What Future Are YOU Choosing NOW?

“NOW is the “time” to PAY ATTENTION to what we are doing (which includes thinking, feeling and believing)! NOW is the “time” to either create coherence with thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs we WANT to experience in “actual reality,” or continue to create our lives entrained to old progams of enslavement by default. That’s right, this is an EITHER/OR. We cannot choose both, because each is an entirely different paradigm. The only other thing we cannot do is NOT choose.”
— Judith Dagley Flaherty
Yep, this is Judith and I just quoted mySelf. I meant every word, too. Five planets don’t stop in their tracks to give us pause for NOTHING, after all! So why didn’t the celestial team tell you about it, rather than “human me?” Because… okay, all I know is that “they” wanted “ME” to. And “they” have been wanting “ME” to deliver our messages more and more lately, as “you” have probably noticed. This is a NEW PARADIGM. “WE” are able to do this sort of thing NOW, because “we” are ALL beings of frequency, and our very DNA is a bio/cosmic internet. Maybe THAT’S WHY. ❤

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Segment 3.
A little more (very important) “scientific proof” of what I have been learning clairgostically and testing experientially on my own, then sharing with you for the past few years… most recently “quantum style” from presenting THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING.

The quote below is particularly important as we enter May 2016. It is also why five planets are proving quite dramatically that it is important by stopping during our entry! Yet, I know that some still don’t believe in science as it happens… they wait for some authority figure to tell them whether or not to believe it. Hence, the quote below– 

“The function of mind is to create coherence between what you believe and the actual reality you experience.
Anytime you are not paying attention, the default program of the subconscious mind takes over.”

— Bruce Lipton PhD, Epigeneticist, author of Biology of Belief

Why is this an…

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