3.3.13 More Power Tools for You, Beloved!

3/3.13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with frequencies of Love for all that You are, Beloved!

Indeed, there is no greater purpose for our message than to carry our frequencies of Love to you. Our Love for you is gently enfolded within the words, so all you need do is breathe them in. More, the words, themselves, are chosen for their abilities to be encoded with our Love. Even more, we choose word combinations that, when used together, form tiny wormholes through which you can access our Love as your very Own Love.

Oh, we are quite industrious in bringing our Love to you in every way you can receive them, are we not? And those are only a few of our methods!  Perhaps you are seeing that when we end our transmissions with the words, “We love you—Always and in All Ways,” we mean them quite literally! Perhaps you are seeing that, for us, it is not enough to simply Love you. We want to communicate that Love to you, imbue you with it’s frequencies, so that you will recognize, receive, be filled with them, feel how Loved and Love-able You are…Ah, yes. THAT is our deepest desire.

Why do you suppose this is so important to us? Because as you feel our Love for your precious Self—well, watch what happens. We will encode the process through words, and if you follow along with them, you will feel what happens for yourSelf. Ready? Here we go—

You feel the frequencies of our Love for your precious Self…

You let this Love of your Self mingle with your own frequencies, with your own Self…

As you do, you feel Love of Self within you…

And Voila! You are in Love with your Self! And what is that besides Self-Love?

You see how smooth the whole operation is? All you have to do is allow it to happen! And since Self-Love is the very foundation of your New Paradigm of Being, assisting you in settling into that foundation is, has been, and always will be (as all is actually NOW, remember, Beloved?), the very foundation of our messages, as well. Ah, how we Love you! Ah, how we celebrate when your vision expands beyond illusions that show you anything besides how Love-able you are. Our methods in assisting you in this wondrous expansion are energetic, of course. We will tell you a little about the “physics” that support them, and you will see why Self-Love is so crucial for you NOW. If you take them to heart, you will also open yourSelf to learning quite a lot about your own methods as a powerful energy alchemist!

To begin with a bit of a review, the frequencies of Love are very high. The higher the vibratory rate of a being’s frequencies, the more it’s (or his/her, if you prefer), consciousness expands to see all in our universe as interconnected aspects of one WHOLE. When you hold Self-Love as your internal energetic foundation, therefore, you also change the very “reality” you live in, for (as you already know), all is simply a reflection of one’s own frequencies. Thus, simply through holding the frequencies of Self Love—

* You experience the interconnection of the All. You move out of the old victim/aggressor paradigm of separation and into your New one, which is Unity Consciousness.

* As you do so, all of the old fear-based beliefs and perceptions that were part of the energy pattern of the old paradigm simply stop making any sense at all.

And so, Beloved, use your frequencies of Self-Love to navigate NOW! They will clearly let you know “where you are” in every nanosecond. If you find yourself having thoughts or responding to your self-created experiences from a frequency of fear, or helplessness, or anger, then they spring from a belief that they are happening “to you,” and you know you have drifted back into the old paradigm. Recognize these old, lower frequency patterns as the helpful signs they are, and reset yourSelf back into your frequency of Self-Love!

Remember that nothing is more important in using this “time” of practicing your NEW mastery than claiming Self-Love as your NEW energetic foundation—your NEW “frequency signature,” in other words. This is important because your frequency signature will become your very compass. Through it, you will also activate your gift of “discernment,” which is what replaces the old, fear-based need for what you used to perceive as a need for “protection.”

it is your frequency signature and your gift of discernment that we introduced in our second video in the series of  “Power Tools for Navigating NOW” last year. The first, about setting the foundation of Self-Love within you, we introduced a few weeks ago, as you know. We gave you lot’s of “time” to practice your mastery in doing so, and we will NOW include the link to the second one. Use it often! Be greedy! Take in every drop of our support that you possibly can, Beloved, for it is all for YOU, and it never runs out.

All we ask is that you remember that there is a sequencing through which to incorporate the power tools we have shared in our videos. That is why we did not suggest the second one until you had “time” to practice with the first enough to firmly set your foundation of Self-Love within you. Continue to watch it as much as you want, of course, to support you as you shift your focus to the second one, for the NEW tools  MUST be grounded in Self-Love in order to serve you well. We strongly suggest that you do not go on to the third and fourth videos in the series yet, either. Instead, honor the sequencing required, and do not allow the ego/brain to seduce you into rushing your process, for it is a process that cannot be rushed. Moreover, it is a process that is beyond the scope of the ego/brain to even understand, much less assimilate!

Now, we give you the link to your next phase of mastering your glorious NEW Power Tools!

POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW, part 2


Enjoy, Beloved!  Bask in this process of becoming the Sovereign Being you truly are. Take your “time” with it, for claiming your mastery is your innate right, and it is the process, itself, that is the “meat,” as you say, of your experience NOW. It is what you came for! In truth, you already KNOW what it is like to be on “the other side of it,” and will be there again in “no time,” we assure you. But the process you are in NOW…this one has never been done before, and never will again… Remember that. Savor it with full appreciation and delight—and know this as well—the vaster YOU that You truly are is loving every breath of it!

As we love you with your every breath as well. Always, and in All Ways—the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

2.18.13 One More Time–Human Beings are Beings of Frequency!

2/18/13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Ah, hello again, Beloved!

