7.1.11 The Story of Your Light, part 5. The Beginning.

Hi, Judih here… not much I need to say about THIS one, except that iI’ve been guided to add this–
The Glorious Reason Why You Are On Earth, March 2013
Sorry if you have to copy and paste– but please DO.
Happy New Year, Earth Family! Let’s “get the show on the road,” shall we? ♥ ♥ ♥

the celestial team

7/1/11`Love/Light Message from the celestial team
The Story of  Your Light. part 5.  Now It Begins…

Yes, it is us, the celestial team!! We greet you lovingly and also most excitedly at THIS particular moment!
There is a very special reason for our excitement, for in this transmission, Yeshuwah will bring you “up to date” on the story of Your Light at last. The telling of your story has, and is, unfolding in divine synchronicity with the activating frequencies of light that have been inundating your planet. Your story commands that this be so. NOW, in the frequencies of your new moon, many powerful forces have joined to make this the most potent time for you to receive the end of your story–which will actually be The Beginning. We mean that  literally, for YOU will write the story from now on.

As YOU take in the meaning, the frequencies, that Yeshuwah shares with you, the story…

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