1.17.14 Choose LOVE As Your Looking Glass

This is Judith. As you can see, I originally posted this three days ago on my personal website. So, in case you’re wondering why I didn’t reblog it on THIS one at the same ‘time” — surprisingly, it wasn’t until just this minute that I received the “hit” to post it here as well! When I tuned in to ask, “Why the delay?” what I got was “No delay. ‘Right timing’ is not linear, remember? There is no ‘line of time,’ no ‘past/present/future’ beyond the illusion of the 3rd dimension! From our perspective, ‘time’ is more of a location.”
OK, then… Here’s the post, placed with Love in its perfect “location” in the all-inclusive NOW!

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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Man, here I am again, writing another post I had no idea I’d be writing until I just started pecking away. What’s coming out of me this time is a follow-up on saying “I LOVE YOU” right out loud, as per my post two days ago–

“There is someone in your life who is longing to hear that. From YOU. Right NOW. Someone who’s heart would sing, who’s spirits would soar, just in hearing those genuinely spoken words– “I love you”– from you. THAT is how powerful you are.”

So, have you said “I love you” to at least one someone today?

If you haven’t– if you “just can’t” for some reason– if it would feel plain NOT genuine to do so… well then, obviously there is something you DO need to do… right NOW.

So DO it. Look in the mirror and say “I love you!” Say…

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3.19.13 Video from the celestial team- You Are Here to Spin Gold!

3/19/13  Love/Light Video from the celestial team

Hello, Beloveds-

This is Judith. You know, everytime I begin a message to you on my own–I mean, one that that isn’t a transmission from the celestial team–I still can’t  address you in any other way than “Beloveds!” Makes me wonder just how “on my own” I ever am…or whether any of us ever are. Actually, it doesn’t make me wonder. That was yesterday (or last year, or last lifetime). NOW I know we are never alone. Nor are we “only” the singular, embodied “selves” we have come to identify ourSelves as. There’s way more to “us” than meets the eye!

But NOW I’m digressing (just like the celestial team, with their multidimensional perspectives…oh, lordy…) Anyway, back to the point, which is to bring you their (or our, whatever!) NEW video. It was made in the energies of our Spring Equinox by design, for it will support us in acclimating to them over the next weeks–or rather, in acclimating to ourSelves within them. This will serve us greatly as we move through linear time towards our Summer Solstice, for we’ll also be moving more fully into re-membering ourSelves as multidimensional energetic beings. We will begin to adjust to  experiencing our physically embodied “self” as a projection of our vaster multidimensional  Self– but a very, very important projection!

In the video, “The Speakers,” a 12th dimensional collective of the celestial team, steps forward to transmit powerfully clear information about exactly that, through both words and frequencies. The purpose of their message is to “orient us” to our place in the universe and our own magnificent purpose as phyically embodied beings on our planet at this time. It was a profoundly moving experience to bring through their energy, and I’d love to describe it to you, but words fail me. Authoritative, calm, strong, kind, electrically alive, activating, empowering, reassuring, honoring…those words are the best I can come up with, but they just don’t cut it. The Speakers’ energies feel like more than all of those words put together, plus more than we even have words for yet.

The frequencies of their message are designed to be “synergistic with the energies of our equinox” (their description), yet it was also by design that they did not mention that. The reason they gave me is that “everyone finds their own equinox within them, and can experience it at any ‘time,’ and as many ‘times’ as they wish to.”

All righty, then! Enough trying to describe the video, since it will be a different experience for each one of you, anyway. The link is below. En-joy!  En-joy Loving yourSelf, en-joy weaving your golden compassion, and…
“Sing ‘Joy to the World,’ Beloved,” the celestial team chimes in, “and know that you sing of what YOU are.” And so it is.

What Are You Doing on Planet Earth? Spinning Gold.



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2.14.13 A Love/Light Valentine from the celestial team, for YOU

2/14/13  A Love/Light Valentine from the celestial team

energy, colored circleHave you fallen in Love with your SELF yet today, Beloved?

If not, hurry and join the rest of us, for being in Love with YOU is a most heavenly joy! Indeed, the truth of that is in our frequencies, for it makes them “fizzy with delight,” as our Judith puts it.