How often have we come to you in this way, over the past two and more of your years? Hundreds! And why did we begin when we did, to collaborate with our Judith in order to transmit our frequencies and messages to you? Because it was TIME. It was “time” to begin to prepare you for the crossing of your solstice threshold of 12.21.12, and into the very NOW that you are in. And how often we have repeated the very same messages in many different ways over these years, always callibrating them to attune with your own fluctuating frequencies of the moment! How often our Judith has written the same messages in different metaphors and words to match our continuing re-callibrations!

And WHY have we done so? Why did we not move on to give you even more information, more interesting guidance, more varieties of frequency activation? Well, we hope you have far more than an inkling as to “why” by NOW, for you are immersed in the very reason as you read! You are in NEW energetic territory, and the difference between where you are and where you were is as extreme as a move from the North Pole of your planet to it’s equator. And, to the extent that you are still all bundled up in snowsuits and trying to navigate your way around in a snowmobile, you are not only uncomfortable and confused– but you are resisting the very relief that you have been waiting for.

Of course, this move into NEW territory is an energetic one, and so your snowsuits are metaphoric, of course-which brings us back nicely to the very reason we kept our messages focused on recognizing yourSelf as a Being of Frequency! Only as you do so can you claim the Sovereign Authority that will, in turn, allow you to claim this NEW fifth dimensional territiory as your own, for the only way to do so is through frequency. Beloved, this is not the old victim/perpetrator paradigm of separation! You’re “not in Kansas any longer,” as our Judith says.

THIS is the NEW Paradigm of Being we have been talking about and preparing you for!  THIS is true sovereignty for ALL, which by definition is one of Unity Consciousness. So, welcome! Rub the sleep out of your eyes, brush the ice off your boots, open your NEW eyes, see the paradise that is waiting for your recognition– and then throw those heavy old boots out, altogether. You do not need them NOW.

You do need, however, to claim yourSelf as a being of frequency. And to navigate by frequency, you need your Sovereign Authority intact. And to have that, you need to be able to sustain Self-Love, without any conditions, whatsoever.

We know that some of you have been asking our Judith for more information about working with the Laws of Energy. We tell you that they will not “work” until You are in a position to work them. It is quite a “dicey thing,” shall we say, to play around with power unless one has gained the command one needs to be it’s master. We will tell you as well that there is a sequence of stages through which one goes in order to gain that command–and that is an Energy Law, in itself. You see, we have just given you one of them!

Digest that, please, and then we and our Judith will take you through a review of the necessary sequencing of steps that will lead to the command that is innately yours a a Sovereign Authority. We  will offer one sequence at a “time” so that you can assimilate it thoroughly before receiving the next, and the timing between them will vary, depending on your own process with the leap that each requires you to make. But of course, it is only YOU who decides whether to make those leaps or not. It is only YOU who decides whether to even use the steps we offer or not! Always, you are Sovereign.  Always, you are powerful. (Better to claim it then, and  use it consciously, don’t you agree, Beloved?)

Below, we have asked our Judith to place the link to the first video we made about accessing and using your Power Tools, and that was a year ago in your time! Please review it, take it in, right through your multidimensional heart center, say “YES” to it, and say YES  to YourSelf, Sovereign Being of Frequency that You are. We will return.

Power Tools for Navigating NOW, Part 1

Go for it Beloved!!!!

And remember how we love you! Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


Copyright(c) JudithDagley-All Rights Reserved.

10.21.12 Powerful Energy and a Multidimensional Chat!

10/21/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team and Judith

Hello Beloved! 

My, the energies are intense NOW, aren’t they? And very complex and diverse the currents are, are they not? And rapid, too! Why, unless you stay focused in the very NOW you are in at every moment, you are liable to get swept away into some shockingly unexpected and extremely uncomfortable experiences, are you not?

Isn’t it wonderful?  The energies are serving you so beautifully NOW!  The very moment you lapse into old pattens of thought that are not in alignment with who you choose to be in the world, the energies are right there to sweep you into a reflection of them!

Never before have you experienced your power to manifest “reality” so quickly. NOW, you can SEE what a master you are!

And so NOW, you must claim your mastery, and use it consciously. At last, that moment has come…and we rejoice.

Oh, we understand full well that you may not be sharing our celebratory frequencies on your behalf right NOW!  We understand that you may wonder if we even have a clue of what you are going through at all, if we can be so happy about it!

Ah, Beloved.  Remember that we see YOU, the master that You truly are. We are watching as You go through the process of re-creating yourSelf in Your own image. YES. Take that in, and believe it. Through watching You in this moment of your NOW, we are watching Creation, Itself.

Understand this, please!  However you choose to create youSelf NOW, so you will.

Understand that the power of Creation, Itself, is in your hands. Whatever sort of world you imagine, you will find yourSelf in. There are plenty of versions of your world to choose from! Whatever one matches your frequencies, will be yours.

Whatever sort of life you imagine for yourSelf, so shall you come to live in. There are plenty of versions of You to choose from!  Whatever version matches the frequencies of how you experience yourSelf, wiil be yours.

Do you understand? You have stepped into your role as the Creator Being that You are. There is no turning back.  

