6.26.12 Let Go of What You “Think You Know!”

6/26/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, Beloved!  We, the celestial team, are here to ask you to set yourself free!

All that holds you back NOW fom expanding into the fine and dazzling multi-dimensional being you truly are can be nicely summed up as “All That You Think You Know.”  It can be shocking to the third dimensional sensibilities to hear such a statement, can it not? Ah, yes, believe us when we tell you that we understand that very well!  We understand, as well, that the “ego-brain programming” that has kept you firmly planted in the third dimension for so long will do its very best to make sure you skim over those words rather than take them in.

You do also understand by NOW, Beloved, why that is so, do you not? That ego-brain programming was designed, by You, to do just that! How else could you have stayed “descended” for so long–the powerful being of frequency that YOU truly are!without putting such a firm program in place to assure that you stayed in density long enough to do all of your fine work through that media?  And that programming has done a superb job at it, thanks to your mastery at energetic technology. Oh, your internal technological abilities far surpass any of the extenal ones that you, as a collective, have invented on your planet, have no doubt of that!

Now, however, it is TIME to dismantle all of your own inventions, as it were, or at the very least, to expand beyond them once again–and remember that you do not need them NOW at all!  Just as your external technologies were invented based on what you already knew how to do, deep inside your mighty SELF, so was your internal ego-brain programming based on your own innate knowledge. And, Beloved, since YOU were the one to build it, YOU are also the one who can take it down again.

Do you believe us? Do you remember?  We will assure you that, even if your brain swears to having no knowledge about any of this whatsoever–YOU DO. Deep inside YOU, you do remember. Trust us, Beloved.  Remember that we know YOU, not only through your current human incarnation, but we know you through time, beyond time, as who and what YOU truly are!

And so we remind you that the internal technology that you designed to stay in density is made of energy, of course, just as you are. You created these energetic technologies of limitation and polarity rather as you have created software for your external computer technology.  Consider all of your limiting beliefs and your “knowledge” that is based on them, then, as software that you designed with great mastery, and so can so dismantle with equal pinache.

Remember that there ARE no limitations to what you can do, save the ones YOU installed temporarily to keep you in the “3D game!”  Now, however, it is time to “re-ascend,” or expand beyond them, once more. And hallelujia to that, we say!

We will also have much more to say on this topic in our continuing messages to you, you can count on that! In fact, it would be impossible for us to keep our “mouths shut” on the subject, to use your vernacular! For now, lest our message becomes too long and overwhelming energetically, we will leave you with this:

* Begin to see YourSelf in an entirely NEW context. No longer let thoughts that you are either helpless or impotent seduce you into feeling as if you are powerlessly trudging along!  Do not let your old software fool you any longer. Dismantle it!  See yourself NOW as you truly are–a budding master learning how to fly once more.

* Let go of all old meanings–to expand, one must go beyond them.

* Have no fear! Never are you alone, never are you “without a net,” never do you NOT know what you are doing at the deepest level of YourSelf.

* See everything as a gift– an opportunity for expansion into greater and greater Love.

* Everything you used to call a “problem” is actually an opportunity you have presented to YourSelf in order to practice Your mastery. Never do you present YourSelf with anything that is beyond your masterful ability to find not only solutions for, but expansion from, within You.

* Every thought, emotion, action, or external manifestation you create for YourSelf is an opportunity to practice either maintaining, or raising, your highest frequency signature possible in the moment.

Drink in our “little tips,” Beloved, for they will get you far! Eat them for breakfast, and as a midnight snack, and let them run through your digestion until they are a part of you once more.

We will transmit another message soon. In the meantime, digest, and remember how we love you! Always and in All Ways. –the celestial team




Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

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  1. Hello Judith, …. I found this on the GFP and like it very much. It is something that I think many of us need to hear a lot now. Time to stop judging everything that comes to us as good or bad, .. wanted or not wanted. But rather, .. embracing everything. …. Loving everything and everyone into submission so to speak.

    I will sign up for your messages now. … Nice work Judith, thank you



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