DO join us Beloved! Just spring off the diving board of doubt, let go of all hesitation, and LEAP into Self-Love. We don’t want you to miss another NOW of it!

How we LOVE Loving YOU! –the celestial team ♥

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7.16.11 An Exercise in Loving Yourself as Much as WE DO!

7/16/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
An Exercise in Loving Yourself as Much as WE DO!

We emanate our eternal love to you most tenderly tonight in the luminationof your ripe, full moon!

Yes, your moon is full and lovely in this moment and place of our transmitting, and it moves us to remind you that YOU are THAT. YOU are full and luminous, and ripe with light as well. Please see this moon as a reflection of your own inner fineness, see it as an ode to your unextinguishable, eternal, luminosity, a visual poem to you about your SELF, just as we do!

So often, you are very hard on your SELF, trying so hard to be MORE than you are, and you could not possibly be more! You could not possibly be better! You are perfect, just as you are now. You can want to have new experiences, want to explore different ways of experiencing your SELF, but you do not “need” to be anything but in love with your SELF! Nor do you need to be rescued, nor do you need to be taught anything, nor do you need to struggle, or suffer, or fear anything.

For those of you entangled in any sort of internal quagmire now, we suggest that you hit the “pause button” for a moment. All you really need do is–well, actually, the first thing we would suggest is to just RELAX.
Oh, we understand that, rather like “a dog with a bone,’ the ego does not like to let go of its struggles, but you are far more than the ego confines you into believing that you are! We suggest that you remember that, and simply “drop the bone.” It is fine to put the bone scenario on hold for later, if you choose! We only said hit the “pause button,” after all! So, if only for a moment, just drop the bone, step out of the quagmire, and simply breathe. Relax.
Yes. Just relax. Yes.

Now that you have gotten this far, acknowledge your mastery in doing so. Pat yourself on the back! Give yourself a hug, look in the mirror and kiss your reflection! Do it! No matter how the ego cringes and tries to get you back to “the old bone,” just DO IT! Hold your own, for YOU have stolen yourself away from the ego’s trenches, and YOU are NOT that! YOU are the being you just kissed.

Now, decide to steal your SELF away from what you are not for a few more moments. Use these moments as a “vacation” from the trenches, if you prefer to see it that way, and just enjoy yourself. Yes, do something about which you can say, “I am enjoying myself!” Do as many of those things as you like, in fact. They are usually very simple things, of the sort the ego would call “doing nothing.” Excellent! Enjoy them, and say aloud, so that you can hear your own voice, “I am enjoying my SELF!”

HEAR your voice ring deep inside of you as you say this, so that you can be
sure that your “vacation” of enjoying your SELF is authentic.
It is NOT “filling your time” with activities in order to avoid your SELF. It is NOT throwing yourself among others just to bolster a “false self,” a persona invented by the ego. Oh, no! THIS is a time of joining with and enjoying what happens WITHIN you, and who else is or is not around is of no consequence. This is between you and YOU, this communion of enjoyment.

Oh, how lovely that is for us observe! How momentous such moments are!
For in those moments, you accept your SELF exactly as you are. You experience your SELF, and say that it is good. And in that moment, you are God. YOU are THAT.

Without self-acceptance, you cannot love yourself. Without self-love, you keep yourself apart from the all, either in fear, shame, or both. Until you accept yourself, you will fear what you do not accept within you in the ALL. Remember this truth: Each and all in your collective is ONE. EACH of the all is precious to the whole. Without YOU, the whole is not ALL.
Without YOU, the diamond is flawed.

The answer to ALL is the most simple and pleasant one possible, and it is the only answer: Love your SELF! Embrace ALL of YOU! En-joy Your SELF, Beloved! Release self-judgment, be a generous lover with your SELF! Be a loving GOD! For in truth, in your deepest capacity, YOU are THAT.

We love you so! Enjoy your SELF! There is nothing within you that cannot be faced, cannot be accepted, cannot be forgiven, cannot be trusted, cannot be loved. Such things are only illusions, anyway. So, play, be as a child again, be out with nature and feel how Gaia loves you! THIS is your how you create a new universe. You ARE LOVE! Enjoy that which you are. Your universe awaits you.

And so it is. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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