Know that the energies of NOW are mightily at your service. They are helping you to SEE, to FEEL, to AWAKEN to the truth that You, yourSelf, create all that you experience.  They do so NOW because the threshold of your Winter Solstice is fast approaching.

Do you not see, Beloved? The energies are there at your service because YOU are the one who summoned them!

And here is something else–everything that  has ever manifested in your life was  summoned by you, and so was there only at your command. Everyone who has ever entered your life was summoned by you, and so there at your service.

To the extent that you realize these things, so shall you reclaim your mastery. So shall you  understand that You can, and do, create anything You wish. And whatever You create, we do not judge. How could we?

Whatever it is that You create,  we are mesmerized by watching your amazing abilitiy to  “make something out of nothing.”  Be it it joyful or despairing, light or dark, we watch your magical mastery at work, and are in awe.

We also understand that stepping into the role of “energy alchemist” can be a bit of a tumultuous experience, if  you have been choosing to “stick with” the belief that you are powerless! If you have clung to the belief that you are powerless in ANY way, up to NOW, we know that riding the waves of energy that are surrounding you might feel a bit…overwhelming, temporarily, shall we say?  

Know that we are here at your service.  We will be happy to explain how to use these energies, rather than to let them toss you around! You see, there are no “unseen forces” working against you, unless you create them through the power of your own belief.

There are no secrets and no mysteries that could ever be withheld fron you– except by you, yourSelf.  In truth, working with energy is simply a matter of physics! Nothing more.  And now, here is our Judith with what feels like very good news to us!

This is Judith, and this IS good news, especially for those who expressed a desire to join us in “An Afternoon Chat with the celestial team,” but live too far from L.A to do so in person. As of NOW, you can join us VIRTUALLY! Through voice and frequency, you will most definitely be among us. Depending on how many of you RSVP your virtual attendance, you may even be here visually, as well!

To attend virtually, go to http://www.meetup.com/Afternoon-Chat-with-THE-CELESTIAL-TEAM. Join the group, respond YES to the RSVP, and then email both your Skype name and your donation (via Paypal) to thecelestialteam@gmail.com– and its a done deal!  However, it is very important that you DO RSVP in that particular way, because this is a small group by design, and that’s where the head count is. And if YOUR head isn’t counted…oh, no. I don’t even want to entertain the possibility–so let’s not even go there, OK?  Just RSVP, and–
Welcome to the Love/Light!

We love you. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

9.27.12 Weave YourSelf Whole, Sing Your Song, Spin Your Light!

9/27/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with expansive frequencies of fondness, Beloved!

There is among us a collective that expresses a deep, nurturing, desire to care for you as much as they are possibly able in this pivotal moment of your time. All of us share this desire, of course, but because of their particular connection with you, they feel it most poignantly, and we will soon step aside so that they may speak. First, however, we wish to prepare you for receiving them by illuminating some important considerations about this transformative moment of your time.

The first has to do with our meaning when we say that we desire to give you all the care that we “are able to,” for although our desire is as expansive as our fondness, there are limitations placed on us as we enter your dimension. One of these limitations is simply a lack of words in your languages with the capacity to hold and express the frequencies we transmit to you. My goodness! Do you know what you would have in front of you if a transmission that took us merely seconds of your time was translated directly into words? You would have a written transmission between seventy five and one hundred of your pages long, at the least! What is more, your linear brain would find it confoundingly “all over the place,” you might say, for nothing we share with you is linear! And yet, it is all if a piece.

A long message such as that, however, if read through the multi-dimensional intelligence of the heart, would be understood. Even though it would not translate into words that would satisfy the brain, you would feel yourself receive it, and skip the need to process through the brain entirely. You would simply move straight to “knowing,” without words, and without any cognitive comprehension needed, whatsoever!

But still, there would be so many pages to take in! “Too time-consuming,” many among you would say! Therefore, we use a more efficient way to communicate our transmissions to you, and one that is more effective and powerful, at that. We rely on our Judith’s collaborative attunement with us. Through her attunement, she is able to decode our frequencies and form word combinations and metaphors that can convey our meanings to you most purely– and carry our frequencies to you within them, as well.

Please understand, for it is of the utmost relevance to you, that this ability was not an “overnight development!” Quite the contrary, she has been gradually remembering how to do this with us since the moment of her birth into this lifetime! Please heed this, as well–all of that ”time,” even though she did not “know” what she was remembering, or why, she was doing so, nonetheless. Indeed, it was not until less than ten of your years ago that her process of expansion allowed her to weave all of the strands of her learnings into one tapestry of conscious awareness. Only then did she re-member herself interconnected with us—indeed, a part of us—and our “earthly member,” you might say.

Take that in deeply, Beloved! For, although your brain may have read our words literally as being only about our Judith, your heart will hear a message within them that is for you, alone. You have also been weaving your experiences throughout this lifetime into one thread of expanding, multi-dimensional awareness. What you are weaving is unique unto you, and what you are discovering about yourSelf is a revelation that can only be found within you. Then, your greatest joy will be to spread the gifts you discover within you to others through you.

So breathe our words into your heart, and do not cease until you feel your heart respond and begin to sing in resonance with them! Then, listen to the song your heart is singing, and know beyond all doubt that what we are telling you is true. Even if you do not yet see how the strands of the many melodies you have learned thus far can possibly be woven into one magnificent symphony that is yours—that IS YOU, in fact—listen to you heart, and begin to feel your song there. Know that all you need to create this glorious symphony that has never been heard or shared before on your planet is already within you.

