9.11.12 Preparing for Fall Equinox, 2012!

9/11/12– Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Beloved, we greet you most earnestly at this current “time” of your linear experience of the All.

Our frequencies are very earnest NOW on your behalf, indeed, for what we greatly desire to communicate to you is of the utmost importance. In truth, many of us from the angelic realms have stepped forward in this transmission to “lead the orchestra,” you might say. We do so that our message–which is from the all of us in the celestial team, of course–be delivered in the clearest tones possible, so that they may then be understood and taken in by you as simply and easily as possible. We explain this to you because, as you are opening your heart to receive the energy that is carried through our message, we are quite sure that you are noticing that it feels a bit different from most of our messages. “Less fizzy, for one thing,” as our Judith says! That is, in fact, quite true. We of the angelic realms are channeling much of this transmission from the all of us through our own  tones, so that there is less complexity (or less “fizz!”) within the message, and more purely fluid simplicity. We wish you to experience our message flowing into you effortlessly. A useful metaphor would be to feel it as “liquid love.”

Why, do you wonder, are we taking such care in delivering this particular message in such a manner? It is because your Fall Equinox is approaching, and it is a most powerful gateway into the final phase of your year of 2012—IF you use it as such, that is.

Let us review. The download of energy and information you received with your Summer Solstice gave you all you needed to embrace your expansion as a Sovereign Being, and not only on your planet, but within your galaxy as well! Since then, you have brought experiences to yourself that would assist you in “decoding” and integrating that download.

You see, that is how you do it! You live on a planet of physicality, and so your way of “decoding” energy is to manifest it into form, so that you can see it, understand it, and work with it that way. That is exactly why our last two videos were all about taking responsibility for your sovereignty, staying centered in the moment, and consciously choosing how you wanted to use the reflections that your external “reality” are always mirroring back to you of your own inner process.
(You see? There is method to our madness!)

We know–and we know as well that the many who read our messages “by heart” have also become aware —that virtually all of the experiences had by all of your collective over your summer have had something to do with love. All experiences have been about relationships and interconnection, no matter what form they “seemed to take,” no matter what other meaning may have been projected onto them. All in your collective have created—for  themselves!—experiences that would illuminate whatever inner programs and false beliefs they hold that interfere with their capacity to love and be in connection with others.

Discovering these “barricades” to love and interconnection was your work, your grand adventure, your creative endeavor, your play, and your greatest gift to yourSelf this summer. What a glorious time of opportunity it has been, has it not? Not always “comfortable,” to say the least, we know! But you did not come here at this time to “stay comfortable,” we also know that! You came to remember who YOU are, and to expand back into loving interconnection, not only for your sake, but on behalf of your entire galaxy. Oh, yes, we know you. And how we admire and love you for all that you are, and all that you have been willing to experience, learn, and teach to the ALL.

NOW, with your Fall Equinox, all of the experiences you have had that have led to your commitment to integrate them in such a way that enhances your capacity to love will become more precious to you than your mind can conceive of! With the energies of your equinox will come a most powerful, settling, energy that will help you lock in and complete whatever integration processes you have begun, and so have already begun to act on through your own sovereign choice. The equinox energies, in other words, will join with your own to amplify and enhance every choice you have made to become more loving through your own volition! All of this energy added to your own will create a veritable vortex that will indeed become a gateway of sorts into a new “reality” that will be in alignment with the new paradigm of being you have been creating for yourself this summer!

This is the wonderful news we bring you. We also want to make it clear, Beloved, that because you are sovereign, whatever way of being you have chosen to support and act upon over the last three months of your time will be supported. All choices made as to how to use the opportunities of summer to expand into love and connection will be supported by the equinox energies. Do you understand us? This means that those who have chosen to stay asleep, for example, or to wait for something or someone else to “make” them become more loving, or to hang onto feeling helpless and powerless in whatever creative fashion they have designed, will find it a little “harder” to expand out of that choice and into the freedom of loving connection after the integrative energies of the equinox.

This is not a “bad” thing! There are many on your planet who are making the choice to experience the illusion of separation and its results right to the “bitter end.,” and that is a valid choice.. They have reasons that are beyond your understanding, Do not make assumptions or judge them—most especially NOW! Banish such illusions of separation, and see them as the light beings they are, on a very challenging course of mastery. What courage that takes!

What we want most to convey, Beloved, is confidence in your choices, and a—what do you call it in your vernacular? Ah, yes, a “heads up” that NOW is the time to focus on all that you are integrating about love and connection in preparation for the powerful support you willl receive with your equinox. NOW is the time to gather any “loose ends” in your process of releasing that which blocks loving connection within you, and take action into choices that align you with who you truly feel yourself to be and how you want to express yourSelf.. Without expression, intentions have nothing to “stick to,” after all…

So, “take stock.” Clean your “inner house.” Align with yourSelf. Stay focused, present, and “in charge” of your choices in these remaining precious days before your equinox. You have plenty of time! Just be aware. We do not want you to miss a drop of support, that’s all!

We even bring our message today, on what may be the day of your year that most activates old beliefs of separation, as well as the wounds such beliefs create in your collective—September 11th. We do so by design, so that you can use any activations that the day brings up as reflections of what you still may hold within you that keeps you from love, and so from ascension itself. USE them, Beloved! Forgive everyone for everything. In the doing you forgive yourself for everything, and then—and THEN! You are ready to use the energy of your Fall Equinox most powerfully in service of your heart’s desire—and in service of the Heart of All That Is, as well.

Literally, you are, in this moment, surrounded by angels who love you and bow to your own amazing capacity to love. Let it shine, Beloved! Let it shine NOW.

Always and in All Ways—the celestial team



Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2011-2012-All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Deena

     /  September 14, 2012

    Thank you for your love, dedication & intention in allowing the clearest celestial communications.
    So glad it is not a fizzy for you!


    • Thank YOU for connecting to share your words of appreciation, Deena. Taking the action to connect and express such frequencies as gratitude, appreciation, and ackowledgment, as you did, generates them outward to others, supports the receiver (that would be me!), and expands them within you as well. So, well done! And you are most welcome–it is my privilege and pleasure to participate in the transmitting of these celestial messages (Even the fizzy ones! In fact, I love the fizzy ones!)
      Much Love/Light to you,


  2. Nohmad

     /  September 15, 2012

    Hi, Judith!
    I,ve already seen all your videos.
    I found them all wonderful. Really
    enjoyed them. You,re a great communicator
    and i specially liked your transformation
    when TCT enacted their role through you.
    Thank you Judith for being among us now
    flooding us with your love and light.
    And thank you TCT for your patience,
    endeavor and infinite love.


  3. You are most welcome, Nohman! Thank YOU for sharing with us that you receive the videos and messages as fully as you do, There is no greater music to our ears–well, actually the celestial team doen’t have “ears!” Lol! But they “hear” you loud and clear through your frequencies!
    In fact, they are “hearing,” and fizzing away in response right now! Translation—“Your message of appreciation is a delight to us, Beloved! And you are are, indeed, most lovingly and eternally welcome.”
    Much Love/Light to you!



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