process.” We hold within us, every one of us, an orchestra that is US, and yet is a cohesive whole.  I’m starting to even feel myself that way, as a constant braid of frequencies, everchanging, and  yet completely responsive to my choices in every NOW, for in my current earthly incarnation, I, and I alone, am the conductor.  As are you.

All of that said, you will find below a link to the 2nd of our 3 part video, which is an  improvised-by-me-in-the-now desire to bring you more of the feeling, the juice, the power–in short, the aliveness— of being a human in the NOW. Nothing about it was pre-conceived (as you would have known all on your own just  by watching it, I’m sure!).  The celestial team’s fizzy energy is there infusing every moment, of course, but it was left up to human me to describe the not-describable experience of being in the continuous stream of pulsing NOWS we live in. Every nanosecond, waves of NOW energy are inundating us with creative possibilities, offering themselves to US to use in any way we choose. (Now, you try describing the feeling of that!)

Please, then,  take my descriptions in as brush strokes, metaphors, musical notes—whatever way your divinely creative, multi-dimensional spirit loves most.  Brain logic is not necessary, though, for there certainly are no facts in there, that’s for sure! Facts are something else, entirely—they’re more like rules thought up to limit creative expansion and keep everyone roped in on the same, tiny, page.

Therefore, at the risk of being redundant, I strongly suggest that you cut loose from those limitations and get nice and  heart-centered before you press the play button. Then, let yourself simply feel the video, or climb inside it, or ride it like a wave.  Again, its up to you– whatever your unique, free-flowing style of expansion is, just let it happen. And,  if you really get 3rd dimensional thinking out of your way, you’ll find that your beautiful, all-knowing, multi-dimensional heart will do it all FOR you, no thinking required. All you have to do is say YES, and have a whole, new experience of knowing. You’re SOVEREIGN, remember?

Part 2 of a 3 part, in-the-now, description of the feeling, the juice, the aliveness, and the power, of being in the NOW as the sovereign co- creator you truly are.
Much Love/Light to you!
( P.S.  —Part 3 will arrive in a week or so…as soon as I get the “celestial nudge.”)
Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley, All Rights Reserved
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