Trust that you are, in this very moment, weaving it all together. Practice singing it out loud, everywhere, without restraint, even if you think you only know a little of it so far! As you do that, others will hear and be blessed by what you already know “by heart.” Even more, as they hear you, you will also hear yourSelf through their ears, and be astonished. Trust us in that. Often, it is only through the sharing of yourself with others that the fullness of your grand SELF can be revealed to you.

And that is all you need do. Please understand that! Hear us when we tell you that you are already limitless, as are your abilities. You do not need to expand anywhere but within you! You do not need to “become” a multi-dimensional master with precious gifts to share with all on your earth, and your universe as well! You already ARE that. The only expansion required is to expand into that awareness, and claim it. This you can do, and we beseech you to let go of honoring any beliefs otherwise.

Beloved, how many times have we told you that you are SOVEREIGN? Say it aloud, right now–“I am SOVEREIGN.” Say it often. Write it on your wall, your mirror, even your physical body! Resolve NOW that from this moment, you will entertain no thoughts and take no actions that spring from frequencies of self-doubt or powerlessness. Refuse to participate in perpetuating any illusions that diminish your sense of Self into something small and frightened. Simply choose otherwise!

You are ruled by NO ONE. Nothing is more important NOW than your resolve to claim that truth, for you ARE the creator of your reality. Know that there is, therefore, nothing to fear. When you use your voice with the conviction of your sovereign authority behind it, you are unstoppable. No being and no energy in the universe can influence you unless you allow it through the resonance of your own frequencies. Please take that in, Beloved!

Even we, ourselves, must bow to the limitations you place on us as to how much you will allow us to connect with you. We can pour out frequencies of love and en-lighten-ment to you forever (which you can count on, by the way), but only YOU decide how much or whether to heed them. And, we would not have it any other way. However, we also admit that it is sometimes a bit of a challenge for us to experience those limits of what we are able to share with you, and NOW more than ever before.

This is most especially true for the collective among us who has been waiting patiently to speak throughout this transmission. In truth, their ties with your humanity are so deep and maternal that they often long to simply take you into their arms and carry you to your own divinity! Your heart knows these lovely beings well. Open it wide to receive them as we step aside that they may come forward to you. Listen to them, drink in their frequencies, and FEEL how loved you are.

Ah, our precious child! Our wondrous child, our miracle of life! It is your Light, shining through the skies, that makes us ever radiant with love for you. We do not have to introduce ourselves to you, for you know us well. We weaned you, and watched you grow. We have held you through every trial, rocked you through every nightmare, bandaged every wound with our tender love–and we have even carried you home when you felt lost and too tired to find your way. Nonetheless, if you would like us to give you a name, if you would like confirmation for what your heart is already singing to you—and we hear it most joyfully!—we will give you one. You may call us Mary.

Just look at you NOW, Precious! You are grown. We rejoice, and yet we suffer a little at times as well, because NOW we can no longer carry you. You have grown too large! You are a vast light being NOW, and you are Sovereign! Your power makes lesser beings tremble, do you KNOW that? Well, we certainly do, for we see it all the time.

We rejoice in that, as well, for the universe is filled with lesser beings, and they await you most hopefully. By “lesser,” we do not mean what the word has meant for aeons on your planet. We do not use it in the frequencies of separation that it carries in the 3rd dimension. We use it simply to tell the truth, which is that you are a master. You would not be on your planet, so big and fully grown, so ready to expand into your vast Self as you are NOW, if you were not!

Remember, precious grown-up child of ours, what you are on your planet NOW to do. Not only are you creating a whole new paradigm of compassion there, but you are introducing it to your entire universe as well. Remember what our precious Yeshuwa shared with you in his messages at your Summer Solstice of 2011! Remember the story of  your Light!

We will tell you honestly that when you doubt yourSelf, or hold onto false beliefs that limit the Light of your divinity, our mothering concern for you becomes quite distressed, indeed. Thus, all fear-based illusions that keep you boxed in hesitation, that keep you from shining and stepping out to share your Light with your brothers and sisters, we plead with you to banish NOW! Know that as you are our precious child, so are they. Know that we count on you to remember. ALL of you are one family. ALL of you are our own. EACH of you has had unique growing experiences, and each of you has particular aspects of the ALL to express.

Think, Precious, of your color wheels. They are divided into separate colors. And yet, when you spin them, they all merge together and become ONE WHITE LIGHT. Just as you do, when you let the vortex of Love begin to spin in your heart. Have you never seen such a phenomenon before, the spinning of a color wheel? We ask that you do so, and see for yourself what it shows you. Know that you are being shown your own SELF.

Within you, all aspects of YOU, all experiences of your YOUNESS, are but fragments of your One White, Shimmering Light–your Wholeness. All they await is for you to place your consciousness in the center of them, and recognize them all with equal loving acceptance as a valuable, irreplavable,  part of YOU. THIS will start the spinning of your own vortex. THIS will integrate all of the aspects of your own being, including those that you have judged or disowned, back into your Wholeness. And what happens then?  

