1.30.14 New Aquarius Super Moon– A Tipping Point!

This post came through in a swoop, right in the midst of some special “tipping plans” of my own— but so powerfully that I felt compelled to drop everything (literally!) to get it written down and off to you. So here you go– happy tipping!

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Not only are we in the innovative energies of our new moon, but numerologically, today is also a master number–11, in this case, which is a doorway into the NEW. Personally, I am feeling this combination very powerfully as a “tipping point,” a day when old meets NEW, and that it will be the conscious choices I make over this weekend  that will determine which way I “tip.”

Yep, if this resonates with the way you are also feeling the new moon energy– this is responsibility “time!”  You are the Sovereign Authority over your own creations. What YOU say, GOES. Nothing can interfere with the frequencies of your choices. Not NOW, not ever. At last, you havethe freedom to create out of Love, and so live in Love! How wonderful is that?!!

Of course, this will not sound like wonderful news to those who would rather continue playing…

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