3.3.13 More Power Tools for You, Beloved!

3/3.13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with frequencies of Love for all that You are, Beloved!

Indeed, there is no greater purpose for our message than to carry our frequencies of Love to you. Our Love for you is gently enfolded within the words, so all you need do is breathe them in. More, the words, themselves, are chosen for their abilities to be encoded with our Love. Even more, we choose word combinations that, when used together, form tiny wormholes through which you can access our Love as your very Own Love.

Oh, we are quite industrious in bringing our Love to you in every way you can receive them, are we not? And those are only a few of our methods!  Perhaps you are seeing that when we end our transmissions with the words, “We love you—Always and in All Ways,” we mean them quite literally! Perhaps you are seeing that, for us, it is not enough to simply Love you. We want to communicate that Love to you, imbue you with it’s frequencies, so that you will recognize, receive, be filled with them, feel how Loved and Love-able You are…Ah, yes. THAT is our deepest desire.

Why do you suppose this is so important to us? Because as you feel our Love for your precious Self—well, watch what happens. We will encode the process through words, and if you follow along with them, you will feel what happens for yourSelf. Ready? Here we go—

You feel the frequencies of our Love for your precious Self…

You let this Love of your Self mingle with your own frequencies, with your own Self…

As you do, you feel Love of Self within you…

And Voila! You are in Love with your Self! And what is that besides Self-Love?

You see how smooth the whole operation is? All you have to do is allow it to happen! And since Self-Love is the very foundation of your New Paradigm of Being, assisting you in settling into that foundation is, has been, and always will be (as all is actually NOW, remember, Beloved?), the very foundation of our messages, as well. Ah, how we Love you! Ah, how we celebrate when your vision expands beyond illusions that show you anything besides how Love-able you are. Our methods in assisting you in this wondrous expansion are energetic, of course. We will tell you a little about the “physics” that support them, and you will see why Self-Love is so crucial for you NOW. If you take them to heart, you will also open yourSelf to learning quite a lot about your own methods as a powerful energy alchemist!

To begin with a bit of a review, the frequencies of Love are very high. The higher the vibratory rate of a being’s frequencies, the more it’s (or his/her, if you prefer), consciousness expands to see all in our universe as interconnected aspects of one WHOLE. When you hold Self-Love as your internal energetic foundation, therefore, you also change the very “reality” you live in, for (as you already know), all is simply a reflection of one’s own frequencies. Thus, simply through holding the frequencies of Self Love—

* You experience the interconnection of the All. You move out of the old victim/aggressor paradigm of separation and into your New one, which is Unity Consciousness.

* As you do so, all of the old fear-based beliefs and perceptions that were part of the energy pattern of the old paradigm simply stop making any sense at all.

And so, Beloved, use your frequencies of Self-Love to navigate NOW! They will clearly let you know “where you are” in every nanosecond. If you find yourself having thoughts or responding to your self-created experiences from a frequency of fear, or helplessness, or anger, then they spring from a belief that they are happening “to you,” and you know you have drifted back into the old paradigm. Recognize these old, lower frequency patterns as the helpful signs they are, and reset yourSelf back into your frequency of Self-Love!

Remember that nothing is more important in using this “time” of practicing your NEW mastery than claiming Self-Love as your NEW energetic foundation—your NEW “frequency signature,” in other words. This is important because your frequency signature will become your very compass. Through it, you will also activate your gift of “discernment,” which is what replaces the old, fear-based need for what you used to perceive as a need for “protection.”

it is your frequency signature and your gift of discernment that we introduced in our second video in the series of  “Power Tools for Navigating NOW” last year. The first, about setting the foundation of Self-Love within you, we introduced a few weeks ago, as you know. We gave you lot’s of “time” to practice your mastery in doing so, and we will NOW include the link to the second one. Use it often! Be greedy! Take in every drop of our support that you possibly can, Beloved, for it is all for YOU, and it never runs out.

All we ask is that you remember that there is a sequencing through which to incorporate the power tools we have shared in our videos. That is why we did not suggest the second one until you had “time” to practice with the first enough to firmly set your foundation of Self-Love within you. Continue to watch it as much as you want, of course, to support you as you shift your focus to the second one, for the NEW tools  MUST be grounded in Self-Love in order to serve you well. We strongly suggest that you do not go on to the third and fourth videos in the series yet, either. Instead, honor the sequencing required, and do not allow the ego/brain to seduce you into rushing your process, for it is a process that cannot be rushed. Moreover, it is a process that is beyond the scope of the ego/brain to even understand, much less assimilate!

Now, we give you the link to your next phase of mastering your glorious NEW Power Tools!

POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW, part 2


Enjoy, Beloved!  Bask in this process of becoming the Sovereign Being you truly are. Take your “time” with it, for claiming your mastery is your innate right, and it is the process, itself, that is the “meat,” as you say, of your experience NOW. It is what you came for! In truth, you already KNOW what it is like to be on “the other side of it,” and will be there again in “no time,” we assure you. But the process you are in NOW…this one has never been done before, and never will again… Remember that. Savor it with full appreciation and delight—and know this as well—the vaster YOU that You truly are is loving every breath of it!

As we love you with your every breath as well. Always, and in All Ways—the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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