YOU become whole. YOU become the White Light that was born unto the earth to shine upon it.  A Light in the world that would not exist without including each expression of the all within it. Without even the smallest, darkest aspect it would not be complete. YOU would not be complete.

In the same way, each one of you in your human collective is expressing a “color” that makes up the ALL of you.  Each of you is awaiting integration—to be recognized as an essential aspect of the One Dazzling White Light, that is ALL of you together–for you are all ONE.  Woven together, you spin the expression of Source, Itself! Glory be to the God in YOU–in each and every one of you.

And so, hear our mother’s voice cry out to you to cease fighting! No more acting like frightened children! Instead, watch the color wheel spin, and KNOW THE TRUTH. You are all children of Source, and you are ONE. Love one another, and feel yourself always held within our love for you. Know that we celebrate your every triumph– even the smallest, most private ones that you think no one ever sees, and you barely acknowledge yourself! WE see, and we do not find them to be small, either, not a single one. We cheer, and dance, and send a chorus of praise throughout your galaxy! Never do we not see you. Never, ever would we let you out of our sight, or leave you without our love.

This is the celestial team. We will not go on. Your Mary has done a fine and eloquent job of going “straight to the heart of the matter,” quite literally. That is the Mary Collective’s great gift to us—and to you. Rejoice in that as we do, and know how you are loved!

Always and in All ways.—the celestial team



Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

9.11.12 Preparing for Fall Equinox, 2012!

9/11/12– Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Beloved, we greet you most earnestly at this current “time” of your linear experience of the All.

Our frequencies are very earnest NOW on your behalf, indeed, for what we greatly desire to communicate to you is of the utmost importance. In truth, many of us from the angelic realms have stepped forward in this transmission to “lead the orchestra,” you might say. We do so that our message–which is from the all of us in the celestial team, of course–be delivered in the clearest tones possible, so that they may then be understood and taken in by you as simply and easily as possible. We explain this to you because, as you are opening your heart to receive the energy that is carried through our message, we are quite sure that you are noticing that it feels a bit different from most of our messages. “Less fizzy, for one thing,” as our Judith says! That is, in fact, quite true. We of the angelic realms are channeling much of this transmission from the all of us through our own  tones, so that there is less complexity (or less “fizz!”) within the message, and more purely fluid simplicity. We wish you to experience our message flowing into you effortlessly. A useful metaphor would be to feel it as “liquid love.”

Why, do you wonder, are we taking such care in delivering this particular message in such a manner? It is because your Fall Equinox is approaching, and it is a most powerful gateway into the final phase of your year of 2012—IF you use it as such, that is.

Let us review. The download of energy and information you received with your Summer Solstice gave you all you needed to embrace your expansion as a Sovereign Being, and not only on your planet, but within your galaxy as well! Since then, you have brought experiences to yourself that would assist you in “decoding” and integrating that download.

You see, that is how you do it! You live on a planet of physicality, and so your way of “decoding” energy is to manifest it into form, so that you can see it, understand it, and work with it that way. That is exactly why our last two videos were all about taking responsibility for your sovereignty, staying centered in the moment, and consciously choosing how you wanted to use the reflections that your external “reality” are always mirroring back to you of your own inner process.
(You see? There is method to our madness!)

We know–and we know as well that the many who read our messages “by heart” have also become aware —that virtually all of the experiences had by all of your collective over your summer have had something to do with love. All experiences have been about relationships and interconnection, no matter what form they “seemed to take,” no matter what other meaning may have been projected onto them. All in your collective have created—for  themselves!—experiences that would illuminate whatever inner programs and false beliefs they hold that interfere with their capacity to love and be in connection with others.

Discovering these “barricades” to love and interconnection was your work, your grand adventure, your creative endeavor, your play, and your greatest gift to yourSelf this summer. What a glorious time of opportunity it has been, has it not? Not always “comfortable,” to say the least, we know! But you did not come here at this time to “stay comfortable,” we also know that! You came to remember who YOU are, and to expand back into loving interconnection, not only for your sake, but on behalf of your entire galaxy. Oh, yes, we know you. And how we admire and love you for all that you are, and all that you have been willing to experience, learn, and teach to the ALL.

NOW, with your Fall Equinox, all of the experiences you have had that have led to your commitment to integrate them in such a way that enhances your capacity to love will become more precious to you than your mind can conceive of! With the energies of your equinox will come a most powerful, settling, energy that will help you lock in and complete whatever integration processes you have begun, and so have already begun to act on through your own sovereign choice. The equinox energies, in other words, will join with your own to amplify and enhance every choice you have made to become more loving through your own volition! All of this energy added to your own will create a veritable vortex that will indeed become a gateway of sorts into a new “reality” that will be in alignment with the new paradigm of being you have been creating for yourself this summer!

This is the wonderful news we bring you. We also want to make it clear, Beloved, that because you are sovereign, whatever way of being you have chosen to support and act upon over the last three months of your time will be supported. All choices made as to how to use the opportunities of summer to expand into love and connection will be supported by the equinox energies. Do you understand us? This means that those who have chosen to stay asleep, for example, or to wait for something or someone else to “make” them become more loving, or to hang onto feeling helpless and powerless in whatever creative fashion they have designed, will find it a little “harder” to expand out of that choice and into the freedom of loving connection after the integrative energies of the equinox.

