We Interrupt This Program With A Special Message!

This is Judith. On this the first day of the first month of 2021, I am, indeed, interrupting our “Guidance Through the Storm” series to bring you a special message!

It is actually a response to a request that was made by a specific individual to a specific collective within the celestial team for “a statement about the virus and the vaccine.” That is quite a general request! Even though the answer given was honed for the individual who made the request, I soon realized it was meant to be shared with all of you, as well. So without further ado, here is what the Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective had to say:

Hello dear, we are delighted with the privilege to commune with you in this way!

We think there is something in this pandemic scenario that you have all co-created together that would be interesting to look at in this moment of your linear time construct. 

First of all, you can already see that “the virus” is a collective entity, and there are many, many, of them within it, indeed! 

Humanity is also a collective. 

However, the virus has what you might call “unity consciousness” because all of the individuals within it are working together as one, so it is very effective at staying alive and even thriving. 

Of course, the corona collective has neither your free will nor your brains, so it does not have the responsibility that comes with choice! But that is also what makes it such a pure example of a united consciousness. Were it an internally divided one, it would certainly not be the force to be reckoned with that it has become.

For a collective to thrive, it cannot be internally divisive. That is simply physics. It is also a deep spiritual truth for you all. 

With many well wishes to you! ~ The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective 

Me again. This surprised me, kind of. Thinking about the corona virus as a collective! But the feeling was that the 9DPs had zeroed in on something and were cutting to the chase.

Oh yeah, I kept asking about the vaccines. They seemed to think that their statement covered it, lol, but finally just said to… well, here— 

… do not play into using them as another tool of divisiveness against yourselves, and do not put anything into your body that you are afraid of. Do not put frequencies of fear into your vehicle!!

There you have it. To me, they did cut to the chase. But that’s just me. As the 9DPs always say, take what resonates for YOU, and leave the rest behind!

On this first day of a new year, I say namaste to you. Deeply. NAMASTE!


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This is Judith braided with the celestial team… most particularly, the Yeshuwah collective including the Mary collective and the Frequency Technicians of Sirius. What is coming through is a very short message. It is short because it is a “core” one. That it comes just before Thanksgiving is celebrated in the U.S. is no accident, I assure you.


If You take this message deep into yourSelf, many branches will be healed.


This is  the finest thing You can do for the All of You at this critically transformational period of “time.”


We love the All of You,  Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

From Judith on behalf of the celestial team– I/we give thanks to all who support the continuation of these messages by pressing the “donate” tab in the right sidebar. No offering given from the heart is ever too small…  for giving and receiving are part of one energy circuit. What is given returns as an abundance of what you desire to receive and give thanks for. Always, this occurs as a gift from “out of the blue,” and the form may surprise you. Try it and see for yourself! When you give your “donation,” don’t wait until what you will receive returns in manifested form. Give thanks for it as you are giving. Then watch for your surprise with absolute certainty that it is already on its way.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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