Hello, Beloved!
Suddenly, we are very near You… letting You know we are with You at important moments, hovering over You with posts… indeed we are. But that is not because WE’VE come nearer to YOU, it is because YOU have come nearer to US.  You SHIFTED into a higher frequency octave.  As with any NEW experience, You will only know it’s “isness”  as You discover what it is for yourself experientially. The same is true for discovering your own NEW  “isness”…

We are sharing something our Judith just posted on “her earthly website”… we will ask her to type that for us…
We are also asking her to tell You why.

Judith here. The reason is because I did not write the post alone. Not that ever do anything “alone,” but as “I” wrote this post, “I” was the celestial team and me. Actually, I didn’t even experience enough separation to merit the word and… there wasn’t any boundary line between us at all. “I” was a “WE.” That was “my” SHIFT, and I’m sure that’s the reason “they” asked “me” to tell you about why a post on “my” website also belongs on “their” website…. LOL. We definitely need NEW language, that’s for sure!
The post–

You have just SHIFTED in some fundamental way that will alter the course of your life. You would not be reading these words if you hadn’t. Oh yes, I know, they may have just happened to appear under your nose, or maybe someone happened to send them to you for some reason. Nonetheless, YOU would not be reading them unless it was for a reason from within your own soul. It simply cannot be otherwise. THAT is how Sovereign you are.

And so, YOU have just SHIFTED in a fundamental way. Congratulations! Of course, you can call it a “radical course correction” to ease the initial shock if you like, although it is more than that. “Fundamental” is the key word. It means “basic,” “central,” even “key,” actually… and “generative.”

You did not just happen to SHIFT all of a sudden, in other words. Your genetic makeup has been doing the shifting for you, very gradually over several years. WHY? Because you directed it to. HOW? By sifting through all the contrast your life has presented you with thus far and finding out what you do want through experiencing what you don’t want.

Your DNA pays meticulous attention to every thought, emotion and desire you send it to process, because YOU are the God of the universe you call your physical body. Therefore, you have been preparing well in advance for the unique SHIFT that you, yourself, created in order to LIVE your heart’s desire.

I just wanted to point out that fundamental, basic, key, generative, HUGE, detail.
It’s important to know that YOU are the Sovereign Authority over YOUR own SHIFT!

There is much more running through me that I want to share with you, and probably for my own sake… as we experience this sort of unprecedented SHIFT, we need witnesses. We  need cheerleaders. Yet we are still surrounded by those who are not even aware that their own SHIFT has occurred… loved ones, even, and that is a whole other “can of worms,” or so it seems but isn’t really.

For NOW, what is important is to claim your SHIFT as your own creation, to know that everything is in perfect order… and to know that you are not alone. WE are here together.
Namaste for NOW, my fellow travelers.

Namaste for NOW, Beloved… but not really.  WE are here together NOW.
You SEE why we love You Always and in All Ways! — the celestial team

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