This is not a “bad” thing! There are many on your planet who are making the choice to experience the illusion of separation and its results right to the “bitter end.,” and that is a valid choice.. They have reasons that are beyond your understanding, Do not make assumptions or judge them—most especially NOW! Banish such illusions of separation, and see them as the light beings they are, on a very challenging course of mastery. What courage that takes!

What we want most to convey, Beloved, is confidence in your choices, and a—what do you call it in your vernacular? Ah, yes, a “heads up” that NOW is the time to focus on all that you are integrating about love and connection in preparation for the powerful support you willl receive with your equinox. NOW is the time to gather any “loose ends” in your process of releasing that which blocks loving connection within you, and take action into choices that align you with who you truly feel yourself to be and how you want to express yourSelf.. Without expression, intentions have nothing to “stick to,” after all…

So, “take stock.” Clean your “inner house.” Align with yourSelf. Stay focused, present, and “in charge” of your choices in these remaining precious days before your equinox. You have plenty of time! Just be aware. We do not want you to miss a drop of support, that’s all!

We even bring our message today, on what may be the day of your year that most activates old beliefs of separation, as well as the wounds such beliefs create in your collective—September 11th. We do so by design, so that you can use any activations that the day brings up as reflections of what you still may hold within you that keeps you from love, and so from ascension itself. USE them, Beloved! Forgive everyone for everything. In the doing you forgive yourself for everything, and then—and THEN! You are ready to use the energy of your Fall Equinox most powerfully in service of your heart’s desire—and in service of the Heart of All That Is, as well.

Literally, you are, in this moment, surrounded by angels who love you and bow to your own amazing capacity to love. Let it shine, Beloved! Let it shine NOW.

Always and in All Ways—the celestial team



Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2011-2012-All Rights Reserved.

6.26.12 Let Go of What You “Think You Know!”

6/26/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, Beloved!  We, the celestial team, are here to ask you to set yourself free!

All that holds you back NOW fom expanding into the fine and dazzling multi-dimensional being you truly are can be nicely summed up as “All That You Think You Know.”  It can be shocking to the third dimensional sensibilities to hear such a statement, can it not? Ah, yes, believe us when we tell you that we understand that very well!  We understand, as well, that the “ego-brain programming” that has kept you firmly planted in the third dimension for so long will do its very best to make sure you skim over those words rather than take them in.

You do also understand by NOW, Beloved, why that is so, do you not? That ego-brain programming was designed, by You, to do just that! How else could you have stayed “descended” for so long–the powerful being of frequency that YOU truly are!without putting such a firm program in place to assure that you stayed in density long enough to do all of your fine work through that media?  And that programming has done a superb job at it, thanks to your mastery at energetic technology. Oh, your internal technological abilities far surpass any of the extenal ones that you, as a collective, have invented on your planet, have no doubt of that!

Now, however, it is TIME to dismantle all of your own inventions, as it were, or at the very least, to expand beyond them once again–and remember that you do not need them NOW at all!  Just as your external technologies were invented based on what you already knew how to do, deep inside your mighty SELF, so was your internal ego-brain programming based on your own innate knowledge. And, Beloved, since YOU were the one to build it, YOU are also the one who can take it down again.

Do you believe us? Do you remember?  We will assure you that, even if your brain swears to having no knowledge about any of this whatsoever–YOU DO. Deep inside YOU, you do remember. Trust us, Beloved.  Remember that we know YOU, not only through your current human incarnation, but we know you through time, beyond time, as who and what YOU truly are!

And so we remind you that the internal technology that you designed to stay in density is made of energy, of course, just as you are. You created these energetic technologies of limitation and polarity rather as you have created software for your external computer technology.  Consider all of your limiting beliefs and your “knowledge” that is based on them, then, as software that you designed with great mastery, and so can so dismantle with equal pinache.

Remember that there ARE no limitations to what you can do, save the ones YOU installed temporarily to keep you in the “3D game!”  Now, however, it is time to “re-ascend,” or expand beyond them, once more. And hallelujia to that, we say!

We will also have much more to say on this topic in our continuing messages to you, you can count on that! In fact, it would be impossible for us to keep our “mouths shut” on the subject, to use your vernacular! For now, lest our message becomes too long and overwhelming energetically, we will leave you with this:

* Begin to see YourSelf in an entirely NEW context. No longer let thoughts that you are either helpless or impotent seduce you into feeling as if you are powerlessly trudging along!  Do not let your old software fool you any longer. Dismantle it!  See yourself NOW as you truly are–a budding master learning how to fly once more.

* Let go of all old meanings–to expand, one must go beyond them.

* Have no fear! Never are you alone, never are you “without a net,” never do you NOT know what you are doing at the deepest level of YourSelf.

* See everything as a gift– an opportunity for expansion into greater and greater Love.

* Everything you used to call a “problem” is actually an opportunity you have presented to YourSelf in order to practice Your mastery. Never do you present YourSelf with anything that is beyond your masterful ability to find not only solutions for, but expansion from, within You.

* Every thought, emotion, action, or external manifestation you create for YourSelf is an opportunity to practice either maintaining, or raising, your highest frequency signature possible in the moment.

Drink in our “little tips,” Beloved, for they will get you far! Eat them for breakfast, and as a midnight snack, and let them run through your digestion until they are a part of you once more.

