3.7.12 Spring Cleaning Energy is Upon You! Welcome It and Use It.

3/7/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, again,  Beloveds!

You see how very closely we attend to you NOW,  for only two of your days ago came our last message, and  here we are again.  It is because you are in such an auspiciously powerful segment of your linear time flow that we are so diligent. We want to transmit as much about it to you as we can, so that you will know to greet it and use it as such.  That is most important in your timeline of NOW!

And so you have your solar flares, which we have told you are erupting in a pulse of perfect synchronicity in order to be of the highest service to your solar collective.  In this moment, you are, as well, in your moon’s fullness in the sector of your system known to you as Virgo. Your neighbor, Mercury, is currently gathering her/himself to turn retrograde in a few of your days, while your Mars is also retrograde. Both of them will be such until the early part of your month of April.

Do not let any voices of “doom and gloom” about such energetic opportunities reach you!  In truth, if you maintain your high frequencies as we have guided you, they will merely be a slight breeze that rustles pleasantly through the leaves of your expansion.  If they feel at any moment of your flowing as a wind that buckles you, however, stop and find the fear that is still remaining within you to release, and do so!  Then, thank the voices that are still caught in fear for their service in activating your own.   Not only will doing so free you from the  fear that was lurking within you and so causing you to buckle, but you will do much service for them as well. That is your holographic ability as part of a collective.

Your Virgo full moon is calling you, magnetizing you, to the importance of holding your Sovereign intentions with precise frequencies of attention.  Your Mercury is assisting you in developing the patience to be scrupulous in your intention to ascend.  Your Mars is a loyal ally, indeed, for he/she is determined in directing you to dig deep to the  roots of any weeds that might otherewise interfere with your budding ascension, so that you can pull them out.  And your magnificent Helios conducts all of this, sending you powerful photonic light in flares that support your process of awakening, expansion, and growth, exactly when and how you need to receive them.

Feel not challenged, but ADORED, then, Beloveds. For that is what you are–adored, supported, cheered for, applauded, cherished, praised– and loved. SO loved. Know that nothing sent to you from your universe is anything BUT supportive and loving. Any earthlings,  ET’s, or any beings at all that make you feel otherwise are there only to be dismissed–or to activate the fears within you so that you can clear them. It is that simple.

You are preparing now for a powerful transformation. It is as if you have been thinning layer after layer of gauzy veils, and so not seeing the difference from one to the other, for a very long time. Now, you are clearing the last of them, and then poof! Shortly after your Spring Equinox, you will begin to see all that you have done!  Mid-April, you will have clarity, and feel the sap running through new veins within you. In May, you will begin to feel the transit of your Venus, warming you with love and expediting your quantum growth.

All is as it should be. Simply open to your sun, and trust your own encoded growth to bloom in his/her warmth. Nurture the process! Know that such Self-nuruturing is not “selfish!” There will be many, come your blooming into summer, who have stayed hidden in the shadows of the old paradigm for too long for their own comfort in this planetary transitional process. When Venus, your planet of love,  moves in front of your sun with the opening of your summer, and all of Helios’ photonic power beams through him/her, those that have not cleaned their inner houses of all that is not self-loving wiil NEED your examples!  By doing this inner cleaning NOW, supported by your solar system and your galactic center,  you will be transmitting how to do it to ALL on your planet. You are holographic, Beloveds. Remember?

Godspeed. We are here for you, and we love you.  Always and in all ways. –the celestial team



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