10.21.12 Powerful Energy and a Multidimensional Chat!

10/21/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team and Judith

Hello Beloved! 

My, the energies are intense NOW, aren’t they? And very complex and diverse the currents are, are they not? And rapid, too! Why, unless you stay focused in the very NOW you are in at every moment, you are liable to get swept away into some shockingly unexpected and extremely uncomfortable experiences, are you not?

Isn’t it wonderful?  The energies are serving you so beautifully NOW!  The very moment you lapse into old pattens of thought that are not in alignment with who you choose to be in the world, the energies are right there to sweep you into a reflection of them!

Never before have you experienced your power to manifest “reality” so quickly. NOW, you can SEE what a master you are!

And so NOW, you must claim your mastery, and use it consciously. At last, that moment has come…and we rejoice.

Oh, we understand full well that you may not be sharing our celebratory frequencies on your behalf right NOW!  We understand that you may wonder if we even have a clue of what you are going through at all, if we can be so happy about it!

Ah, Beloved.  Remember that we see YOU, the master that You truly are. We are watching as You go through the process of re-creating yourSelf in Your own image. YES. Take that in, and believe it. Through watching You in this moment of your NOW, we are watching Creation, Itself.

Understand this, please!  However you choose to create youSelf NOW, so you will.

Understand that the power of Creation, Itself, is in your hands. Whatever sort of world you imagine, you will find yourSelf in. There are plenty of versions of your world to choose from! Whatever one matches your frequencies, will be yours.

Whatever sort of life you imagine for yourSelf, so shall you come to live in. There are plenty of versions of You to choose from!  Whatever version matches the frequencies of how you experience yourSelf, wiil be yours.

Do you understand? You have stepped into your role as the Creator Being that You are. There is no turning back.  

Know that the energies of NOW are mightily at your service. They are helping you to SEE, to FEEL, to AWAKEN to the truth that You, yourSelf, create all that you experience.  They do so NOW because the threshold of your Winter Solstice is fast approaching.

Do you not see, Beloved? The energies are there at your service because YOU are the one who summoned them!

And here is something else–everything that  has ever manifested in your life was  summoned by you, and so was there only at your command. Everyone who has ever entered your life was summoned by you, and so there at your service.

To the extent that you realize these things, so shall you reclaim your mastery. So shall you  understand that You can, and do, create anything You wish. And whatever You create, we do not judge. How could we?

Whatever it is that You create,  we are mesmerized by watching your amazing abilitiy to  “make something out of nothing.”  Be it it joyful or despairing, light or dark, we watch your magical mastery at work, and are in awe.

We also understand that stepping into the role of “energy alchemist” can be a bit of a tumultuous experience, if  you have been choosing to “stick with” the belief that you are powerless! If you have clung to the belief that you are powerless in ANY way, up to NOW, we know that riding the waves of energy that are surrounding you might feel a bit…overwhelming, temporarily, shall we say?  

Know that we are here at your service.  We will be happy to explain how to use these energies, rather than to let them toss you around! You see, there are no “unseen forces” working against you, unless you create them through the power of your own belief.

There are no secrets and no mysteries that could ever be withheld fron you– except by you, yourSelf.  In truth, working with energy is simply a matter of physics! Nothing more.  And now, here is our Judith with what feels like very good news to us!

This is Judith, and this IS good news, especially for those who expressed a desire to join us in “An Afternoon Chat with the celestial team,” but live too far from L.A to do so in person. As of NOW, you can join us VIRTUALLY! Through voice and frequency, you will most definitely be among us. Depending on how many of you RSVP your virtual attendance, you may even be here visually, as well!

To attend virtually, go to http://www.meetup.com/Afternoon-Chat-with-THE-CELESTIAL-TEAM. Join the group, respond YES to the RSVP, and then email both your Skype name and your donation (via Paypal) to thecelestialteam@gmail.com– and its a done deal!  However, it is very important that you DO RSVP in that particular way, because this is a small group by design, and that’s where the head count is. And if YOUR head isn’t counted…oh, no. I don’t even want to entertain the possibility–so let’s not even go there, OK?  Just RSVP, and–
Welcome to the Love/Light!

We love you. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

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  1. drtom@tomrohrer.com

     /  October 24, 2012

    Team & Judith,
    Thank you for the informing, acknowledging and supportive message. I accept your offer.



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