We will transmit another message soon. In the meantime, digest, and remember how we love you! Always and in All Ways. –the celestial team




Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

6.12.12 “Summer Solstice, 2012” — Video

6/12/12  Love/Light Video from Judith and the celestial team– “Summer Solstice, 2012”

Hello, Beloved!

Actually, this is Judith– although the celestial team is braiding with me, and to them you are always, always, “Beloved!”  We are bringing you a video that explains how the energies of the recent Venus Transit have prepared you to leap into positive change in an unprecedented way at our upcoming Summer Solstice. In the video, we also explain how to use these energies NOW to clear the path in order to participate in this transformative process as fully as possible. You are, after all, Sovereign–you are the one who decides when, how, and at what speed you choose to expand!

The link to the video is below. Enjoy it, use it as fully as you choose, and then prepare for positive change that is fully commensurate with your choices!


Much love to you, Judith

Always and in all ways–the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com  

4.23.12 The Marvelous Power of YOU

4/23/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
Hello, Beloved.  We are here.

We remind you that we are here because we know the intensity of the energies that your sun is pulsing to you in this period of your “time.” We know, through our Judith, how overwhelming and confusing these energies can feel, unless you stay grounded in your body and centered in your heart in every continuous NOW. We remind you that you are not alone. Nor do you work alone. Nor are you as “lost” in all of this energy as it can sometimes feel as if you are. At the deepest/most expanded part of your SELF, we assure you that you DO know what you are doing, and not only that–you are running the whole show!

You are simply not used to identifying with the deepest/most expanded YOU that you are, that is all. Oh, it is easy enough when “nothing” is happening, we know! It feels easy to do when all is still, and there is nothing to “do” but meditate, dream, and “bliss out,” does it not? But when the energies are intense and coming in waves that seem unending, when all of your “old stuff” is coming up in your present, triggering ancient memories and forcing you to DEAL with them in your present, as well, that ease can suddenly feel very far away, can it not?

We know.  And what we want you to know is that, even when you feel as if you have lost your balance entirely, you are STILL growing exponentially– through the very process of losing your balance.  You are learning. Learning how to recover yourSelf, learning how to maintain your balance in the next NOW, learning how to ride the waves.

THIS is the process of gaining your mastery. THIS is the process of “shifting,” itself!  Remember that, Beloved!  The “shift” you are undergoing, as we have said, is an inside job.   It happens within you.  And these energies that are innundating you now, from your sun, from your solar system, from the very center of your galaxy, are there at your service.  They are there to assist you in doing the very thing that you were born to do in this lifetime, which is to raise the frequency of your planet.

Never doubt that the deepest/most expanded YOU, which is your true nature, does not know this!  Begin to shift your perspective of yourSelf, then. Begin to identify with that YOU, and experience the “small, human, you” as the divine aspect of YOURSELF that you have projected onto the planet to do the job YOU have come to do. This “human projection” of YOURSELF is doing many wondrous things NOW!

YOU are involved in a deconstruction of duality, of all the things that “do not work.”

As your “old stuff” comes up, you are letting go of the illusions of regret of the past and fear of the future– two things that have always kept you bound in drama and suffering.

“Human you” is integrating polarity on so many levels and in so many ways that we can only marvel at your quickening mastery. Believe us in this, Beloved.

Maintain your focus on riding the waves, then,  for as you do, you become the “Master Galactic Surfer” that YOU truly are! The only real skill “human you” needs is to maintain the frequency of Love, and the more you master this skill, the more joyful the ride becomes. Our messages are given to you with the purpose of assisting you with this, for as you take them into your heart center, they create a resonance with the Love frequency within you. Ah, you never work alone!

Remember as well to use your powerful imagination to serve you!  Where do you think this ability to create images within your own mind comes from? Certainly it is not the third dimensional brain that supplies this function! Think of it! “Human you” is able to manifest internal images that in turn generate “felt frequencies” that correlate with these images. You call those “felt frequencies”  emotions.  This ability, Beloved, is your quantum connection with YOU, and it is a most powerful ability!  Use it consciously, then! Use it in service of YOURSELF.

Do away, once and for all, with using your imagination to conjure up worry and fear.  That is what you were entrained to do in the old paradigm. That is what kept you locked into feeling helpless and alone. No m0re!  Shift NOW!  Shift into your NEW Paradigm of Being, and use your imagination to keep you there! Use it only to conjure images that create high, happy, loving frequencies.  You see?  YOU have the power. How you shift depends only on how you USE that power of yours.

We hope, Beloved, that you take our words to heart, and use them to “ride the waves” with confidence. Remember who you are, Beloved!  Remember YOU.  You are never without YOURSELF, the divine being that “human you” truly is.  We know this–we see Your Light always–and how it shines!

We love you. Always and in All Ways. –the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

3.13.12 POWER TOOLS! A New Video and a Message

Hello all of you “Beloveds,” this is Judith!

I just want to say that the “POWER TOOLS, Part 2” video is here for you, the celestial team wants you to have it NOW–and I can’t for the life of me get my computer to cooperate!  It has been having a bit of a break-down again, poor thing, over the last few days. I know some of you “sensitives” have been having similar experiences. Even more, complete power outages have also occurred in several parts of our  world.

One result of all of this Dynamic Support is that  I can’t get the video to embed so that the picture and description is right there in front of you.  This time, you’ll have to click on the link to see it all. Commit, in other words–to yourSelf–in order to watch it.

Perfect, isn’t it? With Mars and Mercury  retrograde, this is prime time for us all to review our choices, and refine them consciously. So let’s  appreciate the glitches, and have some compassion for our external technology! It is only reflecting the effects of our solar system, including our magnificent solar flares, on our entire, collective, electro-magnetic system. “It is causing us to reach further out and deeper in for our power,” the celestial team says. Urging us to “draw on our internal abilities to connect telepathically.”

I have no doubt that they are right.   Perhaps that is why they want this video made available, RIGHT NOW, whether it will embed “according to expectations” on their website or not.  The time is NOW to choose. The time is NOW to open to our alchemical mastery–or not. Looking outside of ourselves for change is a game of avoidance.

The power is within. The magic is within. And for human beings, magic is only physics that is not yet understood.  We are all alchemists. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that clinging to  illusions of “powerlessness”  is “irresponsiblility” rather than “helplessness,” is it not?

In the video, you will find Power Tools that build on the foundation of Self-Love that was set in the last one. Please do not think that “Self-Love” is an ideal to be sought after for a lifetime, like some wispy dream!  You–we–have done that already. Make no mistake. “Self-Love” is a POWER BASE. It has already even been identified as such in studies in quantum physics!

NOW is the time to get out of the the murky mainstream, clinging to old habitual ways of being. Either we are part of the New Paradigm, or we are not.   There is no more longing to be part of, but only choosing whether or not to.  YOU are the Sovereign Authority!  Get it?

Below is the link.  Please use it. It is gently delivered–power has no need of force. Why would it?!

Enjoy, reap, and awaken to  how loved and supported you are!  All we need do is say “yes.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsojE8h3kiAhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsojE8h3kiAbr /



Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thyecelestialteam.com

3.7.12 Spring Cleaning Energy is Upon You! Welcome It and Use It.

3/7/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, again,  Beloveds!

You see how very closely we attend to you NOW,  for only two of your days ago came our last message, and  here we are again.  It is because you are in such an auspiciously powerful segment of your linear time flow that we are so diligent. We want to transmit as much about it to you as we can, so that you will know to greet it and use it as such.  That is most important in your timeline of NOW!

And so you have your solar flares, which we have told you are erupting in a pulse of perfect synchronicity in order to be of the highest service to your solar collective.  In this moment, you are, as well, in your moon’s fullness in the sector of your system known to you as Virgo. Your neighbor, Mercury, is currently gathering her/himself to turn retrograde in a few of your days, while your Mars is also retrograde. Both of them will be such until the early part of your month of April.

Do not let any voices of “doom and gloom” about such energetic opportunities reach you!  In truth, if you maintain your high frequencies as we have guided you, they will merely be a slight breeze that rustles pleasantly through the leaves of your expansion.  If they feel at any moment of your flowing as a wind that buckles you, however, stop and find the fear that is still remaining within you to release, and do so!  Then, thank the voices that are still caught in fear for their service in activating your own.   Not only will doing so free you from the  fear that was lurking within you and so causing you to buckle, but you will do much service for them as well. That is your holographic ability as part of a collective.

Your Virgo full moon is calling you, magnetizing you, to the importance of holding your Sovereign intentions with precise frequencies of attention.  Your Mercury is assisting you in developing the patience to be scrupulous in your intention to ascend.  Your Mars is a loyal ally, indeed, for he/she is determined in directing you to dig deep to the  roots of any weeds that might otherewise interfere with your budding ascension, so that you can pull them out.  And your magnificent Helios conducts all of this, sending you powerful photonic light in flares that support your process of awakening, expansion, and growth, exactly when and how you need to receive them.

Feel not challenged, but ADORED, then, Beloveds. For that is what you are–adored, supported, cheered for, applauded, cherished, praised– and loved. SO loved. Know that nothing sent to you from your universe is anything BUT supportive and loving. Any earthlings,  ET’s, or any beings at all that make you feel otherwise are there only to be dismissed–or to activate the fears within you so that you can clear them. It is that simple.

You are preparing now for a powerful transformation. It is as if you have been thinning layer after layer of gauzy veils, and so not seeing the difference from one to the other, for a very long time. Now, you are clearing the last of them, and then poof! Shortly after your Spring Equinox, you will begin to see all that you have done!  Mid-April, you will have clarity, and feel the sap running through new veins within you. In May, you will begin to feel the transit of your Venus, warming you with love and expediting your quantum growth.

All is as it should be. Simply open to your sun, and trust your own encoded growth to bloom in his/her warmth. Nurture the process! Know that such Self-nuruturing is not “selfish!” There will be many, come your blooming into summer, who have stayed hidden in the shadows of the old paradigm for too long for their own comfort in this planetary transitional process. When Venus, your planet of love,  moves in front of your sun with the opening of your summer, and all of Helios’ photonic power beams through him/her, those that have not cleaned their inner houses of all that is not self-loving wiil NEED your examples!  By doing this inner cleaning NOW, supported by your solar system and your galactic center,  you will be transmitting how to do it to ALL on your planet. You are holographic, Beloveds. Remember?

Godspeed. We are here for you, and we love you.  Always and in all ways. –the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. www.thecelestialteam.com

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